Sticky Notes: Fantastic App

Since time immemorial, it is the usual practice that people use to chronicle their day to day experience in the form of dairy. Of late, the habbit of writing in long hand has diminished. Nevertheless, the modern trend is that one will either resort to mobile phone or a computer to record the day to day incidence, either through the medium of social media domains like the Facebook or a blog. Another trend is that people resort to install stick notes software on their workstations or laptops to jot down the messages they would want to express. They also make a note of the day do day events in the form of stick message and pin the yellow piece of paper on the computer for ready reference.


Advantages of Sticky Notes

The key advantages of stick notes are that one can keep it like a reminder to see it everytime when one works, besides the fact that one can note down anything instantly without opeing any application. What is more, of late, sticky notes can be synched with cloud networking apps including Dropbox, Googledrive and Onedrive. Furthermore, it comes with differnt style and colour for one’s comfort. I use Efficient Sticky Notes, which is a fantastic app. It is far better than Evernote and other Sticky Notes that are available in the marketplace. Needless to mention, it is safe and secure, besides the fact that it comes with password protection. The best part is that one can have internet connection at any place by carrying it in a flash drive!

Suffice it to say that it comes with a recycle bin option in case one deletes it accidently, one can retreive it from there. Similarly, it is easy to search one’s ntes in the application in case one forgets what he/she keeps it as title. All one has to do is to search with any word one uses in the note the suggestions will pop up. It also comes with more than 30 language options. One can use it for 30 days as a free trial and can as well urchase it if one likes. For instance, I initially downloaded it as a trial verion. Subsequently, I got hooked to it. Now, I not only use it as alarm but also as a reminder and much more.

Windows have stopped sticky notes as default application these days. Initially, what I did was to download it as trial version. The software is being sold in excess of 117 countries across the globe and translated by more than 30 languages. The bottomline is owning Efficient Sticky Notes is not a bad choice! I recommend four stars out of five for this appication.


Vadodara turns out to be favourable investment destination in the real estate segment

Investing in real estate constitutes largely to identify the right opportunity. The key factors to look for investment are requirements,  appreciation, value and various reasons – One of the crucial ones being – the city and the area. There are various cities in India that are favourable from investment point of view. One of the cities that is into the radar is the cultural centre of Gujarat – Vadodara, says Pankaj Srivastava Chief Operating Officer, Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd.


Pankarj Srivastava, Naresh Kanodia and Janardhan Parulaker at the inauguration of Maitreya Paradiso at Vadodara.

Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd (MRCPL), the construction arm of the Maitreya Group of Companies, started in 1998 is a real estate company engaged in the business of commercial, residential and retail projects. Under the leadership of its CMD, Varsha Satpalkar, the company currently focuses on construction and development of real estate properties across the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The acumen of Pankaj contributes largely to the success of the company.

With the proud track record of building trust and delivering values to all its stakeholders, MRPCL is poised to become a leading brand in the real estate sector. The company is recognized for its quality, sustainable projects, transparent deals, timely delivery and services for all income groups. Its strategic alliances and partnerships, as well as highly competent in-house team, enables the company to undertake and smoothly execute construction of high-end bungalows, villas, residential apartments as well as shopping malls across the country. To its credit, the company has several sophisticated myriad housing projects in various cities of Maharashtra such as Pune, Aurangabad, Vasai, Dhule, Jalgaon and Sangli, to name a few; while it has also constructed several commercial projects in Mumbai, Sangli and Kolhapur.

Currently, MRPCL is engaged in designing, building and marketing of its several residential and commercial projects in Nashik and Sangali. Some of these key projects are:

Maitreya Greens – It is the first ever IGBC Gold pre-certified green project in Nashik. Spread across ten acres of lush green land, of which only 40 percent would be developed into six residential towers. Comprises of Ground plus 14 floors, these towers are constructed in a complete eco-friendly manner.

Maitreya Pandav Van – Located beside famous Pandav Caves, Pandav Van is a 40 Exclusive 2 BHK Twin-bungalows Scheme. Each bungalow comes with a private garden, car parking, balconies and terraces, planned in a way that it ensures full privacy and at the same time offers lot of open space.

Maitreya Sankul – Located amidst lush green landscape of Pathardi, Maitreya Sankul is a residential project that comprise of six storey buildings offerings 2 BHK spacious flats that easily fits into the budget of middle-income families.

