Frost & Sullivan study reveals humungous growth opportunity ahead for TLC market in India

Temperature Controlled Logistics (TCL) market in India recorded revenues of $ 3.83 billion in FY 2013. The TCL industry structure in India comprises a few organised service providers and a large number of unorganised service providers. Within organised providers too, there are very few with national coverage that can offer both temperature controlled transportation and temperature controlled warehousing services, according to a statement issued by Frost & Sullivan.
From the TCL services user industry side, agriculture, dairy and meat represent the leading segments. As of FY 2013, only about one-third of these industries’ spend on TCL activities was outsourced to service providers. Of this, less than half was managed by organised service providers, while the rest was held by unorganised service providers.
With the current cold chain infrastructure in India being only a fraction of the actual need, the overall TCL sector presents itself as a large and growing business opportunity. But understanding the TCL related practices and preferences of end-user industries is of prime importance for logistics service providers intending to explore the opportunity.
Srinath Manda, Programme Manager, Transportation & Logistics Practice, Frost & Sullivan said: “The TCL industry in India is still nascent, with bright prospects over a long term for participants, as a large share of the potential addressable market in user industries such as agriculture and dairy is yet to be tapped. However, TCL service providers need to address a few challenges such as dominance of unorganized segment and rising costs. Through our upcoming briefing we will analyze the current status, trends and factors driving this market along with an insightful outlook”.
The complimentary Frost & Sullivan Analyst Briefing (AB) titled, ‘Temperature Controlled Logistics Services Market in India – Immense Growth Opportunity Ahead’ will delve into various aspects of the market and its unique requirements in India. The webinar will be hosted by Manda and is to be held on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, at 3:30 pm IST.


LabourNet plans to empower one million Indian labourers in the informal sector by 2020

LabourNet, India’s leading Social Enterprise focusing on ‘Real Income Increase’ and ‘productivity’ of the unorganised sector workforce, today announced it plans to provide vocational training to about a million unorganised workers across the country, in a span of next six years.


Despite India making remarkable progress in IT and establishing world-class institutions like, IITs, IISc and IIMs majority of the 500+ million workforce in India continue to exist in the unorganised or the informal sector, with poor work conditions, no or few work contracts and social security benefits, says a company statement.  
In an interview, Gayathri Vasudevan, CEO of LabourNet talks about her firm’s inception, vision and going forward, the plans and more to Jayashankar Menon. Excerpts:
JM: How can you fix the existing gap in the system?
GV: Having impacted close to 80,000 workers in the unorganised sector, we already have the required expertise to positively influence over 100,000 lives every year through education, training and decent work services. What is more, the existing gap in the system can be fixed only by holistically creating an ecosystem which will address every aspect for workers in the informal sector and we at LabourNet are striving to achieve this.
JM: What is the plan of action you had chalked out to address this situation?
GV: LabourNet, India’s top Social Enterprise, has identified this grave situation and has chalked out a plan to impart one million workers with necessary education, skill sets, financial and social empowerment.  The identified three verticals in which training will be provided by us include Services, Construction and Manufacturing. In addition to this, we provide skill development training in areas that encourage micro-entrepreneurship.  
JM: What are the various trades you provide training to the workers?
GV: The various trades we provide training include leather, rubber, jewellery carpentry, masonry, shuttering carpentry, electrical wiring, plumbing, painting, crane operator training, fork lift operator, general machine maintenance, bar bending, Press operators, Fitters, beauty & hair care, safety training and more. We are actively exploring at Agriculture sector as it employs in excess of 50 percent of the informal sector workforce.
JM: Unlike in the past, employers are looking for valid certifications from applicants before hiring, besides the relevant functional and industry skills. Will LabourNet offer that cover to the workers?
GV: LabourNet offers services that cover, counselling and assessment, based on which relevant work integrated vocational training and education is provided.  Upon completion, certificates are issued, followed by providing of WORK- Self, work contracts and full time employment. We have established partnerships with close to 100 corporates across the country.
JM: Can you talk about LabourNet, its inception and achievements?
GV: LabourNet was set up in 2006 as an initiative of Movement for Alternatives for Youth Awareness (MAYA), a non-governmental organisation based in Bangalore. It began largely as an effort to provide a one-stop platform for unorganised sector workers to obtain services which are currently available and accessible by formal sector workers. Today, LabourNet has revamped itself into a Social Enterprise to make it more sustainable and provides required benefits for workers in the informal sector through a holistic platform.  
Furthermore, its sustainable model is an end-to-end solution through a built-in 4E – Empowerment by blending Education, Employability and Employment.  It is structured and in synchronisation with the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and the mandate set up by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). LabourNet’s solution won ‘Sankalp’ Award for ‘highly scalable social models’, ‘Best Upcoming Partner’ by NSDC for 2012-13, Best Practice Recognition for ‘Assessment Tools’ 2013 by NSDC.

