Sticky Notes: Fantastic App

Since time immemorial, it is the usual practice that people use to chronicle their day to day experience in the form of dairy. Of late, the habbit of writing in long hand has diminished. Nevertheless, the modern trend is that one will either resort to mobile phone or a computer to record the day to day incidence, either through the medium of social media domains like the Facebook or a blog. Another trend is that people resort to install stick notes software on their workstations or laptops to jot down the messages they would want to express. They also make a note of the day do day events in the form of stick message and pin the yellow piece of paper on the computer for ready reference.


Advantages of Sticky Notes

The key advantages of stick notes are that one can keep it like a reminder to see it everytime when one works, besides the fact that one can note down anything instantly without opeing any application. What is more, of late, sticky notes can be synched with cloud networking apps including Dropbox, Googledrive and Onedrive. Furthermore, it comes with differnt style and colour for one’s comfort. I use Efficient Sticky Notes, which is a fantastic app. It is far better than Evernote and other Sticky Notes that are available in the marketplace. Needless to mention, it is safe and secure, besides the fact that it comes with password protection. The best part is that one can have internet connection at any place by carrying it in a flash drive!

Suffice it to say that it comes with a recycle bin option in case one deletes it accidently, one can retreive it from there. Similarly, it is easy to search one’s ntes in the application in case one forgets what he/she keeps it as title. All one has to do is to search with any word one uses in the note the suggestions will pop up. It also comes with more than 30 language options. One can use it for 30 days as a free trial and can as well urchase it if one likes. For instance, I initially downloaded it as a trial verion. Subsequently, I got hooked to it. Now, I not only use it as alarm but also as a reminder and much more.

Windows have stopped sticky notes as default application these days. Initially, what I did was to download it as trial version. The software is being sold in excess of 117 countries across the globe and translated by more than 30 languages. The bottomline is owning Efficient Sticky Notes is not a bad choice! I recommend four stars out of five for this appication.


Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013 concludes in India

Ajay Gehi (lead actor of The Good Road), Hazel Keech, Sindhu Rajasekaran and Sushant Desai spice up final day of Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013.


Signature International Fashion Weekend is the only international fashion showcase in India that brings haute couture from the world over on a single platform.


The Signature International Fashion Weekend is a one of a kind property which for the first time witnessed the integration of technology in the showcasing of designer collections in India.


ZF Technology powers motorsports in India

As one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, ZF is involved in motorsports. ZF Race Engineering develops designs, builds, and markets shock absorbers and clutches especially for racing and high-performance series-production automobiles.
Today the Volkswagen Polo R Cup racing cars are being equipped with ZF Shock Absorbers. ZF is also the official sponsor of Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 and is keen on further taking the technology ahead to promote the sport in India which is in the developing stages, according to a company statement.
ZF’s association with Volkswagen Polo R Cup India started with the debut series. Since then all the racings cars have been equipped with the ZF Shock Absorbers, specially designed by the ZF Race Engineering team. ZF is one of Germany’s most innovative companies, investing in the future by creating new products for the motorsport industry – with its in-house research and development resources.

In all product areas, the development goals of ZF Race Engineering are to:

 Reduce dimension

 Reduce weight

 Enhance performance

Since the company’s existence, components, dampers and clutches have been used in series production as well as in motorsports. Both areas were and still are inseparably interconnected. Just like the success.

Starting with the renowned silver arrow, and continuing today with Formula 1, for long distance and circuit racing events. Worldwide motorsports teams rely on racing shock absorbers and clutches from ZF Race Engineering. From Formula 1 to the Rally Dakar and amateur racing series teams are successful with ZF’s cutting edge technology.
Through its initiative with Volkswagen Polo R Cup, ZF is further contributing towards the development of motorsports sector in India.

Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, comments: “The connection between ZF and Volkswagen Motorsports in India is an extension of the global association between these two partners. With the partnership we are able to point out our prominent competencies as a development partner and technology leader in motorsports. We furthermore aim to contribute to the further evolution of motorsports in India using the experience and expertise we have gained throughout the world, especially in Europe.”

Key features of the technology used in the cars for the Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013:

 Monotube gas pressure technology (standard in high-performance sports suspensions), ensures precise handling

 One way adjustable dampers with 18 clicks; adjustment varies overall damping ratio in both bump & rebound curves.

 Availability of Vehicle ride height adjustment presents wide range of vehicle setup options

 Precise and repeatable vehicle setups available within the broad adjustment range

 Enhanced vehicle responsiveness and grip during high speed driving.

 High-quality surface finishing for long-lasting corrosion resistance even when used in the most demanding of conditions


Speaking about the technology and his experience Rahil Noorani, professional motorsport driver who is currently second in the standings of the Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 said, “Suspension is one the most crucial elements of a car and becomes even more important when it comes to performance driving. In Cup Racing, the suspension plays a major role in the handling of the vehicle and is responsible for tackling high speed corners. The ZF shock absorbers in the Polo R Cup racecar have been giving a fantastic feedback with technology that has taken racing experience to a new level. This has helped me in improving my performance race..
ZF is a leading worldwide automotive supplier for Driveline and Chassis Technology with 121 production companies in 27 countries. In 2012, the Group achieved a sales figure of about 17.4 billion euros with around 75.000 employees.
In order to continue to be successful with innovative products, ZF annually invests about five percent of its sales (2011: EUR 750 million) in research and development. ZF is among the top ten companies on the ranking listof the largest automotive suppliers worldwide. ZF has been operating for over three decades in the Indian market. Currently, ZF’s presence in India consists of 10 plants spread across Pune, Pantnagar, Gurgaon, Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai, which have employee strength of close to 3000. The
components and systems manufactured in India cater to a wide segment of applications from Construction and Mining sector to Automotive, Commercial vehicle, Wind energy, Marine, Aviation, Defence,Test Systemsand special driveline technology.
Additionally, ZF Group has a significant presence in India through its global portfolio of products. The Powertrain Technology Division supplies transmissions, axle drives and clutch components, as well as suspension and rubber plastic components in its Chassis Technology Division to OEM’s manufacturing luxury and high performance passenger cars in India.
ZF continues to be a dominant player in the premium Bus and Truck segment through its wide product portfolio. The other key focus areas for India include Rail, Defense, Aerospace& Marine. The after sales support for service and parts for the entire range of ZF products is provided by the strong aftermarket network of ZF Services across the country.

Aditi Balbir carves niche for herself in Indian leisure travel and hospitality segments with V Resorts

Armed with a double Post Graduation Degree in Management from Indian School of Business- Hyderabad and Infinity Business School- Delhi, Aditi Balbiris a dynamic entrepreneur who has carved a niche for herself in India’s leisure travel and hospitality sector with V Resorts.She is also an ardent supporter of initiatives for women and has shown her constant keenness on developing concepts for Women centric travel with her ingenuity.
Aditi holds an established success record in significantly increasing Enterprise Value and has noteworthy experience in creating and consolidating financial teams for start-ups or first-time entrepreneurial efforts, with Debt/Equity or Venture finance. Prior to launching V Resorts, Aditi has played key roles at esteemed organizations like Mckinsey & Company, Insync Advisors Pvt. Ltd, Barings Private Equity Partners and B&B Consulting.

From the adroitness of a true analyst to the dexterity of a class mentor, Aditi has it all to her credit. Apart from creating a forte for herself in business, she has also dedicated her ingenious expertise as the key faculty member of the Infinity Business School, Delhi wherein she implemented and developed The Young Women’s Leadership Program, a six-month Diploma program exclusively designed for Women entrepreneurs. The program is structured like a capsule MBA to introduce key concepts in business & management to enable women to take their ideas and small enterprises to the next level.