Maitreya Sunrise – A perfect combination of commercial and residential units, Maitreya Sunrise consists of 62 residential apartments, 39 shops and 10 godowns. This finest complex is constructed at a prime location in Sangli which is well connected to railway station and bus stand.

A veteran for over 20 years in real estate sector, Pankaj is responsible for strategic planning and managing overall business operations of the company. He started his career as an Assistant Civil Engineer at Continental Constructions Limited following which he joined Larsen & Toubro Ltd as a Civil Engineer for a span of five years. His stint as a project manager in Gherzi Eastern Limited and Macquarie Real Estate helped him climb the ladder. In July 2010, Pankaj joined Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd as General Manager – Engineering after which he earned the designation of Vice President with Octamec Engineering Limited.

Today, Pankaj has successfully established Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd by managing the company’s day-to-day operations smoothly. With a sound knowledge of statutory, municipal rules and regulations and labour laws, strong technical and commercial acumen, experience in macro and micro level planning and ensuring contracts are administered effectively and efficiently, Pankaj has capitalised the stature of Maiterya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd in the real estate space. His scheduling and implementing construction projects by ensuring development of integrated Program Plan that addresses contingency and minimises interruptions and provides safeguards against project over-runs and implementation of project control has resulted into rapid expansion.

A Post Graduate in Civil Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani Rajasthan, has also attended a Short Term Course on Sesmic Designs from IIT Kanpur and course on an Internal Auditor for ISO Systems – BIS.

In a tete-a-tete, Srivastava shares insights on the real estate overview in Vadodara and how the city favours to be a favourable investment option. Exerpts:


Naresh Kanodia at the opening of Maitreya Paradiso at Vadodara.

JM: What are the reasons which define Vadodara as a favourable investment destination?

PS: Various reasons secure defining Vadodara as a favourable investment destination. To mention a few, the city is emerging as an IT hub. There are major infrastructural developments planned in the city coupled with the industrial areas, which shall lead to improved connectivity to the city and increased employment opportunities within and around the city. The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor passes through Vadodara, making it a key destination for attracting industrial investments.

Gujarat’s leading educational institutions are located in Vadodara, offering skilled and intellectual manpower in abundance for various industries and R&D activities. Interestingly it is an ideal destination for the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to settle down as well. It is also an emerging hub for various glass manufacturing companies and automobile ancillary plants. Various towns are home to Pharmaceutical and other Chemical manufacturing ventures.

Vadodara is home to a large number of reputed large scale industries and public sector units like Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd (IPCL), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Gujarat Alkalies and Chemical Ltd (GACL), and Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL). A large number of builders have also become a major part of Vadodara real estate.

JM: Can you talk about Maitreya’s projects in Vadodara?

PS: Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Private Ltd (MRCPL), the construction division of the Maitreya Group of Companies had launched its premium plotting project near Ajwa Funworld in the name of Maitreya Paradiso.

Maitreya Paradiso is located at the Rasulabaad Jharod crossing, before Ajwa Funworld. Surrounded by lush greenery, the project entails 120 plots ranging from 1800-8000 square feet targeting a range of buyers depending upon their choice and preference. Customers can buy these plots and construct their desired villas as per the standard elevation and specifications.  The Infrastructure that includes a attractive designed compound wall, grand entrance plaza, internal roads, electricity and water connections to individual plots, storm water drains, Sewage treatment plant, soft water supply and an elegant club house.

JM: What makes this project unique…

PS: It is a unique venture for those who wish to invest in land parcels or for those looking for their second home or thinking about their retirement homes. One can buy the plot and construct home as per his requirements.

With the urban development authority of Vadodara continuously encouraging many construction companies to establish residential areas, IT parks and shopping malls within the city, the city promises a bright future not only for itself but also for those who intend to draw on the prospects of an emerging cosmopolitan.


Women take fewer risks online, but take upper hand in web-smarts say a Kaspersky Lab study