PRCI – 8th Global Communication Conclave Mumbai, TAFE bags ten awards

India’s second largest tractor manufacturer and the Aon Hewitt – Best Employer in India (2013), Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) group bagged ten awards at the PRCI – 8th Global Communication Conclave held at Mumbai on February 14 and 15, 2014, according to a company statement.

Sunitha Subramaniyan – DGM, Corporate Communications and Vijayakumar Browning – GM, Corporate Communications, TAFE, receiving an award from Sanjeeb Patjoshi – IPS IG, Director – VAMNICOM, Pune, at the PRCI – 8th Global Communication Conclave, held at Mumbai, on the theme ‘Responsible Communication’.
The Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) in association with The Press Club, Mumbai, hosted the two-day conclave on ‘Responsible Communication’ recognizing various professionals, corporates and organizations for their outstanding communication efforts, including CSR initiatives, corporate events, corporate collateral and advertisements for the year 2013. TAFE group emerged as the runner-up in the ‘Champion of Champions’ category with the second highest number of awards and rating, including one gold, six silver and three bronze awards.
Mr. Vijayakumar Browning, GM Corporate Communications, TAFE, an eminent communications professional with an experience of over two decades in the communications field, was inducted into the ‘PR Hall of Fame’; top ten ranking professionals across India are chosen every year for this recognition.


TAFE Corporate Communications Team (front row L-R) represented by Kishore CS – AM, Sunitha Subramaniyan – DGM, Shivam Rai – AM and Vijayakumar Browning – GM, Corporate Communications, TAFE, receiving the ‘Champion of Champions – Runner up’ Award  from Dr SN Pathan – VP, ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs and Sanjeeb Patjoshi – IPS IG, Director – VAMNICOM, Pune, at the PRCI – 8th Global Communication Conclave, held at Mumbai, on the theme ‘Responsible Communication’.
The recent public service campaign of TAFE, ‘Voice Against Noise’ – an initiative held at Chennai against unnecessary honking and to promote responsible use of horn in motor vehicles, was awarded gold in the category Public Service Campaign. TAFE’s popular online news portal – one of the first real-time online corporate news-sites in the tractor industry received the silver award.
Further, TAFE received silver awards for categories like Corporate Publication, Wall Calendar, Diary (small); and bronze awards for Tabloid Newsletter, Corporate Advertisement (single language), and TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited (TMTL), the wholly owned subsidiary of TAFE, won the silver award for Television Commercial and a bronze for Table Calendar.  PRCI, a pan-India organization of PR, advertising and media professionals, academicians, forums, institutions, and corporates, organised its 8th Annual Global Communications Conclave, which was attended by communication professionals from various parts of the world.

The $ 1.6 billion company is the world’s third largest tractor manufacturer, the second largest in India by volumes, with an annual sale of about 150,000 tractors, and the Aon Hewitt Best Employer in India 2013. It manufactures a range of tractors in the sub 100 HP segment in both the air-cooled and water-cooled platforms and markets them under its three iconic brands – Massey Ferguson, TAFE and Eicher. Its over 1,000 strong distribution network covers the entire length and breadth of India. Apart from India, its products have found excellent acceptance in over 80 countries across the world, including developed countries in Europe and the Americas.

TAFE is committed to the total quality movement and three of its tractor plants are certified under both, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It has been the recipient of a number of accolades and awards. Apart from tractors and farm machinery, TAFE manufactures diesel engines, batteries, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, panel instruments, gears and transmission components.