Aditi’s tryst with the hospitality industry began with the inception of V Resorts, a limited service resort management company, which has ventured into managing resorts in the mid-market segment of the Indian leisure Industry. Promoted by a group of professionals from the industry and funded by Venture Capitalists, V Resorts began its journey in 2010 with a unique property in Corbetand in less than 2 years the brands has developed four other properties in destinations like Sattal, Pauri, Ramgarh and Almora. With a vision to be the first point of recall for offbeat travel, the company has already established itself among the leading offbeat resort chains in North India and aims to establish a chain of 200 resorts pan India over the next 5 years.V Resorts recently received another infusion of funds and announced plans of open 10 new resorts in North India by year end.
Beyond her professional expertise in the work-place, Aditi has been constantly involved in Community Contribution programs. She had been the Treasurer at Round Table International,Charter Member at TiE (formerly The Indus Entrepreneurs) and key Coordinator at Jan Madhyam. She has also dedicated her efforts to encourage contemporary Indian Art to find the right market for artists.

In her mid-thirties, Aditi is a charming keyed up entrepreneur and globetrotter herself who aspires to run a successful off-beat chain of resorts with Pan India presence and becoming the first choice of customers looking to explore newer places in India.

New MINI Global Premier at Oxford Plant

The new MINI has made its worldwide debut today (18 November) at MINI’s UK production plant in Oxford and features all-new vehicle architecture, an evolutionary design and a range of new fuel-efficient engines to give owners even more fun behind the wheel, according to a company statement.


Harald Krueger, Member of the Board of Management (Production) (L) and Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of Board of Management (MINI, BMW Motorrad, Rolls-Royce, Aftersales) (R) with the new MINI.
A £ 750 million investment across three of BMW Group’s UK manufacturing facilities marks the launch of the new car with a new 1,000-robot body shop at Plant Oxford, the debut of new technologies at the steel body pressings operation in Swindon, and new machining and assembly facilities to produce a new generation of three and four-cylinder engines at the Hams Hall engine plant near Birmingham.
Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I was lucky enough to get an early preview of the new Mini – a classic British icon – during a visit to the factory in Oxford last month. This £750 million investment is great news for both the local and wider economy, along with the 5,500 workers whose jobs are safeguarded by this launch.
“Car manufacturing is a vital engine for growth. Production is back up to pre-recession levels and a car rolls off the line every 20 seconds in the UK. But we’re not complacent. Our industrial strategy is a key part of the Government’s economic plan and we’re helping to drive the car industry further and faster with over £4bn of investment.”
Harald Krueger, BMW Group’s board member for production, said: “In our Oxford plant’s centenary year, we are continuing the MINI brand success story and today starting production of the third model generation. Our total investment of £750 million in our British production locations of Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall between 2012 and 2015 underscores the importance of the MINI production triangle within our global production network. The UK is the heart of MINI production – thanks to the experience, competence and strong commitment of all our employees.”

The investment means additional job security for the 5,500 associates currently working in the UK MINI production network. Besides a new state-of-the-art body shop, the Oxford plant also benefits from upgrades to its paint shop, its final assembly area and from a series of initiatives reducing the operation’s carbon footprint and improving its waste management processes.  The introduction of the new MINI has also seen a significant investment in the most extensive workforce training programme undertaken at the plant.
Even though there’s instant recognition – something which comes from having such a globally identifiable design – the new MINI is completely new from the ground up in an effort to optimise its styling, function and performance. With its market launch in Spring 2014, the new car offers an enhanced standard specification, an extensive range of options to allow customers to adapt the car to their individual style, higher comfort levels, comprehensive safety technology including pedestrian protection and more innovative networking technology. Longer and wider than its predecessor, the new model provides more interior space for both the driver and passengers. Extensively revised suspension technology, reduced weight and increased rigidity have intensified the typical MINI go-kart feeling.
Commenting on the new model, Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW Group’s board member for MINI, BMW Motorrad, Rolls-Royce, Aftersales BMW Group said: “MINI is an inspiration for trend-setters and creative spirits the world over. And with our latest generation of MINI, we want to excite once again. To ensure the new generation of MINI is as successful as its predecessors, we have made just subtle modifications to its design. But beneath the outer skin is a brand-new car with state-of-the-art technologies seen for the first time at a small car”.

