DIMTS launches TellTail Mobile Security App

Concerned with the increasing incidents of rapes, kidnapping and other security threats faced by the public, especially women, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd (DIMTS) has launched the TellTail mobile app in India.
According to a statement issued by DIMTS, the app, which is currently available on Android phones, can be freely downloaded from Google Play. TellTail is a security application that allows the user to be tracked using the GPS in a vehicle or the user’s phone. It also helps the individuals send alerts to their friends and family in emergency situations on the press of a button. The concerned contacts can also see the tracking information on a map.
The application has two main features. First and foremost, the main feature is that it can not only be tracked by vehicle but also others to be tracked through the GPS in the phone. What is unique about this app and makes it different from other security apps is that the user can be tracked even if she/he does not have a GPS enabled phone.  If the user is in the orange-coloured Delhi Transit (cluster) buses/ new auto rickshaws/ any other public service vehicle fitted with GPS, she/he just needs to feed in the vehicle number and the vehicle will start getting tracked.
In case of a situation when the user needs immediate help, the user just needs to press the panic button in the application for two seconds and an alert will be generated and messages sent to the backend server as well as the registered contacts. If GPS/GPRS is available, the application will send exact location details to DIMTS server and the relevant contacts. However, even if the GPS/GPRS is not available, the application will send the panic alert to the contacts.
For any individual in trouble and requiring help, this application can be life saver as the victim can quietly send the help request to her family or friends by pressing the panic button without having to call anyone. Family members will be able to constantly track the movement of the victim and provide help at the earliest. The exact position from where the panic was sent will also be known so that there is no problem in help being sent at that location.
The application does not invade the privacy of the users as they can be tracked only when they wish to by switching on the TellTail app. The data from these GPS/GPRS fitted vehicles, is received every ten seconds. With this credible tracking data, the TellTail app will help in tracking the vehicle faster.
Additional Information – How the app works
–    Download from Google play and install it on your phone
–    Go to settings and update profile and register five contacts
–    To track the vehicle you are travelling in, feed in the number of the vehicle and press ‘Track by Vehicle’ button
–    To get yourself tracked through GPS of your phone, press ‘Track Me’ button


Rituparna Sengupta inaugurates ‘The MobileStore Lounge’ in Kolkata

Mobile technology is ever changing and can be confusing and complicated at times. It brings a host of features, of which only a few are understood and a fewer are used. The MobileStore launches the first ever smartphone destination, The MobileStore Lounge in Ballygunge, Kolkata. A place that makes technology easy, Rituparna Sengupta, one of the most renowned actresses of the Indian film fraternity inaugurated The MobileStore Lounge.
Located in the most iconic place in Kolkata, at Ballygunge, The MobileStore Lounge makes it easy to browse, choose, use and pay for Smart phones and tablets with the help of Brand experience zones where devices from brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony and Apple are displayed in each brand experience zone, according a company statement. The lounge boasts of the first ever phone OS agnostic Data Transfer Dock facility absolutely free. So you can transfer data from one phone to another without any worries.