To mark International Women’s Day 2014 Kaspersky Lab uncovers the reasons why women behave more safely when using the Internet. A report about sexual differences in online safety behaviour shows that males tend to take a higher frequency of risks, while the female attitude towards security promises a longer life – women live on average six years longer than men do. Studies show that lifestyle has a greater bearing on different life expectations than genes or hormones do.
According to a European study, women use the Internet just as enthusiastically as men, but they do so in different ways. In cooperation between Kaspersky Lab and the University of Wuerzburg (Germany) a report about sexual differences was developed, the main findings show that men tend to search for entertainment, games and sexual content while women look for communication and interaction with friends or romantic partners.
Professor Dr Frank Schwab, media psychologist at the University of Wuerzburg said: “Twice as many men as women reported different sorts of malware attacks during the period of the study. Girls are expected to be more responsible, obedient, and sexually restrained, thus, depending on one’s gender, certain roles are performed, leading to the stereotype gender differences”. So, who has it right – does greater risk really bring greater reward?
When it comes to taking risks, women are happy to leave this to the men. Why would women put themselves in danger when there are men volunteering to take all the risks? The female way seems to be not only more secure in an online world but also more promising in terms of a long life. Also, the women’s caring characters lead to more communicative and considerate behaviour both online and off. In terms of risk taking, they seem to take the more reasonable, considered path resulting in risk avoidance and a safer way of life.
“There’s an increased risk of infection from visiting certain types of web site – including pornographic and gambling sites.  It’s not the content of these sites per se that makes them less safe, but the fact that they attract high numbers of visitors – and where there are visitors, there will be criminals.
This provides cybercriminals with a large pool of potential victims human psychology also plays into their hands where some of these sites are concerned; victims are typically less willing to complain if they get infected whilst using one of these sites, than say a banking site, or fall victim to a scam, when accessing pornographic content.”, explains David Emm, Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab.
Safety however, remains an important topic for all, but particularly for men, who have a tendency to forget or overlook the risks. In general, anti-virus software should be installed on any device which is connected to the internet.
Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions. The company is ranked among the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users*. Throughout its more than 15-year history Kaspersky Lab has remained an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions for large enterprises, SMBs and consumers. Kaspersky Lab, with its holding company registered in the United Kingdom, currently operates in almost 200 countries and territories across the globe, providing protection for over 300 million users worldwide.

DIMTS launches TellTail Mobile Security App

Concerned with the increasing incidents of rapes, kidnapping and other security threats faced by the public, especially women, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd (DIMTS) has launched the TellTail mobile app in India.
According to a statement issued by DIMTS, the app, which is currently available on Android phones, can be freely downloaded from Google Play. TellTail is a security application that allows the user to be tracked using the GPS in a vehicle or the user’s phone. It also helps the individuals send alerts to their friends and family in emergency situations on the press of a button. The concerned contacts can also see the tracking information on a map.
The application has two main features. First and foremost, the main feature is that it can not only be tracked by vehicle but also others to be tracked through the GPS in the phone. What is unique about this app and makes it different from other security apps is that the user can be tracked even if she/he does not have a GPS enabled phone.  If the user is in the orange-coloured Delhi Transit (cluster) buses/ new auto rickshaws/ any other public service vehicle fitted with GPS, she/he just needs to feed in the vehicle number and the vehicle will start getting tracked.
In case of a situation when the user needs immediate help, the user just needs to press the panic button in the application for two seconds and an alert will be generated and messages sent to the backend server as well as the registered contacts. If GPS/GPRS is available, the application will send exact location details to DIMTS server and the relevant contacts. However, even if the GPS/GPRS is not available, the application will send the panic alert to the contacts.
For any individual in trouble and requiring help, this application can be life saver as the victim can quietly send the help request to her family or friends by pressing the panic button without having to call anyone. Family members will be able to constantly track the movement of the victim and provide help at the earliest. The exact position from where the panic was sent will also be known so that there is no problem in help being sent at that location.
The application does not invade the privacy of the users as they can be tracked only when they wish to by switching on the TellTail app. The data from these GPS/GPRS fitted vehicles, is received every ten seconds. With this credible tracking data, the TellTail app will help in tracking the vehicle faster.
Additional Information – How the app works
–    Download from Google play and install it on your phone
–    Go to settings and update profile and register five contacts
–    To track the vehicle you are travelling in, feed in the number of the vehicle and press ‘Track by Vehicle’ button
–    To get yourself tracked through GPS of your phone, press ‘Track Me’ button

