Affordable Housing Segment On Growth Path in India

With the proactive policies of the Government of India in the past three years have led to the exponential growth in the affordable housing segment. In fact, the affordable housing has emerged as the most preferred segment.

BDI Ambaram

What is more, in June 2018, there was an upward tick logged in the affordable housing segment, thanks to the recent revision of the housing loan limit for priority sector lending (PSL).

CLSS Scheme

The Union Government also announced an increase in the carpet area of houses eligible for interest subsidy under the Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) for the middle-income group beneficiaries. Both the initiatives are going to help the “Housing for All” by 2022 mission and on the other side, the eligibility criteria will increase the involvement in the realty market. The Government of India has eased the carpet area norms for eligibility to provide the subsidy under the PMAY-U.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs announced an almost 33% relaxation for carpet area. The eligibility limit for carpet area had been augmented from 120 square meters to 160 square meters for MIG-I category, and from 150 square meters to 200 square meters for MIG-II category. The CLSS allows beneficiaries to claim interest subsidy up to Rs 2.35 lakh on purchasing a house in these categories.

Ssumit Berry, Managing Director, BDI Group.

Ssumit Berry, Managing Director, BDI Group said, “As a part of the real estate industry, we welcome the centre decision relating to the revision of the carpet area. It is another big step to boost the construction sector that contributes to increased activity on the supply side. These increments will now enable more customers to qualify for a subsidy and avail the benefits provided under the ambitious flagship mission of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.”

Mr. Gaurav Mittal, MD, CHD Developers Ltd.....

Gaurav Mittal, MD, CHD Developers Ltd., said, “Affordable housing has emerged as the most privileged segment in realty sector over the past three years, courtesy of a continuous government policy push. The Government recent announcement will help the industry to come back on track and the affordable housing will become a lifeline of the real estate sector. Haryana being the first state to encourage affordable housing is now becoming the hub for affordable housing. However in Haryana; Karnal has emerged as the most talked city after it has made into the first list of Smart cities.

Continuous Boom

These government steps towards better housing will create more homebuyers, leading to the establishment of more projects in the future. The developers, on the other hand, will get to sell their stock. According to the industry grapevines, this initiative will bring more attraction to the buyers of metro cities, like prime locations in NCR, MMR and Bangalore and also in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. The increase in the economic activity and elevated demand will create more space in the market. In less than a year, this increase can be seen twice till the current period. While other stakeholders and industry body NAREDCO had been demanding the removal of carpet area cap of 120 sq m and 150 squaare meters from past few times. The ultimate result of these initiatives will work as a boost for both for the homebuyers as well as for the developers.

Interest Subsidy

Earlier, the tenure of the CLSS for the MIG category had been extended by 15 months to March 31, 2019. The Union Government had initially intended to implement the scheme for one year. The revision will be applicable from the date of implementation of the CLSS – January, 1 2017. CLSS for MIG-I allows 4% interest subsidy on loan up to Rs. 9 lakh for people with an annual income between Rs 6-12 lakh. Interest subsidy of 3% is given on loan up to Rs. 12 lakh to people with income between Rs 12-18 lakh per annum. A beneficiary can avail subsidy up to Rs 2.35 lakh, and it is applicable for the first-time home buyers till March 31, 2019.

Another effective move taken by the RBI was the announcement of the revision of housing loan limits for eligibility for priority sector lending (PSL) from the existing Rs. 28 lakh to Rs 35 lakh for metros and for other cities from the current Rs. 20 lakh to Rs 25. lakh. The overall cost of the dwelling unit in the metropolitan centre (with a population of 10,00,000 and above) and at other centres should not exceed Rs. 45 lakh and Rs. 30 lakh, respectively.

Real Beneficiaries

Apparently, the move, along with the Union Government decision agreed to use the surplus land of sick PSUs for the construction of affordable units, will expand the field of affordable housing across the country. The only result to this move is the increased availability of housing sector in the primary as well as resale markets. Homebuyers and the realty market are real beneficiaries as a large number of homebuyers will now be able to avail benefits under PMAY-U triggering sales.


Business Information Modeling conference held in Delhi

Rudrabhishek Infosystem Private Limited (RIPL), the state-of-art software service to the Real Estate Industry and Graphisoft Budapest, Hungary jointly organised on November 22, 2016 at India Habitata Centre, New Delhi, along with the re-launch of ARCHICAD in the Indian market.