Commenting on the launch of The MobileStore Lounge, Himanshu Chakrawarti, CEO – The MobileStore Limited said: “The MobileStore Lounge is a unique experience and moves beyond live display into the realm of actual larger than life experience. With technology elements, live features and very friendly and intensively trained Tech Buddies, the experience of the Lounge is aimed at making the consumer at ease with technology”.
Rituparna, overwhelmed with the design of the smartphone destination stated: “The Lounge is an ideal place for consumers to not only enjoy shopping but also get educated about the features of their favorite smartphone. I am glad that the people of Kolkata have been offered the comfort and ease of shopping at India’s largest smartphone destination”.
A hand-picked team of intensively trained Tech Buddies from internal The MobileStore force as well as external sources, who have extreme comfort with gadgets, conduct live experiences and bring alive usage of smartphones to the customers. They are not the conventional sales staff but they are Tech Buddies. The MobileStore Lounge is the first ever store with complimenting accessories for each phone placed below the phone. So a customer doesn’t really need to look around what compliments his handset.
The MobileStore Lounge, is a one stop Smart Phone shop that provides, multi brand handsets, tablets, complimenting accessories and brand experience zones all under one roof. It showcases ‘live experience’ to bring out the power of technology for everyday consumer use. The MobileStore India’s largest mobile telephony retailer provides one stop mobile solution shop that provides, multi brand handsets, tablets, accessories, connections, repairs, easy EMI solutions and VAS, across its 800 outlets in 100 plus cities, thus covering every major town in every state across India.
The MobileStore launched India’s first next generation store ‘The MobileStore Lounge’ at Connaught Place – Delhi and Phoenix MarketCity, Viman Nagar- Pune, Near GIP Mall – Noida, Indiranagar – Bengaluru and now in Ballygunge- Kolkata. The MobileStore lounge- a smartphone destination, is the place that makes technology easy! It maximizes ‘live experience’ of smartphones to bring across the power of technology for everyday consumer use! With technology elements, live features, India’s first android zone and very friendly tech buddies, the experience of the Lounge is like no other.
The MobileStore caters to the Indian consumer‘s choice of the widest range of mobile phones with exciting offers. The MobileStore offers complete telecom solutions right from purchase of handsets, data cards, connections to post purchase services like Theft Insurance, Extended Warranty. It also offers wide range of accessories to choose from.

Captain Chanpreet Singh of Rage Mobile Phones, from mobility to mobile phones

Innovator, pace-setter and path-finder, that’s what describes him best. Chanpreet Singh graduated in Science from the LBF College of Advanced Medical Studies in Mumbai and then went on to get a Master’s Degree in Nautical Science. Singh started his professional life with a French shipping company. That association lasted for 15 years. His next stint was as a Project Director with an Indian software company for three years which was providing software to companies providing training for ship sailing.
Subsequently, Singh made up his mind to launch his own brand mobile phones. This prepared the ground for starting up the company, SMA Impex Private Ltd back in of 2008 to launch Rage Mobile Phones in India. Although Rage Mobile Phones are manufactured in China, Captain Chanpreet Singh is personally involved in the design and development of the products which offer Indian consumers the best of quality at the most affordable prices and are backed by an extremely efficient and effective service centre network.
Captain Chanpreet Singh has a very clear cut vision of what Rage Mobiles stand for. To quote him: “We are not scientists but we understand technology.  We are not artists, but we know what looks good. We are not market leaders either, but we know the market”.
It is this clarity of thoughts that has taken the Rage brand places. Singh looks after activities such as designing and Procurement, administration, commercial, logistics, accounts and marketing. Singh also has extensive experience in the field of Procurement, sales and marketing of mobile handsets in India.
In a free-wheeling conversation, Singh answers a volley of questions pertaining to mobile telephony to Jayashankar Menon. Excerpts from the Interview:
JM: What are your India gameplans?
Singh: Rage is being sold in Latin America and now focusing India including Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. We have already launched few products in Indian Market and will come up with various products in coming years. The main idea is to gain as customers as possible.

JM: How do you operate in India?
Singh: We have our Head Office in Delhi and 17 branches in every city. We have around 210 people as a team for our organisation in India.

JM: As Sunstrike has all key verticals across the mobile eco-system right from device manufacturing, network operating, distrubution, wholesale and blue chip organised and unorganised retail, will you also be replicating the same in India?
Singh: Yes, we will be able to replicate the same as we have entirely a different team to focus on smart phones market with all the specifications and qualities. We make sure those different teams functions for different verticals.

JM: What is the impact your mobile phone brand Rage has created in India?
Singh: Rage is a very well known brand in Rajasthan. It is a household name in Rajasthan and is a respected brand in channel community. We are able to sell our products from good e- retailers. Although we are trying to capture the market in rest areas by launching new products.

JM: Why is Rage more appealing amongst rural and semi urban segments?
Singh: According to our target segment, our target market is more features oriented. By launching our new products in the market we want that feature oriented sector should use feature oriented phones that too in affordable price.
For the urban sector we just launched smart phones few months back.

JM: Can you talk about Smartphone series, Optima Smart in India?
Singh: Our smart phone series, Optima Smart has already been launched in Latin America, Dubai and other markets in the Middle East. The new avatar will be in in the Indian market by March this year.

