Octaga Green launches ‘Invisible Vodka’ in India for a price of Rs 750

Octaga Green Power & Sugar Company Ltd, launched ‘Invincible Vodka’, of real substance that honours the roots of Russian spirit-making tradition, according to a media statement. Made from the finest grains grown in the rich fields of the Himalayas, this distinct, crisp and intricately distilled vodka is what you deserve on your precious night outs or night ins’ for that matter.
Micro-oxygenated like fine wine, this liquid goodness has been produced in an 8 column Distillation process, through activated carbon and triple Russian filtration (silver, gold and platinum). The already rich flavor needs no help from artificial ingredients or added sugar and carbohydrates.
Basab Paul, promoter of Octagagreen said: “Invincible Vodka is a trendsetter. We wanted to express a new vision for Vodka, something unbelievably pure. Invincible Vodka is crafted from superior eight column distillation process through activated carbon and triple Russian Filtration (silver, gold and platinum) which makes it character pure and elegant. Natural ingredients are what we use to create our special spirit, as it is our commitment to serve you with nothing but the best.

The far superior distillation process of Invincible vodka results in exceptionally smooth vodka, distinct in flavor, different in style. The exquisite flavor of the finest grains plays with all your senses, from enticing your nose to dancing on your taste buds and finally giving a delightful aftertaste which won’t make you go running for those breath mints. The palate is clean, pure and energising, with a silky texture, a long-lasting smooth finish, and a subtle kick”.
The delicious taste needs no added support of sugar as its clear, fresh citrus induced aroma will be contaminated with added artificial ingredients. The purity itself reminds one of the cool Himalayas and the fine grains of which it is made. Even if mixed with another ingredient, the vodka itself leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds, due to its heady mixture of floral and citrus aromas. The eight column distillation process Invincible goes through makes the drink smooth, without leaving a bad after taste associated usually with vodka.
‘Invincible Vodka’ is encased in an eye-catching hour-glass shaped bottle with a polished aluminum ABS push cap. The delectable combination of the handpicked grains from the flourishing Himalayan fields and the purest spring water is what makes “Invincible” the smoothest vodka your lips will ever touch. Potent enough to make you dance , adaptable enough to be mixed in your favorite cocktail and fun enough to make you forget all your worries. With “Invincible” you are guaranteed an epic night.
Alcoholic Strength:
•    42.8% v/v
Sizes Available:
•    90ml x 100 bottles
•    180ml X 48 bottles
•    750ml X 12 bottles

For more information on Octagagreen, visit octagagreen.com/index.html. To know more about Invincible Vodka, visit invinciblevodka.com.

Valentine’s Day Gifting Option

Searching for the perfect Valentine gift has never been easy — especially if you know each other very well. You can’t get away with giving kisses and even a simple, meaningful card and silverware/gold ware won’t do. If you know what type of girl you’re gifting, you need to gift that lifts up their Valentine spirit.
Nothing spells romance more than a bottle of vodka. If you don’t want to spend exorbitantly much but you know she loves spending the evening together over drinks and an intimate dinner, help her get started with Invincible Vodka,a great collection of different flavored Vodka. The premium vodka is made from the finest grains grown in the rich fields of the Himalayas .If you want to spend a little extra, there’s nothing better than the Invincible Purete Wasabi Flavour. A bottle of Invincible Vodka is priced at Rs 750.


Why should weekends have all the fun, Salt Water Cafe offers The Bottomless Week

The city that never sleeps needs a bar that never closes. And where better to find it then at the quintessential all-day café – Salt Water Café!
Making Bandra its home and then finding new neighbours in Churchgate as well in the vibrant city of Mumbai, SWC has now invented the bottomless week, five days of nonstop cocktail hour await you, because why should weekends have all the fun!