Indian real estate and infrastructure industry is in advanced stage where an effective implementation of technology can make the industry more systematic, transparent, progressive and can enable timely completion of the projects. To hone the skills of ace industry professionals, the event was organised, according to a media statement.

The aim of the conference was to bring together the government officials and Building Information Modeling Industry experts around the region to present and discuss on the latest development in BIM Technology and its dynamic impact on Designing Architectural Engineering and Construction Industry. This event provided an opportunity to all delegates, professionals, students and industry expert to attend and learn new practices.
ARCHICAD is the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software application used by architects, designers, engineers and builders to professionally design, document and collaborate on building projects. It offers creative work and design documentation of a project in real 3D environment with the help of which one can find the potential flaws and weaknesses in the design before construction. Not only it makes the tedious task of documentation easy, it also makes it easier to make changes in the design. And Cloud based collaboration let the user works on any network, hardware or software configuration connecting teams and projects of any size or setup.
Soumya Das, Director, RIPL said: “We are glad to be associated with Graphisoft, Hungary and hope this partnership will take the ARCHICAD to the next level in India, and it will gain the same market share as it has internationally. It is the most advanced software available worldwide and will help Indian professionals to enhance their skills and deliver the best of the project. As of now, we have got the marketing and distributions rights for North, East and North-east market. Innovative product like ARCHICAD will not only upgrade the work quality but also take less time to design and improve the accuracy of the project. The right smart usages of technology like BIM will act as a catalyst in the market and boost the Indian Infrastructure Industry.”
Eniko Pauko, Implementation Specialist, Graphisoft, said: “Graphisoft is delighted to work with Indian Industry leader RIPL and is excited for Indian Market. We have been internationally with ARCHICAD and it has helped the architects around the world making their work easy. We believe that by transforming the quality of information used in building industry, ARCHICAD aims to change construction practice completely and would make great change in Indian real estate scenario as well”.
Laszlo Toke, International Sales Manager, Graphisoft pointed out: “GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, EcoDesigner STAR, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution and BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. Our vision is to bring BIM into common practice for the design and realisation of buildings by enabling model-based workflow integration through innovative IT solutions”.

SC Gaur, CAP Agra Development Authority (Ex CAP Noida Development Authority) and the Chief Guest inaugurated the event, highlighting and encouraging the adoption and implementation of BIM TECHNOLOGY IN THE CONSTRUCTION Industry along with Soumya Das (Director RIPL), Laszlo Toke (International Sales, Graphisoft) along with Guests of Honour- S M Akhtar (Dean, JamiaMilia), Manoj Mathur (HOD ARCHITECTURE SPA, New Delhi), Col N Krishna Rao (Director Projects, VNC).

Some of the prominent guests who attended the event included acclaimed Educationalist Dr. VK Paul (HOD BE and M, SPA New Delhi), Ramesh Sharma BIM Expert, Ruchi Misra (Architect), SN Tripathi (Services Expert), Sandeep Sharma (PMC Expert) etc. The thought provoking event was also blessed by dignitaries and keynote speakers like Pradeep Misra (CMD REPL Group) and PN Misra (Retd VC GDA,ADA,LDA).

RIPL has the marketing and distribution rights of ARCHICAD for Northern, Eastern and N-E India, viz., Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, Union Territories of Chandigarh, National Capital Territory of Delhi and NE states.

GRAPHISOFT SE, Budapest, Hungary is the largest entity in the GRAPHISOFT Group and the corporate headquarters. GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD®, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, EcoDesigner STAR, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution and BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.

RIPL was established in 2012 with an aim to provide comprehensive and state-of-art software service to the Real Estate Industry. RIPL focuses on helping organizations in creation, conversion, updation, integration and evaluation of data through application of GIS, ERP and other technologies with focus on the AEC Industry. It provides optimum, business driven solutions by undertaking consulting assignments and offers end to end geospatial consultancy and development services. RIPL is a sister concern of REPL (Rudrabhishek Enterprises Pvt. Ltd). RIPL is also the reselling partners for Microsoft.

Is rental housing nearing its doom days in India?