JM: Also talk about your plant in Shenzhen, any plans to set up a unit in India?
Singh: Our plant in Shenzhen, China is fully equipped. When we talk about a unit to be set up in India, then I would say that right now we don’t have any plant in India because the ecosystem of India is not familiar with the manufacturing of mobile phones. We are in talks with many companies who can help in manufacturing mobiles in India. As of today it is not decided, it will take time. Still now it is on paper.

JM: What is your India specific strategy?
Singh: Our strategy is to provide feature oriented mobile phones to rural sectors and smart phones to urban centres. Technology advanced tablets will soon be available in coming months.

JM: Sunstrike has 150 distributors, 6,000 retailers and two billion customers. Any expansion plans?
Singh: I would be very happy to say now we have 200+ distributors. We are increasing the number of retailers year on year, as our customer base is also increasing. We have aggressive expension plans. Soon we will expand our operation including south India for Optima Smart market as Rage series is already there.

JM: Why you are focusing only on the road less traversed by other players, that is penetrating the rural and semi-urban centres with low cost products?
Singh: It is our part of strategy to start from outside and then come inside.

JM: What is your company’s year on year growth? What is the target for 2014?
Singh: We are registering a double digit growth till date and we will continue to increase the counts. As the industry is growing, we are putting our 100 percent efforts to grow in the market.

JM: You do export Rage brand to markets such as Europe and the Middle East. Any further plans of foraying into different geographies?
Singh: Yes we have plans to focus in Central America, Europe and the Middle East. We are also contemplating on selling our products through e–commerce websites.

JM: What is the investment you had made in India so far? Will you be investing more this year?
Singh: Any ambition cannot be fulfilled until and unless we have aggressive investment. We have aggressive plans to invest more so that we will be able to achieve our ambition.

Sunstrike launches OPS 80D mobile phone in India

Having captured the imagination of the Indian consumer with its recently launched smart phones, Hong Kong based Sunstrike Telecom has now introduced OPS 80D, a smart phone that add to the phone experience by offering ample screen space to enjoy games and videos, exclusively for the Indian market, according to a company statement.
Sunstrike Telecom, which is already ruling the semi urban segment of the Indian market with its super popular Rage mobile series, is now expanding its smart phones’ portfolio in India with the new OPS 80D. The devices under the Sunstrike Optima Smart series – OPS 80D offer an interesting choice for consumers, who prefer a tablet-like screen size but need a device that can still fit well in their pockets.
Keeping in mind the needs of the customers, the product comes with the best of features, fantastic visual experience and a large screen space. The larger screen allows the users to handle official work easily on the go. “We live in an environment where technology is fast paced and consumers vouch for the latest in the market. Our innovation-based devices like OPS80D with wide screen and display have wonderful features that can replace the tablet and allow you to multi-task on the go with a lot ease. It is certainly set to please the Indian consumer for its pocket-friendly size,” said Capt. Chanpreet Singh, Managing Director, Sunstrike Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
OptimaSmart’s OPS 80D comes with a screen size 12.7 cm (5.0”) and has a 1.2 Ghz processor, which runs on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system. It also comes with a 1.2 GHZ Duel Core Processer and a Dual Band/GSM+GSM and its metallic body finish is sure to be an attractive feature.
Packed with features like Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Voice Recorder, GPS, both devices also support the most popular applications of the day including Google Search, GTalk, Skype, GPS,P Sensor,Multi Languages,Preloaded Applications, Email, News & weather, Facebook, Hindi khoj, Times of India, Google chrome, Operamini, ebay, whats app, Gmail, Playstore, Notes apk, G sensor, Black list. With respect to the storage, the 3G equipped device has 4GB internal memory and capability to support up to 32 GB expandable memory.  As, Tablets, Phablets and Smart phones become more and more popular in India, Sunstrike’s OptimaSmart latest offering -OPS 80D is certain to make an impact among the urbane with a world class user-friendly experience.
Hong Kong based Sunstrike International is a mobile technology heavyweight operating in the world’s major markets: the UK, the US, Canada, Dubai and Hong Kong. In each market, the company works with a local partner. In India, mobile technology and marketing professionals form the backbone of the company: Sunstrike Telecom Pvt Ltd. The company’s strategy for India has been to take the road less traversed and focus on semi-urban and rural markets and to empower those price sensitive markets that were still using basic phones instead of the very latest mobile devices. Sunstrike met this challenge by finding the right balance between technology and price. 150 distributors, 6000 retailers and two million customers are now stakeholders in Sunstrike. In fact, the Rage brand is being exported to Europe and the Middle East.