Spice up a conversation, rev up a date or just make your meal a liquid one with the Never Ever Ending Glass of Sangria. From 11am-7pm on weekdays, enjoy limitless rounds of beautiful red or wine sangria only for Rs 450++ (Churchgate) and 490++(Bandra). Wine not your poison? Chill out with some ice-cold brewskies then and dive headfirst into our Beer Bang Weekdays where from 11am-7pm, you get to gulp down unlimited Budweiser for the same deal as the sangria’s.

So don’t wait around, get to Salt Water Café pronto and drive the weekday blues away with some bottomless, never ever ending, unlimited fun! Time- Weekdays, 11.00 am – 7.00 pm
Bandra West
Address- Plot No. 87, Ground Floor, Rose Minar Annexe, Chapel Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050.
Contact- +91 22 3271 0520

Address- 82, Nagin Mahal, opposite Gaylord, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate. Contact -+91 22 6633 6070.

Bollywood Night with DJ Chetas at Andheri’s finest party destination, Boveda

Boveda, Andheri’s most happening bar and lounge invites all entertainment aficionados to experience a burst of Bollywood like never before with DJ Chetas.
DJ Chetas is the Official T-SERIES DJ and is also one of the top 3 Bollywood DJ’s in India having topped the Bollywood music chart with his super hit mash ups of Salman Khan, Cocktail and Dabangg mash up. He has over 2,00,000 fans on Facebook and has been nominated for the DJ Mag Awards 2014. He will be performing with DJ Joel and violinist Sandeep who together are the next big musical trio and have already won over millions of hearts at various destinations across the country and a few gigs internationally as well.
Andheri’s finest party destination is all set to take the fun and frolic to a completely new level with some groovy Bollywood tracks spun by DJ Chetas promising to blow your mind. *Limited Entry. Contact for guestlist. Entry Details- Before 9pm- Girls entry free. Date- 29th January 2014. Timing – 8.00 pm onward. Address- Boveda, G 04, Morya Landmark 1, Off New Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai 400 053. Contact- 022 6708 0859 | info@boveda.in.

DJ Armin Van Buuren mesmerises the green city of Bangalore at Sunburn music festival

Sunburn, Asia’s largest music festival kicks off the New Year in true Sunburn style. In its eighth year, only gets bigger and better and this time, Sunburn presents Armin Van Buuren at the Sunburn Arena in Bangalore for the very first time, says a media statement.
Armin Van Buuren, five times numero uno DJ mesmerised the green city of Bangalore with his signature sounds and brilliant on-stage persona. Unlike most artists, Armin does not play pre – recorded sets, he completely feeds off the energy of the crowd and did this in typical Armin style for his Bangalore fans. DJ Inferno and ‘Lost Stories’, played the opening set and got the crowd pumping with their signature beats. Bangalore was in for the time of their lives.
No matter how many hours Armin van Buuren has travelled to get there, as soon as he enters the DJ booth, the Dutchman has his full focus on the music, the crowd and how these two will combine. As soon as the beats of his first record kicked in, the room lit up and chanting filled the air. Mixed seamlessly, he created his own style and sound, making his DJ set a unique experience. The flag-bearer of the trance movement, one of the biggest scenes in EDM worldwide, Armin truly had Bangalore in a state of trance. He took to the stage and spell bound his fans. Playing popular tracks from his ‘Intense’ album- ‘This is what it feels like’ and ‘Beautiful Life’ amongst others.