Mahindra Bhoomiputra 265 DI MKM Power Plus 35 HP tractor launched in Rajasthan

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), the market leader in the Indian tractor industry, has brought in a new 35 HP tractor in Rajasthan Market, according to a company statement.
The 35HP Mahindra Bhoomiputra 265 DI MKM Power Plus is a powerful, fuel efficient and versatile new age tractor with a revolutionary new Hydraulic system – Robolift Hydraulics designed particularly for the specific needs of the farmers of Rajasthan. The initial response to the product has been excellent and has registered significant acceptance among farmers in Rajasthan.
This first of its kind advanced hydraulic system has a new precision control valve which enables faster lifting and lowering of the speed of implements. The Robolift Hydraulics system also has a unique three point hitching mechanism, which allows farmers to adjust implement hitch as per the soil type and application requirement. It provides three different positions to hitch:
Top Hole – for transportation and hard soil application
Middle hole – for application on medium and hard soil
Bottom hole – for application on light soil, levelling / seed drill, etc.
The Robolift Hydraulic enables better germination of seeds, due to the uniform depth of cultivation and sowing on undulated land. The quick and continuous correction in depth according to the draft on the implement stops the tractor from sinking in sandy soil while cultivating. Robolift creates a smooth surface texture while operating a leveler. The customer experiences less fatigue as he can control the implement with more accuracy and precision thereby ensuring higher productivity with better comfort.
Speaking on the occasion, Sanjeev Goyle, Senior Vice President, Marketing & AppliTrac, Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra said: “At Mahindra & Mahindra, we have always pioneered products to increase farm productivity and enhance rural prosperity. The Mahindra R&D team has created the new age Robolift Hydraulics on its new Mahindra 265 Power Plus, which has high precision control valve and a unique three point hitching mechanism. We have extensively tried and tested the performance of its Robolift Hydraulics in different soil conditions with various implements. I am proud to say that with the Robolift Hydraulics, Mahindra Tractors have the best hydraulics in the country”.
Fuel Efficient Engine
The Mahindra 265 Power Plus also comes with a fuel efficient MKM engine with unique KA technology that regulates engine timing in real time as per the changes in engine rpm. The tractor offers good PTO power at 540 rpm and is compatible with all commonly used agricultural implements, like the rotavator, cultivator, harrow and leveller. It is an ergonomically designed tractor, offering a comfortable driving experience. The other features include Multidisc Oil Immersed Breaks, Dual Acting Power Steering and Large Tyres.

Mahindra Tractors sell 19,389 units in January 2014 logging a sales growth of 18 percent

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), a part of the USD 16.7 billion Mahindra Group, today announced its tractor sales numbers for January 2014. The sales stood at 19,389 units in the domestic market, as against 16,402  units in January 2013, a growth of 18%. The company’s overall sales have also grown by 15% standing at 20,109 units during January 2014.
Commenting on the monthly performance, Rajesh Jejurikar, Chief Executive, Tractor and Farm Mechanization, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “We have achieved a cumulative domestic growth till January 2014 of 23 percent. This is primarily due to a bumper Kharif crop and the anticipation of a good Rabi crop.  We expect the good run to continue for the rest of the quarter”.

January 2014 Cumulative January 2014
F 13 F 14 %Change F 13 F 14 %Change
Domestic 16402 19389 18% 182101 224147 23%
Exports * 1071 720 -33% 9593 8222 -14%
Total 17473 20109 15% 191694 232369 21%

*Exports include CKD units.