ZyXEL Launches Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Gateway EMG2306-R10A

ZyXEL Communications, a world-class networking company that provides innovative, reliable Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small- and medium-sized businesses to home users, today introduces ZyXEL EMG2306-R10A Wireless N300 four-ports Gigabit Ethernet Gateway, and it is ideal for service providers, telcos, and cable operators to provide Triple-play services to residential applications, according to a company statement.
When offering Triple-play to residential users to use IP-phone, smart phones to surf internet and watching TV programmes at residential environments, the WiFi coverage, speed and easy managed internet content transmission are crucial. The EMG2306-R10A offers the coverage of up to 1,000 square feet, a mid-sized home environment. Residential users could receive signals everywhere in the house without boundaries. Meanwhile, EMG2306-R10A provides a transmission speed up to 300 Mbps, capable of supporting multiple users and multiple media applications at the same time without any performance degradation.When delivering contents to different multi-media devices, it is essential to make sure contents are distributed to the specific device properly. The EMG2306-R10A applies 802.1q, VLAN and DHCP features, and it effectively distributes different packets to every individual specific port. It reduces the traffic flow caused by the excessive unnecessary packet numbers when a large amount of information is exchanging in the networking.
As the distance of installation location is far away from networking administration center or the devices are installed in a wide range of area, it causes the difficulty in troubleshooting or configuring devices on-site. It also increases operation cost for maintaining product on-site. Compliant with TR-069 protocol, the EMG2306-R10A allows networking administrators of telcos, cable operators, and service providers to remotely monitor, diagnose, and maintain EMG2306-R10A installed at residential subscriber’s environments. It helps business operations to minimize the cost of operations and increase profits.
Pricing And Availability
The EMG2306-R10A is available now. For the complete feature set and functionalities of the device, please visit Wireless N300 four-port Gigabit Ethernet Gateway EMG2306-R10A on zyxel.com or contact your local ZyXEL representatives. For more details contact: +91-11-4760-8800, ZyXEL Technology India Pvt Ltd.
ZyXEL Communications Corp., founded in 1989, is a world-class networking company providing innovative and reliable Internet solutions. As one of the early modem manufacturers, ZyXEL has gone through transformations in the fast-paced networking industry. Today, ZyXEL is one of the few companies in the world capable of offering complete networking solutions for Telco’s, small to medium-sized businesses, and digital home users for a wide range of deployment scenarios. Telco solutions include Central Office Equipments, Customer Premises Equipments, Wired and Wireless Access Network Devices, and Carrier Switches. SMB and Enterprise solutions include Unified Security Gateways, LAN Switches, WLAN, and IP Telephony. Digital Home solutions include Network Connectivity Devices and Multimedia Solutions.