MINI, the evolution of an icon

Munich . With its unmistakable design and undiluted driving fun, the first example of the classic Mini sparked a revolution in the car market when it entered the fray in 1959. Then, in 2001, the new MINI emerged from the BMW Group stable to lead the premium compact class into the new millennium. And now MINI is poised to set new standards once again when it unveils the latest incarnation of this iconic car on November 18, 2013.

According to a company statement, the new MINI is one thing above all else: a typical MINI – in its most concentrated and contemporary form. A car built for individualists, it whisks the legendary forms of the classic Mini from 1959 into the present day and takes to the stage with greater presence and maturity than ever. “The new MINI generation strikes the perfect balance between MINI heritage, future-defining forms and innovations,” says Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design.
Exterior design: distinctive proportions, striking lines, classily accentuated details.
At first glance, the new MINI cuts a familiar figure. Its snappy proportions, short overhangs and hallmark “stance on the wheels” reflect the agile driving characteristics of the MINI. Look again more closely, however, and the new MINI reveals its enhanced design qualities. The new generation brings even greater precision and class to the car’s classic iconic features, in particular. Keen to express the characteristic form of the hexagonal radiator grille more clearly, the designers have introduced a smooth, one-piece chrome frame for the first time.
The design of the lights has also been revised. With their new graphics and clearly structured inner workings, the headlights and rear lights accentuate the more grown-up appearance of the new MINI. The trapezoidal rear lights of the previous model are now larger and have greater presence, and they more closely resemble rounded-off rectangles from the outside. As before, they have chrome ring surrounds, and now they extend into the boot lid. Positioned far to the outer edges of the car, the rear lights also underline the prominently sporting stance of the new MINI. The new model is the first car in its segment to be available as an option with LED headlights.
The defining design elements are expressed with greater intensity than ever. Additional creases trace the outlines of the headlights, wheel arches, headlights and rear lights to the side, giving the design a more striking and contemporary edge. A selection of detailed stylistic embellishments reflects the more mature character of the new MINI. For example, an arrow-shaped dynamic line shapes the newly interpreted turn indicator units. Chrome elements on the radiator grille, lights and door handles draw the eye to typical MINI design cues, and the optional Chrome package brings an extra splash of exclusivity to the exterior of the new MINI.
The proportions of the latest-generation car remain unmistakably MINI. Although it has grown by around 10 centimeters in its latest guise, the relationship between its dimensions remains unchanged. Short overhangs, plus the lights extending round into the car’s flanks at the front and rear create a short and agile impression despite the car’s longer exterior measurements and help give the MINI its familiar compact overall impression. The designers have added further bite to the car’s crisp, sporty appearance by moving the radiator grille back as far as possible towards the front wheels.
Among the features designed to enhance the car’s dynamic looks is the improved flow of its lines. This design cue is clearly visible in the newly designed flanks, which now exude even greater energy and verve. Plus, as the window graphic tapers towards the rear, it lends the sides of the car a dynamic wedge shape, which draws attention to the forward-surging presence of the new MINI.
The slightly downward-sloping roofline makes the car feel as if it is powering forward before it has even moved. The roofline is more substantial than its predecessors and continues the sweep of the windscreen, bringing the driver into the visual centre of the new MINI. At the same time, the roof appears to be floating over the car, emphasising the hallmark MINI three-way split of body, glasshouse and roof.
Among the drivers behind the new car’s powerful and planted stance on the road are its prominently flared wheel arches. In order to give the latest MINI an even sportier and muscular appearance, all design elements – such as the rear lights – are positioned as far as possible to the outside.
