Mahindra Bhoomiputra 265 DI MKM Power Plus 35 HP tractor launched in Rajasthan

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), the market leader in the Indian tractor industry, has brought in a new 35 HP tractor in Rajasthan Market, according to a company statement.
The 35HP Mahindra Bhoomiputra 265 DI MKM Power Plus is a powerful, fuel efficient and versatile new age tractor with a revolutionary new Hydraulic system – Robolift Hydraulics designed particularly for the specific needs of the farmers of Rajasthan. The initial response to the product has been excellent and has registered significant acceptance among farmers in Rajasthan.
This first of its kind advanced hydraulic system has a new precision control valve which enables faster lifting and lowering of the speed of implements. The Robolift Hydraulics system also has a unique three point hitching mechanism, which allows farmers to adjust implement hitch as per the soil type and application requirement. It provides three different positions to hitch:
Top Hole – for transportation and hard soil application
Middle hole – for application on medium and hard soil
Bottom hole – for application on light soil, levelling / seed drill, etc.
The Robolift Hydraulic enables better germination of seeds, due to the uniform depth of cultivation and sowing on undulated land. The quick and continuous correction in depth according to the draft on the implement stops the tractor from sinking in sandy soil while cultivating. Robolift creates a smooth surface texture while operating a leveler. The customer experiences less fatigue as he can control the implement with more accuracy and precision thereby ensuring higher productivity with better comfort.
Speaking on the occasion, Sanjeev Goyle, Senior Vice President, Marketing & AppliTrac, Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra said: “At Mahindra & Mahindra, we have always pioneered products to increase farm productivity and enhance rural prosperity. The Mahindra R&D team has created the new age Robolift Hydraulics on its new Mahindra 265 Power Plus, which has high precision control valve and a unique three point hitching mechanism. We have extensively tried and tested the performance of its Robolift Hydraulics in different soil conditions with various implements. I am proud to say that with the Robolift Hydraulics, Mahindra Tractors have the best hydraulics in the country”.
Fuel Efficient Engine
The Mahindra 265 Power Plus also comes with a fuel efficient MKM engine with unique KA technology that regulates engine timing in real time as per the changes in engine rpm. The tractor offers good PTO power at 540 rpm and is compatible with all commonly used agricultural implements, like the rotavator, cultivator, harrow and leveller. It is an ergonomically designed tractor, offering a comfortable driving experience. The other features include Multidisc Oil Immersed Breaks, Dual Acting Power Steering and Large Tyres.


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