Nissan to take part in Google India Great Online Shopping Festival 2013

The Chennai-based Nissan Motor India announced today that it would participate in the exciting Great Online Shopping Festival 2013, conducted by Google India. According to a statement issued by the Japanese car major, the alliance with GOSF will leverage the high traffic platform of Google in order to increase the purchase intent during the festival season for customers visiting nissan.in/gosf over the three days between December 11-13.
Customers can book their cars by making payments through an online gateway and by making use of a credit card or debit card. Post bookings, the customer will be contacted by the respective dealership for the remaining formalities and car delivery. This year the second edition of GOSF is looking to be much bigger, with what started out as a 24 hour affair last year on December 12, 2012. This year, the campaign is a three-day long festival starting from December 11, 2013. The  festival will be promoted mainly through digital advertising on Automotive and General Interest Websites as well as Social Media tools such as Facebook and Twitter.
Nitish Tipnis, Director, Marketing, Hover Automotive India said: “We are delighted to partner Google India for this exciting Shopping Festival. Nissan’s association with this hugely popular festival is yet another expression of our commitment to market our vehicles uniquely. Partnering with Google helps our associaton with the digital medium to enable brand Nissan and our dealers provide easier and convenient ways to purchase cars in India. This partnership strengthens and widens the customer base to the entire internet audience including smartphone users which is the largest traffic generator. We want our consumers to experince the globally renowned Nissan cars well known for technology, luxury and comfort –all at an affordable price point and low cost of ownership. Nissan has always been on the forefront of innovation both in the cars we produce and also how we present and communicate our brand”.
Nitin Bawankule, Industry Director, eCommerce, Local & Media, Google India said: “We are delighted to see Nissan participation in The Great Online Shopping Festival. We have introduced many new categories and partners this year and the consumer response to the second edition of the initiative has been great. We are hopeful that this association will help Nissan to set new benchmarks in the Auto industry and help build consumer confidence in booking cars online”.
Great Online Shopping Festival
The Great Online Shopping Festival is organized by Google India in conjunction with major players in e-commerce, local, classified and online travel sites. This year, Google has roped in around 250 retailers from across the country for the festival. One can shop for a wealth of items including shoes, clothes, jewelry, apparel, cars, travel packages, books, kids wear and of course gadgets and computer peripherals.
Nissan delivers cutting-edge technology, distinctive design and a rewarding experience to all its customers. In India, the line of vehicles offered by Nissan includes mid-sized sedan ‘Sunny’, Nissan Evalia (MPV), compact hatchback Nissan ‘Micra’, newly launched compact premium SUV Nissan ‘Terrano’, luxury sedan Nissan ‘Teana’, SUV Nissan ‘X-Trail’ and iconic sports car Nissan ‘370Z’.
Nissan Motor India Private Ltd. (NMIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Japan. The company was incorporated in 2005 and offers innovative and exciting products across hatchback, sports, SUV and sedan segments in India. Nissan together with its global alliance partner Renault set up a manufacturing plant and a Research & Development Centre near Chennai. Nissan has appointed Hover Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. as a sole distributor for India to handle sales and marketing, dealer development, customer relationship, management and after sales. NMIPL registered sales of 36,975 units in FY 2012. For more information, visit nissan.in.
Hover Automotive India (HAI) is the national sales company (NSC) of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd (NML), Japan acting as the sole and exclusive distributor for managing the marketing, sales, after-sales service, training & dealer development functions for the entire territory of India. HAI functions as an independent company to accelerate the sales and build customer touch points across India for the Nissan brand of vehicles.
HAI was formed by three global entrepreneurs.  Moez Mangalji, proprietor of global hospitality chain Westmont Group, GM Singh, founder and Chairman of the Mumbai based GMS group and Kevin Whalen, founding member of the US based fortune 500 company ‘Group One Automotive.’ Together, these eminent entrepreneurs form HAI’s board of directors and bring with them world class expertise of aligning with global brands to deliver unmatched speed to market and unparalleled customer service. For more details visit: hai.net.in

Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority awards PR mandate to BlueLotus

Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), the civic body for the city of Kolkata, today awarded the tender for its communications mandate for the next two years to Blue Lotus Communications – a twelve year old public relations agency, which has in the past handled several state and civic bodies such as the Kolkata Environmental Improvement Project (KEIP) out of Kolkata and the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) out of Pune.

According to a company statement, the tender was awarded post several rounds of competitive bidding involving several national public relations agencies and Blue Lotus efforts were spearheaded by N Chandramouli, CEO and Founder – Comniscient Group, of which Blue Lotus Communications is the flagship entity.
About the alliance, Chandramouli said: “Having worked with several governmental and civic agencies in the past, Blue Lotus has the necessary expertise in understanding the liaison and communications needs of Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority”, continuing, “We have won several accolades on the back of our work for campaigns across the public and private sectors such as Vibrant Gujarat across the nation, Kolkata Municipal Corporation Limited out of Kolkata and the No Smoking campaign out of Mumbai”.
Across sectors, Blue Lotus Communications handles key clientele such as Dun & Bradstreet India, Micro Finance Institutions Network, DBS Bank India and DHL Express India. While in 2010, they were awarded for being the ‘Indian Consultancy of the Year’ by The Holmes Report – a global body for the public relations industry, in 2011, industry peers across India got together to vote them the ‘Best PR Agency of the Year’ under the ambit of the India PR and Corporate Communications Awards.
Blue Lotus Communications is the flagship PR agency of the Comniscient Group and ranks among the leading PR agencies of India. Awarded two years consecutively, in 2010 as ‘Consultancy of the Year’ by the internationally reputed Holmes Report, and in 2011 as ‘PR Agency of the Year’ by IPRCCA, an award accorded by a jury of PR agency heads, the agency employs more than 150 people across India, across nine offices.