Interior design: innovative new features, authenticity in detail
The new MINI remains true to its principles by using creativity and innovation to offer customers maximum versatility and interior space despite minimised exterior dimensions. But a MINI would not be a MINI if it didn’t constantly re-invent itself. Indeed, for the first time all driving-related displays, such as the speedometer and fuel gauge, are grouped together in a new instrument cluster positioned ahead of the driver on the steering column, directly in the line of vision. There is no Centre Speedo in the classical sense. The circular central instrument remains in place but it no longer contains an analogue speedometer. Instead it has morphed into a graphics-based element displaying various functions, notably the car’s entertainment and navigation systems and other infotainment features. A new interface and an interactive LED display ring create an emotionally invigorating overall experience. The electric window switches and handbrake are now within easier reach. The chrome window toggle switches are now integrated into the armrests, making them comfortable to use. The handbrake is located in a driver-focused position on the left-hand side of the re-designed centre console.
Likewise hot off the press is the optional Head Up Display. This system uses a combiner to project information such as the car’s speed and navigation instructions into the driver’s field of view. The image appears as if floating over the bonnet ridge. This has the advantage that the driver does not have to adjust his focus away from the road and refocus his eyes between areas close to the car and objects further away.
The extremely horizontal emphasis of modern dashboards creates a generous feeling of space; surfaces are tightened and have more precise edges. The dashboard’s upper cover provides a flowing surface over the instruments and provides them with an upper border. The central instrument and circular outer air vents project out from the dashboard in typically MINI three-dimensional style. At the same time, the vents create an elegant transition from the cockpit into the door trim, where their form extends into an ellipse. The vent grilles on the right and left of the central instrument are less “playful” now and feature horizontal and vertical slats.
Atmospheric “Ambient Light” brings an enhanced feeling of space to the interior and accentuates the distinctive door design
The rear seats have also been completely re-designed for the new model generation. The new car has a clear four-seat configuration, and the individual-seat character of the rear compartment is immediately noticeable. Indeed, the rear seats continue the sporty and grown-up theme of the new MINI in the rear of the car. The lateral support provided by the seats is designed to promote sporty driving, bringing the go-kart feeling into play for rear passengers as well.
The colour and material design: maximising the scope for customisation
All MINI drivers have their own style. That’s why the new MINI also majors on maximising the scope for customisation. A large number of unusual choices inject fresh intrigue into the familiar MINI range of colours and materials and enable customers to configure their MINI to reflect their personality. For example, 12 exterior colours cover a wide variety of bases – from striking via sporty to elegant. The five new colours shades Volcanic Orange, Moonwalk Grey, Blazing Red, Deep Blue and Electric Blue freshen up the familiar MINI colour pallet and add exciting new options.
The MINI also offers scope for further interior customisation with a choice of five Colour Lines. Customers looking to personalise their car to the maximum can choose from 10 seat cover designs and other optional trim surface variants. The two new colour and material worlds – “Off-White” and “Dark Cottonwood” – available as part of the MINI Yours interior style packages offer customers exclusive equipment variants that underline the individual character of the MINI.

Saransh Goila, the youngest celebrity chef set a record in Limca Book of Records

Saransh Goila is the Youngest Celebrity Chef in the country. Saransh is an Anchor and Chef Consultant for Food Food channel and is also a Food Columnist with Discover India magazine. Currently, he is hosting India’s biggest food travelogue show ‘Roti, Rasta aur India’ where he has set a record in Limca Book of Records of being the first Indian chef to travel 20,000 kilometers by road in 100 days to discover India’s rich food heritage and tracing its history, according to a statement.