Speaking at the event, Joint Managing Director,Percept Limited, Shailendra Singh said: “Now in season 8 of Sunburn, we have truly aimed to push the envelope to bring our fans something they’ve never experienced before. We aim to bring the Sunburn experience to fans all across the country and we’re super excited to have brought the Armin experience to fans in Bangalore”.
Speaking on this occasion, Armin Van Buuren stated: “It has always been amazing to play in India, the crowd never seizes to amaze me. I’ve heard a lot about the energy in Bangalore and it was truly phenomenal. It’s safe to say I’ll be back soon”.
Sunburn is Asia’s largest electronic dance music brand , ranked as the 4th Best festival in the world (inthemix.au). Inaugurated in 2007, as a three day music festival, Sunburn is an eclectic mix of music, entertainment, experiences, celebration and lifestyle that has seeded music tourism in India starting with Goa.  In the past six years of its existence, Sunburn has brought together renowned Indian and International artists  to entertain  hundreds of thousands of dance music lovers through its various formats that reach out to fans across the India & Asia. Sunburn caters to a wide Indian and International audience and it showcases India as a Dance Festival destination to the world.
Sunburn has extended and diversified beyond the festival in Goa in cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore. Other formats under the Sunburn umbrella include Arena gigs, Club gigs, Campus gigs and the newest edition called ‘Sunburn Reload’ which are specially designed and customized to cater to as many dance music fans, giving them a piece of Sunburn in their very own town. Reaching out to all the yearning fans across the nation, Sunburn is all set to give its fans the best experience of their lifetime over and again.
Sunburn Arena
Sunburn Arena is a format created under the brand umbrella of Sunburn, a brand by Percept Live. Taking inspiration from global concerts that have taken place in super-sized arena centres like in the UK, USA and other parts of the world, Sunburn Arena is first of its kind in India. The objective to propel this format is 2-fold: First, to coax the authorities to sanction the construction of state-of-the-art Arena centres that shall further put India on the global map and second, to spread the brand Sunburn across different cities in India allowing EDM fans a chance to experience the hallmarks of EDM from the world over. Sunburn Arena promises to deliver a high impact experience supported by world class technology, high-end and programmable lighting, special effects with dimensional experiences, and much more.
Sunburn Arena through its Arena Gigs brings notable DJs from all over the world and gives them an opportunity to create ultimate music and entertainment experience for their audience. Such a format shall always showcase ONE globally renowned and popular artist from the EDM scene.
The Sunburn Arena brought world renowned electronic music artiste Avicii in 2011 and one of the best European DJs Dash Berlin early in 2012. The Sunburn Arena strikes again with the biggest dance music trio of the century ‘Swedish House Mafia’ for their One Last Tour in India. The trio performed at Noida in November 2012 and came back to perform for the first and last time in Bengaluru and Mumbai in 2013. The Sunburn Arena has also seen music heavy weights such as Hardwell.
Percept Live
Percept Live is a division of Percept Limited, an entertainment, media and communications company founded in 1984. With capitalised billings of about Rs 31.40 billion (FY’12). Percept, today, is at an enviable leadership position with a team of over 1,000 people and 62 offices across India and the Middle East.
Percept Live business includes all Intellectual Properties created and owned by the Percept Group, which include IPs in Live Entertainment, Sports, Celebrity Management, Digital and Media space. Percept Live comprises the following IPs:

·         Sunburn – Asia’s biggest and most desired Electronic Dance Music Festival;

·         Fight Nights –India’s first ever indoor boxing bouts between leading Indian and International boxers

·         Bollywood Live – The first multi-city Bollywood Dance Music Festival

Goa to celebrate Grape Escapade 2014 wine festival from February 6-9 at Panaji

Goa’s most looked-forward to wine festival, The Grape Escapade 2014 is being hailed as the best ever in terms of attendance, operations, flow and offerings. In excess of 50,000 people will experience a blend of fine wine, lifestyle, haute cuisine and entertainment over four days. Over a period of time the festival has come to be known as one of the biggest lifestyle festival in India, according to a media statement.
Apart from being the only festival of its kind in Goa, the Grape Escapade is also touted to be one of the most popular gourmet festivals till date. Scheduled to take place from February 6-9, 2014 at Campal Grounds, Panaji-Goa, the festival will bring together restaurateurs, hoteliers, wineries and lifestyle brands, all under one roof. While live music and entertainment sets the tone for the evening, wine tasting sessions by an accomplished sommelier and food connoisseur will be conducted. Adding to the vibrancy, are special variety entertainment acts, jazz sessions, fashion shows and a beauty contest.


