Aqua Designs unveil BIOLAN, eco-friendly Composter

Aqua Designs- The Total Water Management Engineering Company today launched ‘BIOLAN’ – An Eco-friendly food composter from Finland, according to a company statement. The Biolan food composter, built with Finnish technology is suitable for small kitchen, hotels and industrial canteens, farm houses and hill stations for composting the food waste into organic manure.
S Suthakar, Managing Director Aqua Designs said: “Aqua Designs’ commitment to the environment, keeps it in the forefront of product innovations, purification and recycling technologies. Biolan is one more step in the same. Biolan is a boon for industrial canteens, eateries hotels, restaurants, resorts and hill stations, where normal composting takes time and mixing of food waste affects eco balance and causes diseases due to spurt in tourist population”.
BIOLAN has two models to choose from (220 L and 550 L). One can convert 6-8 kilograms of food waste per day in 220 litres and 10-12 kilograms in 550 litres respectively. The BIOLAN composter is easy and odourless for composting food waste into organic manure.  Its patented design makes it rodent- free and Operates without electricity. Efficient thermal insulation ensures effective composting in all seasonal conditions. It also has Adjustable ventilation for quicker composting. The Biolan is priced at Rs 75,000 onwards.
ADIPL is a total Water and Waste – Water Management Company with the distinction of being one of the first companies  to  implement  IMS  (Integrated  Management  System),  Integration  of  ISO  9001:2008,  ISO14001:2009, OHSAS 18001:2007 for all the activities from Design, Engineering, Procurement, Laboratory Services,  Erection and Commissioning  and  Operation and  Maintenance  to  undertake  and  execute  turnkey solution. For more details, visit the company website:


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