Mallika Srinivasan honoured with Padma Shri for her efforts in improving the lot of farming community in India

Mallika Srinivasan, the Chairperson of the Chennai-based Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE), part of the Amalgamation Group, has been conferred with one of the prestigious awards, Padma Shri by the the Government of India.
A thought leader and strategist, Mallika is known for high calibre entrepreneurship, persistencce on excellence and yeoman service rendered to the Indian agriculture machinery business. She is also being recognised by the academia.
Currently, the Chairperson and CEO of TAFE, Mallika took up the mantle after finishing her studies in the US. TAFE was earlier part of the Eicher group. The $ 1.6 billion tractor firm was set up way back in 1960 by the Eicher group and later on acquired by the Amalgamation Group, founded by Mallika’s father Sivasailam. TAFE is today the third largest tractor maker in the world and second largest in India by volumes. The company is present in excess of 82 countries that includes developed nations in Europe and the Americas. After she took over, TAFE has made giant strides and redefined the agriculture machinery business. Besides heading TAFE, Mallika is also on the Board of AGCO Corporation of the US, Tata Steel Limited and Tata Global Beverages. She is also the governing member of the Governing Board at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and the Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy.
In a career spanning a quarter century, Mallika transformed TAFE as a quality mass producer of tractors, besides making it a lean and resilient entity that could easily weather the cyclicality of the tractor business. She laid major fillip on product and process development as the mantras. Mallika develped the core engineering prowess and made good use of the design and development into manfuacturing a slew of products for the overseas markets. In tandem with this, she had also strengthened alliance with AGCO for mutual growth, both in terms of compoents and in terms of tractor business. In fact, she led from the front in the acquisition of Eicher’s tractor and engines business through a separate arm and nurtured it sgrowth in terms of operations and profits.
Mallika has credited with ensuring  lofty positioning of the Massey Ferguson and Eicher products in the market and inspiring in developing the Eicher product range by increasing the horse powers that suited the exacting standards of the changing market scenario.  From a mediocre player, Mallika metamorphosed TAFE into its current status of $ 1.6 billion behemoth. Thecompany ow has wide spectrum of products including tractors, farm machinery, diesel engines, engineering plastics, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, batteries, automobile franchises and plantations.
Under her stewardship, TAFE was not only transformed itself to a profit making venture, but also one of the most financially viable tractor firms globally. She had assummed various positions in industry bodies including CII, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and more.
Mallika’s corporate social responsibility efforts are laudable, the latest being TAFE’s cooperation with the Chennai Traffic Police in bringing in awareness against honking by vehicles in Chennai. She has an avowed passion for making sure that development of education and healthcare in the country should be there in place. In fact, she has been instumental in backing entities like Sanakara Nethralaya, renowned eye care organisation, Adyar Cancer Hospital in Chennai and a slew of educational and healtchare facilities in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. What is more, Mallika has been a patron of arts through her support of one of the country’s leading musical tradition of Carnatic music through the Indira Sivasailam Endowment Fund.
Mallika was always a brilliant student. She is a university gold medalist in Econometrics from the University of Madras. Mallika graduated as a member of the Dean’s Honour List and the Alpha Beta Gama Socity from the Wharton School of Business, Univesity of Pennsylvania, the US. She was ranked as one of its top 125 most successful alumni.
Mallika has won several recognitions both in her career as well as for her philantropical pursuits. In 2011, Mallika won the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst and Young. Several accolades came calling Mallika such as Woman Leader of the Year Award from Forbes India, another recognition from Forbes Asia as one of the top 50 Asian Power Businesswomen, ranking second among India’s Most Powerful Women in Business by Fortune Asia. She has also been named among the six Most Powerful Women of India Inc by Business Today magazine. The Asian Business Leadership Forum conferred her with ABLF Woman of Power Award. And that is not all, NDTV Profit, one of the leading business television channel conferred her special honour of Business Thought Leader of the Year 2012 Award.