Techlligent 2014 held in Pune organised by PCCOE and DesignTech CAD

The Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering (PICCOE), one of thighly renowned institute in the area, along with DesignTech CAD Academy, organised the national level technical symposium called Techlligent 2014, according to a statement.
Techlligent is a combination of techlonogy and intelligent, which is being organised for the seventh year in a row. This year’s event kicked-off on February 25, 2014 and ended the flowing day, which was packed with 40 plus scintilating events, covering  domains as well as national level project competition and paper presentation for students.
Dr Chandrakant R Sonawane, Head of the Department, PCCOE said: “We are happy to be associated with DesignTech CAD Academy. We always look forward to key industry people to support and motivate the students for their contribution to teh fest and DesignTech CAD Academy had enthusiastically supported us. The aim of Techilligent is to develop the students and explore their technical knowledge”.
Larger number of students not only from Pune, but also from Nagpur, Karad, Jalgaon and other remote parts of Maharashtra contributed and participated in Techlligent. Total number of 2,500 students across Maharashtra had participated in Techlligent. All five departments such as Mechanical, Civil, Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer and IT actively participated and made the event a huge success.
On this occasion, DA Darekar, the Head of  DesignTech CAD academy  said: “ The event provided a platform for the students to showcase their talent which will help them in their careers. PCCOE contributed greatly towards it and we were glad to be a part of the fest. The fest gave us the opportunity to interact with young minds”.
DesignTech CAD is ISO 9000(2008) Certified academy and Authorised Training and Education partner of Siemens Industry Software Pvt Ltd and Altair Engineering Pvt Ltd and provides authorised courses on their  respective CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM solutions.  It operates from Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad. DesignTech CAD Academy, Training and Education division of DesignTech Systems offers company certified CAD/CAE/PLM  training programme to Engineering Graduates, Working Professionals and Corporate.

CMO of Radhkia Ghai Aggarwal, avid reader and fashionista rolled into one

As Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of, India’s first and fully managed marketplace, Radhika Ghai Aggarwal brings a decade and a half of retail, fashion, lifestyle and advertising background, both off-line and digital space.


Before embarking on the journey with, she successfully ran a fashion blog, based out of Silicon Valley with readership in 53 different countries. Radhika has also worked with Nordstrom at its corporate headquarters in strategy planning in Seattle and with Goldman Sachs in its Wealth Management Group in New York and Menlo Park, USA. She started her career with Lintas and ran her own integrated marketing communication firm.
Radhika has an MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis, Masters in Advertising and Public Relations Management from Devi Ahilya University Indore, and Bachelors in Food & Nutrition from MSU Baroda. She lives in Gurgaon with her family, and is an avid reader and fashionista.

In a freewheeling chat, Radhika speaks about
JM: Can you talk about
RGA: is India’s first and the largest fully managed marketplace. It is fastest growing online market place and has crossed a significant milestone with the e-commerce firm now getting over 35,000 peak orders in a day. The tremendous growth in order flows in a short span of just 24 months has established ShopClues as a pre-eminent player among e-commerce companies in the country. With over nine million monthly visitors on the site and more than 3.5 million products worth Rs 20,000 crore in listed merchandise value, the company has fast emerged as a preferred destination for shoppers.

JM: What is the online ranking the portal is able to grow?
RGA: With major improvements in the user-experience, has also gained considerably on the Alexa ranking and is currently the 57th most visited site in India (January 2014). The fact that the company has been recognised as a Red Herring Asia Top 100 winner this year only reaffirms that ShopClues is well-positioned for growth in the future.

JM: Can you talk about the evolution of the domain?
RGA: Established in July 2011 in Silicon Valley, follows a customer centric approach to provide the best online shopping experience to its customers – starting from a great selection, low price, ease of use, fast delivery, and ending with the best customer service that customers would have ever experienced. We follow a rigorous merchant approval process to ensure that buyers can be assured on all aspects of product purchase, be it authenticity, quality or the price. The merchants typically are successful retailers or brand owners or authorised dealers who have earned credibility and customer loyalty through years of excellence in building customer experience in the offline environment.
Merchants enjoy the benefit of’s superior technology, large reach, robust fulfillment processes, reliable payment facility and unmatched marketing expertise. This allows them to focus on what they do the best, bringing the best products to the customer at the best price. not only helps its merchants reach to a larger market on a reliable platform but also helps increase business multi fold. This is done through a host of business management tools, effective marketing and decision enabling analytics. And last but not the least, the company’s buyer centric approach leads to long term loyalty. has over 32,000 registered merchants, including hundreds of popular global brands across categories and delivers to over 12,000 destinations in India. ShopClues is funded by leading institutional investors and has close to 500 employees in India, based out of Gurgaon, New Delhi, Mumbai and Vadodara.