More than 20 wineries will pour wines, while around 15 restaurants and catering companies will offer a range of gourmet food classics, including barbecues, pasta, oriental cuisine and other delicacies. Vegetarian options, chicken, and meat dishes will also be available, as will a bevy of luscious sweet treats.
In addition to wine, food and art, the festival has an elaborate stage set-up with a variety of musical entertainment, which features some of the best local performers in blues, jazz, world beat, as well as dance and other non-musical performances.  The festival also adds economic value to Goa every year as it brings together restaurateurs, wineries, and hospitality and lifestyle players. The Grape Stomping, which is a tradition at the festival, is a source of much delight and fun for the visitors and is an intrinsic part of the festival this year as well. Nikhil Agarwal, Sommelier & Director of All Things Nice will be conducting wine tasting sessions and pairing activities during the festival. The Grape Escapade begins from 6.00 pm onwards and is open to all. The festival is organized and supported every year by Goa Tourism.
Dilip Parulekar also announced the launch of tourism-related mobile app by RZ2 Games Pvt Ltd. which is into development of mobile application in Goa for last seven years. The salient features of this Mobile Application covers the basic information required by a tourist such as demography, boarding and lodging, travel, important numbers, must see places, events, important details, do’s and don’ts while in Goa, etc. Any event happening in Goa can be listed and marketed by using this application.  This application can also help promote Goa as a destination for health care/dental cosmetic and also promote any hinterland of Goa, which are not on the main tourist map”.

Sunburn brings to Bangalore the legendary Dutch Trance DJ Armin Van Buuren on January 25, 2014

An unforgettable way to start the new year, Sunburn Season 8  is proud to present the Legendary Dutch Trance DJ Armin Van Buuren who is set to captivate Bangalore at the Sunburn Arena. A night with the world’s number one DJ is an experience no music lover will ever forget. The event would be held on January 25,  2014 : Bangalore. Venue: Neo Town, Electronic City Phase 1. Time: 6.00 PM onwards.
A five times number one position in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll is the result of his loyalty to fans, his creativity in the studio, the perseverance with which he hosts his weekly radio show A State of Trance and the energy he transcends to the crowds in front of him. Despite the heavy pressure that comes along with being the world’s most popular DJ, Armin has always kept his focus on the music. And that’s exactly what keeps him going.
Sunburn Arena through its Arena Gigs brings notable DJs from all over the world and gives them an opportunity to create ultimate music and entertainment experience for their audience. Such a format shall always showcase ONE globally renowned and popular artist from the EDM scene.
The Sunburn Arena brought world renowned electronic music artiste Avicii in 2011 and one of the best European DJs Dash Berlin early in 2012.  Sunburn brought ‘Swedish House Mafia’ for their One Last Tour in India. The trio performed at Noida in November 2012 and performed for the first and last time in Bangalore and Mumbai in 2013. Tiesto debuted in India for a three city tour viz. Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore in March 2013 which was again a Sunburn Arena initiative. Most recently, the Sunburn Arena saw the crowd pumping to Dutch DJ Hardwell.

Boveda Beer Fest on January 21, 2014 in Mumbai

A fun filled experience with a great vibe, great food and equally lovely people. Start the week of at Boveda, the perfect after work bar and lounge, and join in the beer games every Tuesday.
Enjoy rock music and special promotions on domestic and imported beer all night long as you take part in a number of beer games such as beer pong, arrogance, one frog, whiz bounce and more. Don’t worry if you don’t know them as the staff will brief you on how each game goes.
While you’re there don’t forget to try out the Boveda beer challenge and finish seven shot glasses of beer using a straw in less than 15 seconds to get a free beer and your name on the beer board if you set a record time. From chugging beer through bongs and putting on beer helmets you will surely have a ‘beerly’ good time only at Boveda, Andheri’s coolest after work destination.
Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Domestic Beers
Buy 4 Get 1 Free on Imported Beers
Date: January 21, 2014. Timing- 6.00 PM onward. Address- Boveda, G 04, Morya Landmark 1, Off New Link Road, Andheri west, Mumbai 400 053. Contact- 022 6708 0859 | info@boveda.in.