TAFE Innovista, platform for budding engineers in Tamil Nadu

With an aim to encourage innovation in the field of engineering, and to build a fruitful industry-institution connect, India’s second largest tractor maker, TAFE provided a platform for budding engineers from select colleges across the State to showcase their talents and efforts through an initiative called TAFE Innovista.
Held in TAFE’s Sembium plant, near Chennai on December 19, 2013 the event, R Murali Krishnan – VP Product Marketing and Swithun Manoharan – Vice President Materials and Strategic Sourcing inaugurated the programme. Both were GET’s at TAFE in 1988 and 1989 respectively.
Innovista, the one-day competition and overall, saw participation from 225 students. A total of 60 teams from nine colleges across Tamil Nadu showcasing innovative ideas and concepts in the fields of engineering, automobile, embedded systems, paramedical, social environmental concepts, tapping energy efficient natural resources and importantly rural and agricultural interests.
Projects were set for display and demonstration throughout the day, where TAFE’s panel of judges evaluated the various teams. All the exhibits were of outstanding standards and posed quite a challenge for the judges to pick the best out of 60 odd teams. Finally, the six projects that were awarded were:
First prize – Kongu Engineering College, for the project ‘Car Safety System’; second prize was shared by Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology – ‘EFFI Cycle 2013’ and Institute of Road and Transport Technology – ‘Sugar cane fertilizer feeder’.
MAM College – ‘Non-invasive measurement of blood oxygen saturation for analysing sportsman potential’ and Alagappa College – ‘BAJA 2014’ shared the third place.  Kongu Engineering College – ‘Fruit maturity index’ came in at fourth, while Sri Shakti Institute of Engineering & Technology – ‘Automation of paramedical ingredient monitoring system using labview’, and Kongu Engineering College – ‘Automatic braking during reverse parking’, came in at fifth and sixth respectively. The awards were given away by Thirumalai M, GM – Materials; VE Ramesh – Materials, Neeraj Jain – Materials and Raju – Gears, Chennai.
The $ 1.6 billion TAFE is the world’s third largest tractor manufacturer and the second largest by volumes in India. It manufactures a range of tractors in the sub 100 HP segment in both the air-cooled and water-cooled platforms and markets them under its three brands of Massey Ferguson, TAFE and Eicher. Its over 1,000 strong distribution network covers the entire length and breadth of India. Apart from India, its products have found excellent acceptance in over 80 countries across the world, including developed countries in Europe and the Americas.
TAFE is committed to the total quality movement and three of its tractor plants are certified under both, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It has been the recipient of a number of accolades and awards. Apart from tractors and farm machinery, TAFE manufactures diesel engines, batteries, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, panel instruments, gears and transmission components.

EIMA AgriMach 2013: New Holland showcases complete solutions for sustainable farming

