DIMTS launches TellTail Mobile Security App

Concerned with the increasing incidents of rapes, kidnapping and other security threats faced by the public, especially women, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd (DIMTS) has launched the TellTail mobile app in India.
According to a statement issued by DIMTS, the app, which is currently available on Android phones, can be freely downloaded from Google Play. TellTail is a security application that allows the user to be tracked using the GPS in a vehicle or the user’s phone. It also helps the individuals send alerts to their friends and family in emergency situations on the press of a button. The concerned contacts can also see the tracking information on a map.
The application has two main features. First and foremost, the main feature is that it can not only be tracked by vehicle but also others to be tracked through the GPS in the phone. What is unique about this app and makes it different from other security apps is that the user can be tracked even if she/he does not have a GPS enabled phone.  If the user is in the orange-coloured Delhi Transit (cluster) buses/ new auto rickshaws/ any other public service vehicle fitted with GPS, she/he just needs to feed in the vehicle number and the vehicle will start getting tracked.
In case of a situation when the user needs immediate help, the user just needs to press the panic button in the application for two seconds and an alert will be generated and messages sent to the backend server as well as the registered contacts. If GPS/GPRS is available, the application will send exact location details to DIMTS server and the relevant contacts. However, even if the GPS/GPRS is not available, the application will send the panic alert to the contacts.
For any individual in trouble and requiring help, this application can be life saver as the victim can quietly send the help request to her family or friends by pressing the panic button without having to call anyone. Family members will be able to constantly track the movement of the victim and provide help at the earliest. The exact position from where the panic was sent will also be known so that there is no problem in help being sent at that location.
The application does not invade the privacy of the users as they can be tracked only when they wish to by switching on the TellTail app. The data from these GPS/GPRS fitted vehicles, is received every ten seconds. With this credible tracking data, the TellTail app will help in tracking the vehicle faster.
Additional Information – How the app works
–    Download from Google play and install it on your phone
–    Go to settings and update profile and register five contacts
–    To track the vehicle you are travelling in, feed in the number of the vehicle and press ‘Track by Vehicle’ button
–    To get yourself tracked through GPS of your phone, press ‘Track Me’ button


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