Saransh’s specialty is contemporary Indian food, with varied knowledge of Italian food and bakery and confectionery as well. He is particularly famous for his delicious Butter Chicken so much so that it’s now known as ‘Koyla Goila Butter Chicken’. Saransh’s philosophy is to preserve traditional Indian cooking techniques and food and give it a modern look and character so it is easily accepted by the youth. Some of his interesting recipes are Pesto Golgappa, Sandalwood Kebabs, Pickled Chicken Canape, Spaghetti Moily, Basil Butter Chicken, Oreos ke Pakode, Cheese in a parcel, Beetroot Toast with chocnuts, Broccoli Bacon Parantha and Tindli Risotto.
The youngest celebrity chef of India – Saransh Goila is currently participating in the new culinary battle on Sony Television called ‘Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi’. This show is a fun-filled cook-off between ordinary families and professional chefs judged by the Celebrity Chef – Sanjeev Kapoor.
All of 26 years, Saransh is an Anchor and Chef Consultant for Food Food channel and is also a Food Columnist with Discover India magazine. Currently, he is hosting India’s biggest food travelogue show ‘Roti, Rasta aur India’ where he has set a record in Limca Book of Records of being the first Indian chef to travel 20,000 kms by road in 100 days to discover India’s rich food heritage and tracing its history.
Saransh was a food enthusiast at an early age, making his first Jalebi for his family at the age of 12. With the encouragement from his family, especially his grandfather, he was drawn more and more into the culinary field as his passion for food grew.
Graduating from Institute of Hotel Management – Aurangabad (Taj group of hotels), Saransh got a degree in BA Honours in Culinary Arts in 2008 and trained in the highly professional Taj kitchens for six months. To get a deeper knowledge of the culinary arts, he worked with The Leela Kempinski, Bangalore for a year in 2009. A man of many talents, Saransh then worked towards pursuing his dream of acting by joining “Barry John Acting Studio” and learning about the real art of Theatre and Camera in 2010.
Saransh’s first taste of television success began when he won a spot on ‘Food Food Maha Challenge’ in the year 2011 hosted by Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. Saransh was one of the 16 contestants on the show who were battling to the win the coveted title of ‘India Ka Super Chef’. In the show, Madhuri tagged him ‘My chocolate hero’ & he went on to become India’s first Super Chef.
In the past, Saransh has also featured on the TV show called Instant Noodle Diaries on Channel News Asia, Singapore and has done 50 plus on-ground events for various food brands and has done food styling for several ads under the ad-veteran Prahlad Kakkar. His other shows on Food Channel include Food this week, The Fit Foodie, and Ching’s Special Recipes. He was also the Brand Ambassador for Bergner- Austria for eight months in the year 2013.
Saransh’s specialty is contemporary Indian food, with varied knowledge of Italian food and bakery and confectionery as well. He is particularly famous for his delicious Butter Chicken so much so that it’s now known as ‘Koyla Goila Butter Chicken’. Saransh’s philosophy is to preserve traditional Indian cooking techniques and food and give it a modern look and character so it is easily accepted by the youth.

SAEINDIA upbeat on bringing in innovative technologies for safe, green and connected vehicles

Globally the automotive industry is being shaped by developing markets and India has taken centre stage with its offerings for frugal engineering and comprehensive automotive ecosystem. As part of its plan to address the the increasing needs of the Indian auto industry, the Society of Automotive Engineers India (SAEINDIA), India’s largest automotive fraternity and knowledge base and an affiliate of SAE International, USA, today announced SIMCOMVEC – 8th SAEINDIA International Mobility Conference and first Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress to be held at Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam from December 4 – 7, 2013.