Rituparna Sengupta inaugurates ‘The MobileStore Lounge’ in Kolkata

Mobile technology is ever changing and can be confusing and complicated at times. It brings a host of features, of which only a few are understood and a fewer are used. The MobileStore launches the first ever smartphone destination, The MobileStore Lounge in Ballygunge, Kolkata. A place that makes technology easy, Rituparna Sengupta, one of the most renowned actresses of the Indian film fraternity inaugurated The MobileStore Lounge.
Located in the most iconic place in Kolkata, at Ballygunge, The MobileStore Lounge makes it easy to browse, choose, use and pay for Smart phones and tablets with the help of Brand experience zones where devices from brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony and Apple are displayed in each brand experience zone, according a company statement. The lounge boasts of the first ever phone OS agnostic Data Transfer Dock facility absolutely free. So you can transfer data from one phone to another without any worries.

Commenting on the launch of The MobileStore Lounge, Himanshu Chakrawarti, CEO – The MobileStore Limited said: “The MobileStore Lounge is a unique experience and moves beyond live display into the realm of actual larger than life experience. With technology elements, live features and very friendly and intensively trained Tech Buddies, the experience of the Lounge is aimed at making the consumer at ease with technology”.
Rituparna, overwhelmed with the design of the smartphone destination stated: “The Lounge is an ideal place for consumers to not only enjoy shopping but also get educated about the features of their favorite smartphone. I am glad that the people of Kolkata have been offered the comfort and ease of shopping at India’s largest smartphone destination”.
A hand-picked team of intensively trained Tech Buddies from internal The MobileStore force as well as external sources, who have extreme comfort with gadgets, conduct live experiences and bring alive usage of smartphones to the customers. They are not the conventional sales staff but they are Tech Buddies. The MobileStore Lounge is the first ever store with complimenting accessories for each phone placed below the phone. So a customer doesn’t really need to look around what compliments his handset.
The MobileStore Lounge, is a one stop Smart Phone shop that provides, multi brand handsets, tablets, complimenting accessories and brand experience zones all under one roof. It showcases ‘live experience’ to bring out the power of technology for everyday consumer use. The MobileStore India’s largest mobile telephony retailer provides one stop mobile solution shop that provides, multi brand handsets, tablets, accessories, connections, repairs, easy EMI solutions and VAS, across its 800 outlets in 100 plus cities, thus covering every major town in every state across India.
The MobileStore launched India’s first next generation store ‘The MobileStore Lounge’ at Connaught Place – Delhi and Phoenix MarketCity, Viman Nagar- Pune, Near GIP Mall – Noida, Indiranagar – Bengaluru and now in Ballygunge- Kolkata. The MobileStore lounge- a smartphone destination, is the place that makes technology easy! It maximizes ‘live experience’ of smartphones to bring across the power of technology for everyday consumer use! With technology elements, live features, India’s first android zone and very friendly tech buddies, the experience of the Lounge is like no other.
The MobileStore caters to the Indian consumer‘s choice of the widest range of mobile phones with exciting offers. The MobileStore offers complete telecom solutions right from purchase of handsets, data cards, connections to post purchase services like Theft Insurance, Extended Warranty. It also offers wide range of accessories to choose from.

Gartner Symposium & ITxpo 2013: NeoNiche Integrated Solutions bag award

NeoNiche Integrated Solutions won the award under ‘Most Admired Event Management Company’ and ‘Most Admired Corporate Event in IT Industry’ for ‘Gartner Symposium & ITxpo 2013.
Winners of the ‘Stars of the Industry Awards 2014’ were announced at a gala event held on February 14, 2014 at Taj Landsend in Mumbai in the presence of luminaries and stalwarts of the industry. The Stars of the Industry Awards recognises individual and corporate excellence across Industry verticals. These Awards were decided by an eminent Jury comprising senior professionals. The Awards were sponsored by 94.3 MY FM and endorsed by Asian Confederation of Businesses.
Speaking on the awards Prateek N Kumar CEO & MD NeoNiche Integrated Solutions said: “We are happy to be named the Most Admired Event Management Company and to get Most Admired Corporate Event in IT Industry. We are extremely grateful Stars of the Industry Awards organisers and 94.3 MY FM who provide such a great platform, to our clients who trusted us and are some of the most prestigious and recognised names in the corporate space. We also thank our partners in the industry and NeoKnights who deliver our promise of Ideas, Innovation and Insights to every project that we undertake. Lastly we pledge to continue giving our clients the most professional, innovative and process driven service, as we go forward with this new found recognition”.

