Octaga Green launches ‘Invisible Vodka’ in India for a price of Rs 750

Octaga Green Power & Sugar Company Ltd, launched ‘Invincible Vodka’, of real substance that honours the roots of Russian spirit-making tradition, according to a media statement. Made from the finest grains grown in the rich fields of the Himalayas, this distinct, crisp and intricately distilled vodka is what you deserve on your precious night outs or night ins’ for that matter.
Micro-oxygenated like fine wine, this liquid goodness has been produced in an 8 column Distillation process, through activated carbon and triple Russian filtration (silver, gold and platinum). The already rich flavor needs no help from artificial ingredients or added sugar and carbohydrates.
Basab Paul, promoter of Octagagreen said: “Invincible Vodka is a trendsetter. We wanted to express a new vision for Vodka, something unbelievably pure. Invincible Vodka is crafted from superior eight column distillation process through activated carbon and triple Russian Filtration (silver, gold and platinum) which makes it character pure and elegant. Natural ingredients are what we use to create our special spirit, as it is our commitment to serve you with nothing but the best.

The far superior distillation process of Invincible vodka results in exceptionally smooth vodka, distinct in flavor, different in style. The exquisite flavor of the finest grains plays with all your senses, from enticing your nose to dancing on your taste buds and finally giving a delightful aftertaste which won’t make you go running for those breath mints. The palate is clean, pure and energising, with a silky texture, a long-lasting smooth finish, and a subtle kick”.
The delicious taste needs no added support of sugar as its clear, fresh citrus induced aroma will be contaminated with added artificial ingredients. The purity itself reminds one of the cool Himalayas and the fine grains of which it is made. Even if mixed with another ingredient, the vodka itself leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds, due to its heady mixture of floral and citrus aromas. The eight column distillation process Invincible goes through makes the drink smooth, without leaving a bad after taste associated usually with vodka.
‘Invincible Vodka’ is encased in an eye-catching hour-glass shaped bottle with a polished aluminum ABS push cap. The delectable combination of the handpicked grains from the flourishing Himalayan fields and the purest spring water is what makes “Invincible” the smoothest vodka your lips will ever touch. Potent enough to make you dance , adaptable enough to be mixed in your favorite cocktail and fun enough to make you forget all your worries. With “Invincible” you are guaranteed an epic night.
Alcoholic Strength:
•    42.8% v/v
Sizes Available:
•    90ml x 100 bottles
•    180ml X 48 bottles
•    750ml X 12 bottles

For more information on Octagagreen, visit octagagreen.com/index.html. To know more about Invincible Vodka, visit invinciblevodka.com.

Valentine’s Day Gifting Option

Searching for the perfect Valentine gift has never been easy — especially if you know each other very well. You can’t get away with giving kisses and even a simple, meaningful card and silverware/gold ware won’t do. If you know what type of girl you’re gifting, you need to gift that lifts up their Valentine spirit.
Nothing spells romance more than a bottle of vodka. If you don’t want to spend exorbitantly much but you know she loves spending the evening together over drinks and an intimate dinner, help her get started with Invincible Vodka,a great collection of different flavored Vodka. The premium vodka is made from the finest grains grown in the rich fields of the Himalayas .If you want to spend a little extra, there’s nothing better than the Invincible Purete Wasabi Flavour. A bottle of Invincible Vodka is priced at Rs 750.


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