GM launches ‘myChevrolet India’ smart mobile owner application

As part of its commitment to continue providing customers with a value proposition, GM India today launched the owner mobile application, ‘myChevrolet India App’.


According to a company statement, the mobile application will assist customers with a number of tools relevant to their vehicles post purchase. It will be available free of cost on Android and iOS platform for GM India customers.

Commenting on the launch of the ‘myChevrolet India App’, Rajesh Singh, Vice President Sales, Marketing & After-Sales, GM India said, “GM India goes the extra mile to enhance its customer experience. We have developed ‘myChevrolet India App’ mobile app to provide features that give real- time benefits to the customer and provides a one stop shop. We feel the application will allow them to experience GM India services in an exciting new digital platform. This is another step in leveraging the potential of mobile technology to offer convenience and value to our customers,” he added.

The application brings all Chevrolet services at the owner’s fingertips. Now Chevrolet owners can contact the company, schedule a service, access vehicle information and do a lot more at the push of a button. The application is here to make the Chevrolet ownership a smooth experience in every way. It features a list of services that spells smart access, ease of use, comfort and convenience.
Schedule Service
The myChevrolet App stores your preferred dealer’s information so that you can quickly schedule a service appointment. If you are on the road, the application locates the nearest dealer and makes contact easy with the touch-to-call feature.
Parking Reminder
Never mind if you forgot where you parked. The application lets you store information about your parking location on the myChevrolet App. Take photos and notes to capture parking details. The application will guide you to your car using Google Maps.
Owner’s Manual
When you have time or whenever you need to – get to know more about your Chevrolet. For the myChevrolet App brings your owner’s manual at your fingertips. Add to it a host of other features like storing the customer profile, Locate a dealer, Connectivity with various Chevrolet platforms on the web and so on and you have one smart app to complement your Chevrolet vehicle. The multifaceted ‘myChevrolet India App’ application can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store and Apple App store.
Among the other unique programmes introduced by GM India to further bolster the Chevrolet ownership experience are unmatched Product Warranty of three years/1,00,000 KM, Chevrolet U-First Free Service Camps and the Chevrolet Promise Cost of Ownership Programme that offers assured low cost of maintenance.
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.5 million Chevrolet cars and trucks alone in a year. The Chevrolet brand was introduced in India in 2003 and is now one of the fastest-growing automotive nameplates in the country. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design and high quality. The Chevrolet portfolio in India includes the Spark, Beat, Chevrolet SAIL, SAIL U-VA, Cruze, Tavera, Chevrolet Enjoy and Captiva. More information regarding Chevrolet models can be found at chevrolet.co.in

RCom introduce ‘Super Thala Pack’ in Tamil Nadu

Reliance Communications, India’s fully integrated telecommunications service provider, today announced the launch of ‘Super Thala Pack’ for its GSM pre-pay customers in Tamil Nadu. The revolutionary pack offers local and STD calling at just five paise, a statement issued by the company said.
Super Thala pack will enable customers to call any local Reliance numbers at 5 paise for 30 seconds & other local calls would be at just 5 paise per 10 secs. All STD calls would be at 5 paise for 4 seconds. Moreover, customers will get full talktime on all recharges on or above Rs. 50. This benefit would be for a period of 6 months from the date of activation. The pack also offers 100 MB data free for a month. Customers can do a first recharge of Rs 37 with R 10 Talktime or Rs 101 with Rs 50 Talktime while existing customers can do a recharge of Rs 107.


IVJ Pradeep, Regional Head – South, Reliance Communications, said: “Super Thala pack will be ushering in a new paradigm in calling tariffs vis-à-vis conventional plans, this initiative empowers customers to pay only for the duration they talk at the most compelling price. Providing enhanced value for money, the plan will enable customers in Tamil Nadu to stay in touch with their loved ones locally and across the country, at the best available market tariffs for calls”.