Ford India introduces 2014 Ford Figo with first-in-class Wi-Fi

Taking in-car technology and connectivity to a new high, Ford India announced the introduction of 2014 Ford Figo with a host of enhanced industry leading features including the first-in-class Wi-Fi, according to a company statement.
The 2014 Ford Figo will set new benchmarks in convenience and help keep customers more connected to the world with its unique offering. Offered to customers as a special value pack, 2014 Ford Figo will include a Wi-Fi dongle, colour coordinated seat covers and LED interior lighting at INR 9,790/- (ex-showroom Delhi).
Adding to the overall appeal, the 2014 Ford Figo will be available in a trendy new colour “Mars Red. In order to enhance the value for money offering, Ford has also included Driver Side Airbag and Power Adjust Mirrors in the ZXi variant of the 2014 Ford Figo. The base EXi version will now offer Bluetooth Connectivity, 2 DIN Audio — CD, FM, MP3, Aux-in, USB and 4 Speakers & Roof antenna as part of the standard offering.
“At Ford, we believe in democratization of technology and have been driving consumer focused innovation across our product range. Ford Figo was the first car in its segment to introduce Bluetooth connectivity and is setting a benchmark by offering internet connectivity on-the-go,” said Vinay Piparsania, executive director, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India. “The 2014 Ford Figo will redefine smart and further strengthen its credentials as a reliable vehicle with an outstanding value-for-money proposition.”
The 2014 Ford Figo will be launched through a campaign “Smart Is The New Cool” and highlight how substantial package (features & interior space), attractive style, mobile connectivity & Best-in-class AC and first-in-segment Bluetooth connectivity make it the best choice of a smart customer. The 2014 Ford Figo range will continue to offer a comprehensive two-year or 100,000 kilometer warranty. In a first of its kind initiative, Ford will also be offering ‘Happy Pocket Service’ with comprehensive scheduled service at a transparent and competitive price starting at only Rs 2,199.
The 2014 Ford Figo with its superior performance, fuel-efficiency and lower ownership costs will find resonance among customers and will be available in Kinetic Blue, Diamond White, Moondust Silver, Chill Metallic, Panther Black, Sea Grey and Paprika Red. Established in 1995, Ford India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader. Ford India manufactures and distributes automobiles and engines made at its modern integrated manufacturing facilities at Maraimalai Nagar, near Chennai. The company’s models include the Figo, Fiesta, Classic, Endeavour, and the most recently launched EcoSport.
Ford’s operations in the country also include Global Business Services with offices in Chennai, Coimbatore and Gurgaon that provides support to nearly every Ford location around the world in the areas of IT, Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Automotive Financing, Marketing Sales and Service, Analytics, and Purchasing. Ford’s businesses in India employ 11,500 hard-working, dedicated men and women. announces cab rides from Bangalore Airport at just Rs 499, the leading, cost-friendly cab booking aggregator has announced an exciting offer on cab rides from the Bangalore Airport, priced at flat Rs 499. The offer is valid on bookings made between 5.00 AM and 12.00 PM, with patrons getting a ride from Bangalore Airport to any location in the city, according to a company statement.

The Bangalore-based fastest growing cab-aggregator has announced this to offer the best of cab booking services to all its customers with an ease of booking through’s mobile application, online booking or by simply calling 080 60601010.
Announcing the launch offer, Co-Founder and Director, Aprameya R said: “TaxiForSure has always focused on offering the best cab facility to our customers at a pocket-friendly rate since inception. We are extremely delighted to announce our Bangalore Airport offer for easy and economical airport commute in the city. We not only intend to make their ride safe and hassle-free but also a cost- friendly experience”.
The Bangalore Airport offer from is one of the unique ways to save time and money for any person from any walk of life. has been offering its cab services at a base fare of Rs 200 per 10 kilometers, with a charge of Rs 13 a kilometer on extra distance covered.
Image is an aggregator of car rentals and taxis in India. The company works with various taxi operators and enables them with technology to ensure that customers get an easily accessible, safe, reliable taxi ride ‘for sure’.
Genesis                                                                    was founded by IIM Ahmedabad graduates Raghunandan G and Aprameya Radhakrishna in June 2011 in Bangalore. Within a time span of two years the firm launched its services in Chennai, Delhi and NCR region and is looking at presence in 15 cities by the year 2015. Customers can book local point to point, local packages, outstation and airport transfer taxis, across various car types by logging on taxiforsure.comor by calling 60601010 or over the mobile app. Customers can also book a taxi through Twitter.