New Holland Agriculture attracted a huge footfall on its stand at the EIMA AgriMach 2013, where it displayed a representative sample of complete farm mechanisation solutions for sustainable agriculture. The display included a selection of New Holland tractors manufactured at its production plant in Greater Noida, according to a company statement.
Also on show were the brand’s crop solution products, as well as a sugarcane harvester and tractor of strategic partner brand Case IH. New Holland also performed demonstrations of its square baler on paddy straw and displayed a Gyro rake and a fertilizer broadcaster in the outdoor demonstration area.
Rakesh Malhotra, Head of New Holland Fiat India, mentioned on the occasion of this event: “EIMA AgriMach India is a key event for the promotion of mechanization in agriculture in India. For us at New Holland Fiat India, it is a great opportunity to showcase our complete solutions for sustainable farming and help develop an efficient and productive agriculture with our innovative and reliable products, our training programs and technical support.”
A full offering of tractors for the Indian and export markets
New Holland’s display at the exhibition represented well its wide offering of tractors developed for the specific conditions and requirements of Indian agriculture. On show were the 90 hp TD5.90; the 55hp 3630 TX Special Edition, bristling with special features such as Sky Watch technology, 12+3 gearbox, and OE fitted music system; the 75hp 7500 and the 47hp 4710 in 4 wheel drive version; and the brand new High Clearance version of the 42hp 4510, which is particularly well suited for the cotton growing regions of the States of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. The display also included partner brand Case IH’s rugged and dependable 65 hp Farmall® 65 tractor, which offers all the power and hydraulics needed for field preparation, seeding, harvesting, mowing, loading and haulage.
The New Holland tractors on display are meant for both the domestic and export markets, except the 3630 TX Special Edition, which is specific to the Indian market. Approximately 20% of the Greater Noida facility’s production is exported to over 50 countries around the world.
Complete crop solutions
New Holland’s Crop Solutions offer best-in-class farm equipment and sustainable agricultural solutions to maximise operational efficiency, while reducing input costs and increasing yields. They meet a variety of farming needs from biomass power generation, which uses crop residues such as cotton stalks, sugarcane trash, sorghum, maize stover or paddy straw, to hay making applications working in crops such as alfalfa and oats sorghum.
The BC 5060 square baler, which demonstrated its performance in the outdoor area, was one of the major attractions of the show and the many people who attended the demonstration were highly impressed. It is recognized as the most reliable product in the industry, with the heavy-duty knotter, hydroformatic bale pressing system, heavy duty driveline, and high capacity feeding system. This excellent baler has set new standards of performance in baling operations in a variety of crop residues with excellent response from the market. The company has sold over 450 of these balers in the Indian market so far. New Holland also displayed on its indoor stand the BR 6080 Round Baler.
The RKG 129 rake complements the balers, increasing their efficiency by 25 to 60 % by reducing the number of passes needed. This PTO powered rake ensures a smooth baling process and denser bales by raking uniformly even in heavier loads and on all types of terrain and slopes.
Also on show was the PL604 Pneumatic Planter equipped with a fertilizing attachment. This precision planter can save as much as 15-20 percent of costly seeds while providing precision sowing of corn, cotton, sorghum, soybean, sugar beet, peas and other crops, resulting in uniform germination, equal crop stand and timely seeding operations thereby leading to yield increase and reduction of input costs.
The New Holland 6-foot RE-185 Rotavator on display on the stand features a multi-speed gear box that facilitates selection of the rotor speed according to soil conditions in order to achieve the most effective pulverization.
The product exhibit also included partner brand Case IH’s industry leading Austoft 4000 Plus sugarcane harvester, a compact harvester designed to meet the specific needs of small and medium sized farms. It is an ideal solution for farmers who have small to medium fields with planting geometry of 1.1 meters row-to-row or more. Case IH is recognized around the world for its expertise in providing efficient sugarcane harvesting solutions and is by far the market leader in the country with about 400 machines harvesting in various sugarcane belts.
The EIMA Agrimach 2013 provided an opportunity to meet and deliberate with all the stake holders in the industry – a large number of key customers, decision and policy makers operating in the Country’s sugarcane, biomass and dairy farming industries, as well as Government officials and agricultural university scientists.
Sustainable farming solutions from the Clean Energy Leader
New Holland’s product and services offering showcased at the EIMA AgriMach India exhibition is part of the brand’s answer to the challenges of modern agriculture, which needs to focus on productivity and efficiency while converging on environment and people. This means mechanization that reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, technology that improves soil structure, prevents erosion and water losses, and increases productivity.
The development and support of these products fit within New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader® strategy, which aims to address energy poverty and reduce emissions, and support the development of a sustainable agriculture with the right equipment and the promotion of farming practices that have a lower environmental impact. New Holland also presented its views on the matter at the 2013 Agrievolution Forum on Global Food Security and Farm Machinery, which was organized in conjunction with the exhibition.
EIMA AgriMach India 2013 was the 3rd International Exhibition & Conference on Agri-Machinery & Equipment, organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, in conjunction with the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
New Holland Agriculture – New Holland Agriculture is a global manufacturer and seller of agricultural equipment. Its reputation is built on the success of its customers, cash crop producers, livestock farmers, contractors, vineyards, or groundscare professionals, who can count on the widest offering of innovative products and services: a full line of equipment, from tractors to harvesting, material handling equipment, complemented by tailored financial services from a specialist in agriculture.
A highly professional global dealer network and New Holland’s commitment to excellence guarantee the ultimate customer experience for every customer.  More information can be found online at New Holland is a division of CNH Industrial N.V. More info at:

John Deere India launches its new smaller Sugarcane harvester CH330

John Deere India Private Limited, a subsidiary of Deere & Company, USA, today launched the first of its kind Sugarcane Harvester CH 330 specifically designed to excel in the Indian farming conditions at the EIMA Agrimach 2013, New Delhi, according to a company statement. The product was unveiled by Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing, Tariq Anwar who handed over the keys to the customers from Maharashtra.
Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Tariq Anwar delivering harvester keys to first customer.