Shivkumar Mudaliar, Circle Business Head, Reliance Communications, said: “This pack will help customers save a good amount on their monthly spends and as the pack offers 6 months validity, customers need not bother to recharge with any other tariff vouchers month on month to continue enjoying the benefits. This will not only enable them to talk to the frequent numbers at a low cost but also keep their expenses in check. Reliance Super Thala plan is yet another testimony of our leadership in this market”.
Reliance Communications Limited founded by the late Dhirubhai H Ambani (1932-2002) is the flagship company of the Reliance Group. The Reliance Group currently has a net worth in excess of Rs 89,600 crore ($ 16.5 billion), cash flows of Rs. 9,100 crore ($ 1.7 billion), net profit of Rs. 4,300 crore ($ 0.8 billion).
Reliance Communications is India’s foremost and truly integrated telecommunications service provider. The Company, with a customer base of over 125 million including over 2.5 million individual overseas retail customers, ranks among the Top 7 Telecom companies in the world by number of customers in a single country. Reliance Communications corporate clientele includes over 39,000 Indian and multinational corporations including small and medium enterprises and over 830 global, regional and domestic carriers.
Reliance Communications has established a pan-India, next generation, integrated (wireless and wireline), convergent (voice, data and video) digital network that is capable of supporting best-of-class services spanning the entire communications value chain, covering over 24,000 towns and 600,000 villages. Reliance Communications owns and operates the world’s largest next generation IP enabled connectivity infrastructure, comprising over 277,000 kilometers of fibre optic cable systems in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

ETTelecom.com, telecom news domain launched

India’s leading business & economy news website, The Economic Times announced the launch of ETTelecom.com, a comprehensive news portal catering exclusively to the telecom sector, according to a company statement.
Launched by the Union Minister for Information Technology & Law, Shri Kapil Sibal today in a press briefing at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi, this initiative is a part of The Economic Times commitment to the telecom sector. ETTelecom.com is launched with an objective to keep industry professionals updated with a comprehensive and focused round up on the telecom sector news – locally and globally; breaking new stories and in-depth analysis across varied topics such as technology, voice, VAS, and allied sectors.
ETTelecom.com aims to redefine a new generation of focused business vertical news, information, data, tools and services to professionals in the telecom industry. The exclusive coverage by the portal, will be complimented by a daily mobile-friendly newsletter to its subscribers – updating them with the latest and trending stories across telecom sector, every morning. To facilitate deeper industry-engagement, ETTelecom.com will provide an interactive platform for the telecom professionals via forums and live discussions with the decision makers in telecom industry. Union Telecom minister Kapil Sibal congratulated The Economic Times and said that it was an important step for the sector and as well as nation.
“I believe that the telecom and IT sectors are the infrastructure of empowerment that apply to all fields of human activity, because there is no field that is left out of cyberspace. This is a big challenge for us, while you provide the platform we will have spate of information on that platform that we will have to respond to,” he said.
“There is a lot of information, and it should be analysed on a daily basis and put out on a right kind of platform so that there is informed decision making on the other end. The Economic Times has taken a step forward, and congratulate the team on of ETTelecom.com,” added Sibal.

“ETTelecom.com would be a quality news and information resource for people involved in India’s fast-growing ICT industry. We are extremely delighted to have such a dynamic and focused news portal catering to the entire telecom sector, and wish their team the very best in their endeavours: said Shri MF Farooqui, Secretary, DoT & Chairman, Telecom Commission
“Our objective is to make ETTelecom.com a one-stop destination for industry leaders who want to keep themselves updated about the telecom sector in India. The portal will not only focus on voice and VAS, but also networks, broadband, DTH, IPTV , handsets and all related information. The Indian telecom industry is at a perfect stage of development now and with 3G and smart phones gradually taking the centre stage, it will have a lot of stories to tell in the coming time. As Internet access is poised for a dramatic turn, we see Times Internet diversifying into B2B news and adopting an aggressive strategy to redefine content delivery with a sector-wise approach said Satyan Gajwani, CEO, Times internet.