According to a statement issued by SAEIndia, SIMCOMVEC will focus on ‘Technologies for Safe, Green and Connected Vehicles’. The four day conference brings together innovative minds from the automotive community across the globe to congregate and exchange ideas on recent advances for Emissions in Commercial Vehicles, Alternate Fuels and Powertrain, Emerging Trends in Electronics and Vehicle Connectivity, Advanced Manufacturing Methods, Opportunities and Challenges in Mass Transportation and Skill Development for Employability, to name a few.
On this occasion, luminaries from Indian Automotive Industry such as Srivats Ram, SIMCOMVEC Steering Committee Chairman (Managing Director, Wheels IndiaLtd), Dr R Mahadevan, Ex-President SAEINDIA (Director, India Pistons Ltd) and Dr Aravind Bharadwaj, SIMCOMVEC Steering Committee Member (Head – TPDS, Mahindra Research Valley, M&M Ltd) unveiled the conference theme.
First event
This is the first ever event being organised in India which is presenting a platform for synergy in technologies for commercial vehicles and personal mobility. The highlight of SIMCOMVEC is the impressive line-up of International and Indian experts including Donald Hillebrandof SAE International, Vinod Dasari of Ashok Leyland, Randy Clark of Michelin, Bharat Vedak of John Deere, Donald Schulte of Paccar, Tom Stower of Eaton, Walter Lucas of AVL, and Joerg Leutzner of Continental, besides K Rajaraman of Chennai Metro Rail, Dilip Chenoy of National Skill Development Corporation, Nitin Gokarn of NATRIP and Sarangarajan of Hyundai.
Ram point out: “The automotive industry is evolving technologies driven by the changing consumer requirements to be green, connected and safe. While SAE India has been conducting a biennial automotive mobility conference for a number of years,this year, for the first time at SIMCOMVEC 2013, we are proud to bring an engineering conference that covers not only the car industry but also the commercial vehicle and off-highway segments. We expect that such conferences that cover all spectrum of mobility will become increasingly relevant to the development of our industry and country in the future”.
Humungous demand
There is a humungous demand for mobility solutions in India. Innovative vehicle design concepts will lead the way as the consumer demands sustainability and ergonomically designed vehicles. Global automotive majors are also looking at India to leverage it for cost- efficient engineering. With the number of cities growing in India, there is a demand for seamless network that is safe and fuel efficient. The entire value chain of the auto industry will need to innovate on new technologies to make electric vehicles and alternative fuel more affordable to customers.
Dr Mahadevan said: “The Auto Component Industry in our country has  played a significant role in making India a preferred and low-cost hub for design and manufacture of quality parts in  the APAC region. In the context of the sluggishness we are witnessing in recent times, it becomes necessary to revisit our strategy with increased thrust on localisation and adoption of new and cost effective technologies in areas like emission, safety and comfort”.
SIMCOMVEC will provide a platform to review the industry needs and discuss innovative solutions that potentially will pave the way for regaining growth. Dr Bharadwaj concurred: “Indian customers have always been receptive to experiment with new technology solutions.The convergence of IT, Electronics, and Communication technologies for Telematics solutions offers an excellent possibility to integrate these services into the vehicles and the industry is yet to fully explore this potential. Going forward Hybrid vehicles and fuel cell cars will assume greater importance in future and the Indian Government is giving an impetus and encouragement to these areas.  SIMCOMVEC will serve as a platform for exchanged learning and raise the bar for innovation, improved processes, and technology up gradation. In addition, it will also provide the Indian mobility community a great networking opportunity with global leaders in the automotive fraternity”.
The Society of Automotive Engineers, India  is  the largest group affiliated to SAE International, USA which is a 106 years old organisation founded by the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford  and the likes and having 1,20,000 engineers, business executives, educators and students as members from more than 120 countries. SAEINDIA has 32000 members. SAEINDIA is registered as a non-profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India.

Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor visits Tata Motors’ plant in Pune

A photo feature of Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor vising the Tata Motors’ plant at Pimpri, Pune.

The dashing Jai Singh Rathod of the action packed 24 series, visited the Tata Motors Pune Plant and spent time with the young, enthusiastic students at the Training Division in the plant. The students were very thrilled to have met Anil Kapoor in the facility.

The superstar, Anil Kapoor and the action hero, Jai Singh Rathod (JSR) from 24, visited the Tata Motors facility to address company staff on the collaboration with 24. He zoomed through the plant in a true JSR style.  Anil Kapoor greeted the company staff and workers and payed homage to JRD Tata at Tata Motors’ plant in Pimpri, Pune.

Tata Motors plant was buzzing on Tuesday afternoon with excitement and cheer to welcome Jai Singh Rathod, the character Anil Kapoor plays in the action –packed series 24. The company staff and workers gathered in huge numbers to cheer for the Safari Storme and Anil Kapoor starrer series. Seen in the picture is Anil Kapoor during his plant tour, at the Safari Storme production line in the Tata Motors’ plant, Pimpri.
Ankush Arora- Senior Vice President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (Commercial), Tata Motors presented Anil Kapoor with a specially manufactured, Jai Singh Rathod edition of Safari Storme. Wishing the superstar all the luck and success, Arora stated that, Tata Motors is proud to partner with Colors to be the title sponsor of the series ‘24’ in its Indian avatar and that the company is very excited to see the superstar behind the wheels of this rugged SUV – the Safari Storme, which symbolizes power, resilience, style and performance. The Safari Storme truly compliments the essence of the series 24.
The senior management of Tata Motors handing over the keys of the specially manufactured Jai Singh Rathod edition of Safari Storme. The superstar, Anil Kapoor and the action hero, Jai Singh Rathod (JSR) from 24, visited the Tata Motors facility to address company staff on the collaboration with 24. He zoomed through the plant in a true JSR style.
Superstar Anil Kapoor, visited the Tata Motors Plant in Pimpri and filled the air in the plant with exuberance. The star took a plant tour and during the visit interacted with employees and staff in the plant. While addressing employees he stated that 24 is all about action, thrill and drama and that is what the Tata Safari Storme is all about too.

Atul Kasbekar, Lisa Haydon launch Signature Selfies Fashion App

For the first time ever Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013 is launching a specially created fashion app called the ‘Signature Selfies’. This app is giving you a chance to get shot by the ace celebrity photographer Atul Kasbekar. Lisa Haydon along with Atul Kasbekar  were present to launch this one of a kind fashion app, according to a press statement.

Atul Kasbekar who helped design the app says: “Signature as a brand has an international appeal and has always been abreast with the latest trends in both the fashion and technology space. In a day and age where technology is part of our day to day lives, the ‘Signature Selfies’ app will prove to be the new form of fashion expression. I could not have asked for a better platform than the Signature International Fashion Weekend which celebrates both these trends in a truly unique way”.

Talking about Signature International Fashion Weekend, Unnati Sinha, Senior Vice President, Marketing, United Spirits, said “Signature has always been up to date with the latest fashion trends.With Signature Internationals Fashion Weekend being the first property in India to  integrate technology with designers’ collections we thought it would be a perfect connect to launch a fashion app that we think melds with our personality. Selfies are the latest form of fashion expression.  In todays world technology is a huge part of our lives and we wanted Signature to be in the fore front of it.”

Signature selfies is a free beta app, which will be launched on the 16th of November 2013 at the Signture International Fashion Weekend 2013 .Once the app is downloaded all you have to do is upload your best selfies. The best picture uploaded will be selected to get a photoshoot shot by Atul Kasbekar.

Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013 in Mumbai

Signature International Fashion Weekend, the only international fashion showcase in the country begins on the 15th-17th of November at Mehboob Studios where international style diva Sonam Kapoor is the brand ambassador. Signature International Fashion Weekend will showcase designs of International designers such a Mark Fast, Bora Aksu, Cute Circuit as well as Indian designers known world over such as Falguni and Shane Peacock and Drashta. These designs will be showcased by some of the leading glamorous international celebrities such as Irina Shayk, Nargis Fakri and Jacqueline Fernandez as they set the ramp ablaze.