Satish Nadiger, Managing Director of John Deere India, said, “Deere’s success around the world has been earned because of our focus on the customer and on meeting the needs of many different markets. In India, this has been our strategy and we shall continue to invest and bring products and programmes that help farmers move from subsistence levels to become business entrepreneurs.” Satish further added “Our recent investments include a harvester factory in Sirhind in Punjab and our newest tractor factory at Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, that we inaugurated on the 22nd Oct 2013”.
“There is a growing demand for this sugarcane harvester from Indian customers,” said Ravi Menon Director Sales and Marketing John Deere India. “We are endeavoring to facilitate automation of the sugarcane industry and with this in mind John Deere has been building innovative products and the CH330 is a result of that. It reiterates our commitment to the Indian market. We are promoting a concept of complete package of practices that include modernization across the sugarcane value chain. We find this more sustainable and helps stake holder’s become more productive”, he added.
“John Deere began designing the CH330 Sugar Cane Harvester, as a result of customer needs and their expectation for harvesting solutions”, said Jeffery Freyou, Global Product Marketing Manager. “The need was very clear in terms of capability to harvest heavy crops, maneuverability in smaller plots, cleaner cane, and enhanced performance. We listened and responded with a harvesting solution that meets these requests while providing state of the art efficiency, the best cost per ton, less than three years to payback, and John Deere Quality”, he added.
Jeff Freyou, Product Marketing Manager, John Deere with Tariq Anwar.
“Indian agriculture practices with a supportive environment are rapidly modernizing as we see enhanced Industry and Government collaborations. This is helping the industry to continue to innovate and bring superior technology faster to the Indian market”, said Mukul Varshney, Vice President Corporate Affairs John Deere India
“We see a very positive trends and developments in India. The Ag workforce is declining and thus farmers need modern mechanized tools to remain in agriculture. This will help them become even more productive which will be essential as the world population and incomes grow and the need for food increases significantly”, said Dr JB Penn, Chief Economist, Deere and Company.
Deere has a long history with the Indian agricultural market, including sales of equipment in India starting some 60 years ago. John Deere created a joint venture in 1997 in India and fully acquired it in 2005. Since then, Deere has added manufacturing locations, a non-banking finance company to exclusively support John Deere’s dealers and customers, and a technology and engineering center in Pune in 2005. Deere is also is involved in a joint venture with Ashok-Leyland to build construction machinery.
Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land – those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world’s dramatically increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure. Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality built on a tradition of integrity. For more information, visit John Deere at its worldwide website at

Aqua Designs unveil BIOLAN, eco-friendly Composter

Aqua Designs- The Total Water Management Engineering Company today launched ‘BIOLAN’ – An Eco-friendly food composter from Finland, according to a company statement. The Biolan food composter, built with Finnish technology is suitable for small kitchen, hotels and industrial canteens, farm houses and hill stations for composting the food waste into organic manure.
S Suthakar, Managing Director Aqua Designs said: “Aqua Designs’ commitment to the environment, keeps it in the forefront of product innovations, purification and recycling technologies. Biolan is one more step in the same. Biolan is a boon for industrial canteens, eateries hotels, restaurants, resorts and hill stations, where normal composting takes time and mixing of food waste affects eco balance and causes diseases due to spurt in tourist population”.
BIOLAN has two models to choose from (220 L and 550 L). One can convert 6-8 kilograms of food waste per day in 220 litres and 10-12 kilograms in 550 litres respectively. The BIOLAN composter is easy and odourless for composting food waste into organic manure.  Its patented design makes it rodent- free and Operates without electricity. Efficient thermal insulation ensures effective composting in all seasonal conditions. It also has Adjustable ventilation for quicker composting. The Biolan is priced at Rs 75,000 onwards.
ADIPL is a total Water and Waste – Water Management Company with the distinction of being one of the first companies  to  implement  IMS  (Integrated  Management  System),  Integration  of  ISO  9001:2008,  ISO14001:2009, OHSAS 18001:2007 for all the activities from Design, Engineering, Procurement, Laboratory Services,  Erection and Commissioning  and  Operation and  Maintenance  to  undertake  and  execute  turnkey solution. For more details, visit the company website: