Sticky Notes: Fantastic App

Since time immemorial, it is the usual practice that people use to chronicle their day to day experience in the form of dairy. Of late, the habbit of writing in long hand has diminished. Nevertheless, the modern trend is that one will either resort to mobile phone or a computer to record the day to day incidence, either through the medium of social media domains like the Facebook or a blog. Another trend is that people resort to install stick notes software on their workstations or laptops to jot down the messages they would want to express. They also make a note of the day do day events in the form of stick message and pin the yellow piece of paper on the computer for ready reference.


Advantages of Sticky Notes

The key advantages of stick notes are that one can keep it like a reminder to see it everytime when one works, besides the fact that one can note down anything instantly without opeing any application. What is more, of late, sticky notes can be synched with cloud networking apps including Dropbox, Googledrive and Onedrive. Furthermore, it comes with differnt style and colour for one’s comfort. I use Efficient Sticky Notes, which is a fantastic app. It is far better than Evernote and other Sticky Notes that are available in the marketplace. Needless to mention, it is safe and secure, besides the fact that it comes with password protection. The best part is that one can have internet connection at any place by carrying it in a flash drive!

Suffice it to say that it comes with a recycle bin option in case one deletes it accidently, one can retreive it from there. Similarly, it is easy to search one’s ntes in the application in case one forgets what he/she keeps it as title. All one has to do is to search with any word one uses in the note the suggestions will pop up. It also comes with more than 30 language options. One can use it for 30 days as a free trial and can as well urchase it if one likes. For instance, I initially downloaded it as a trial verion. Subsequently, I got hooked to it. Now, I not only use it as alarm but also as a reminder and much more.

Windows have stopped sticky notes as default application these days. Initially, what I did was to download it as trial version. The software is being sold in excess of 117 countries across the globe and translated by more than 30 languages. The bottomline is owning Efficient Sticky Notes is not a bad choice! I recommend four stars out of five for this appication.


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