Off late, Indian real estate sector has been going through a thorough revamp phase on the policy reforms front and mega announcements with respect to infra upgradation in the country. All this has been a recent addition for the realty sector that plans to revolutionise it. Housing for All has been a jargon for almost two years now and the public has been looking up to the government and the private sector to offer a roof over everyone. At present, people reside in two ways, one in their own abodes or second, in a property bought by others for which some amount is to be paid each month; in simple words, rented accommodation. Now, price factor is the only concern in India where public and private sectors need to cooperate and come out with a solution, i.e. low cost housing. Affordable housing will definitely address to this need but at the same time, if the cost of EMIs can beat the rent per month, then why won’t people go into buying homes rather than staying on rent? So, is rental housing nearing its doom days in India?

Real Estate

“India has a housing shortage by almost two crore units where more than 90 percent accounts to economically weaker sections and low income groups. At the same time, major realty regions across India are witnessing over supply of units by almost 7,50,000 throughout NCR, MMR, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and few others. Thus, Indian realty market is in dire need of low cost housing and the moment private sector and government come out with such assignments, there will be a major supply of affordable units across the nation and the demand will be well met. This in turn can take rental housing demand for a ride as people will then have a property that they might be able to afford and there is nothing better than having a home of own”, explains Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing.

Rental Real Estate Market

Rental real estate market has served as a backbone for the Indian realty sector for decades and it has significantly contributed towards the growth of the realty sector. But as the affordable housing segment grows, rental housing aspect will be on the losing end. Commercial rental realty market is still in its growth phase as commercial real estate is still catching pace in India. But rental housing segment now falls in danger as people will be able to buy a property and not required to rent one.

“Even in the budget speech this year, major incentives were offered for affordable housing and rental housing. As the demand for affordable housing gains momentum, there will be an inverse relation visible for the rental housing as there will be no takers for the rental accommodation once people have properties of their own. In either cases though, real estate sector will be the winner”, avers Ankit Aggarwal, CMD, Devika Group.

Adding further and speaking about the flipside in sync, Vikas Bhasin, MD, Saya Group elucidates, “There is still a lot of time for affordable housing shortage to be met and till that time, rental housing is the key to maintain the demand in the economy. It is true that affordable housing when reached to all might be a dampener for rental housing segment and take off the investors from the market, but till that time, rental housing will be the only viable option available to address the low cost housing needs.”

The government is also working diligently to cater to the housing needs of the public and therefore, the Union Budget 2016-17 had a bouquet of incentives in offer for affordable housing and rental housing. For the the first time homebuyers, government has offered an additional deduction of Rs. 50,000 per annum for loans extending upto Rs. 35 lakhs sanctioned in 2016-17, where the cost of the house does not exceed Rs. 50 lakhs. On the other hand, HRA deduction has been raised by Rs. 36,000 under Section 80GG, thus promoting rental housing as well.

“The real estate scenario in our country will very soon land in fix, where affordable housing will be in trend and there will be no tenants that might reduce the investors and second time homebuyers base. Once everyone has a roof of their own, then why will somebody desire to put up in a rented property? When affordable properties will be in abundance, there will be a direct battle between EMIs and monthly rents, whichever costs less will attract the resident there. There might then come a time when commercial real estate will witness a boom in demand and see better days as future of housing will get completely secured”, states Deepak Kapoor, President CREDAI-Western U.P. & Director, Gulshan Homz.

In fact, from the developers’ perspective, the Budget speech has been much more favourable if we speak about affordable housing construction. Developers building affordable housing projects will not attract any taxes on the profits earned. “By offering various benefits to the developers considering affordable housing, the government has proved its focus area and this in turn can help promote housing demand in near future. Even the new entrants have a lot to cheer about plus, this will also make several entrepreneurs plan a business in real estate. Few years down the line, we are predicting a boom in housing but, a gradual decline in rental housing market”, enlightens Rahul Chamola, MD, One Leaf Group.

Speaking about how affordable housing is the next door for Indian real estate’s revolution and a spike for the demand of rental housing, Ashok Gupta, CMD of Ajnara India Ltd. concludes, “Since the emergence of the new government, there have been lot many expectations, where real estate sector has been no expectation. The demands of the fraternity and its buyers has been heard off many times as well, and this is where affordable housing has been the highest gainer of them all. Even though the government is jointly promoting affordable housing and rental housing in order to boost the overall demand for housing, and as affordable housing gets in the groove, rental housing might be on the losing end. The good news will always be that everybody can own a abode of their on own.”

DLF Gardencity offers superior air quality in Gurgaon

Gurgaon a city that has caught the imagination of people due to its high rises and towers has achieved another feature which will escalate its value in the eyes of future settlers.


The government has embarked upon the creation of 1,000 Acres of green master plan which when compared with the green areas of neighbouring Delhi is an ocean to the droplets of the Mughal Garden, the Lodi Gardens and the likes. Almost 10,000 trees have already been planted in the area. The 1,000 acres of green masterplan is planned in and around Gardencity. The Green Belt extends from NH 8 to Pataudi Road, part of sector 91 and complete sector 94.

Green coverage

The air quality of Gardencity is far better than that of the other areas of NCR. There have been allegations that being in the NCR and specifically in Guragaonit cannot have a better air quality that that of South and central Delhi. But then if one has proof one doesn’t quiver at allegations. DLF Gardencity stands true to its name and spirit and this is an established fact now. Recently a survey by Farelabs Private Ltd. found out that the carbon mono oxide levels of DLF Gardencity is far lower than the carbon monoxide level of two different spots in Delhi. What is more astonishing is that this comparison includes the one of the greenest area of Delhi i.e. the IIT Delhi area.

One of the residents of DLF Gardencity, Radhika Ray, who has moved in recently thanked her stars for choosing it over other residencies. She said, “I look forward to coming back from work to enjoy the peace and solitude that my new home has to offer. Due to restricted traffic movement we have the opportunity to breathe fresh and dust-free air. I am glad that DLF has made the effort to plant lot of trees in addition to maintaining the parks so well. It’s truly a blessing to live in DLF’s Gardencity”.
The vast spaces in the green master plan may be put to various use without disturbing the greenery of the area. Facilities which can come in this Green Belt are Sports Ground, Stadium, Play Ground, Parks, Water Bodies, Lakes, etc. New Town Heights are the delivered projects in Gardencity and every sector has an average of 5 acres of green patch. Out of the 14.35 acres of land of New Town Heights I, 5 acres land is under green cover this displays the sincerity of the developers.

Explaining the details of this endeavour Mr. Vikam O Datta, Vice President- Sales and Marketing, DLF said, “With a significant rise in pollution levels, NCR residents are experiencing a severe lack of fresh air. Our upcoming township ‘DLF Gardencity’ is being developed keeping in mind the current scenario. Located next to a 1000 acre green expanse, the Mega Township offers its residents a luxurious lifestyle in the lap of lush surroundings.” Mr. Datta further added, ‘to ensure a natural environment, trees, shrubs and ornamental foliage have also been planted. True to its name, ‘DLF Gardencity’ will allow residents to lead a healthier and better quality of life’. offers new-age real estate user experience

For those discerning real estate buyers, who wants to have a hassle-free property purchase without ending up broker fees, is the one-stop-shop destination. An interactive platform, offers real estate buyers not only a hassle-free purchase opportunity, but also can save on the broker fees. Already having established off-line market, the service provider is bringing its online platform to scale their reach and enhance the buying experience of property users and investors.

Dealing with distinctive service in the real estate domain, this platform offers the buyers with a one window solution. It bridges the gap between the buyers and the sellers and helps in finding the desirable property with ease. It is also developing an advanced renting solution for managing rentals, a company statement said. The present purchase system often requires indulgence of a broker. It involves high cost and unsatisfactory service that proves an extra burden for the buyers. Also, it often presents the customers with unrecognized properties or the ones associated with problems. On the other hand, the other online portals often present inadequate information to the users.

Krishna Gupta, Founder and CEO of said: “This portal pre-sets end-to-end, pragmatic service that enhances the user’s experience. With use of modern and simplified technologies, stands as a smart way to buy, sell or rent properties. We are aiming at scaling this portal in the Tier-I and Tier-II markets by the end of this year.” offers a bouquet of unique services that meets each real estate need of a customer. All the properties listed are 100% verified. This platform offers users the special facility of getting expert advice without involvement of any fees. Furthermore, the renter gets the benefit of its Rental Management System and for the existing property owners; it offers Prop Care that manages and care-take one’s property while one is away. is looking developing systems for second sales to increase their scalability in niche markets and organize second sales locally. Also, it is working on 100% real estate transaction automation to reduce the transaction time by 50%. With their cutting-edge services, this portal is looking forward to enhance and magnify every user’s experience into real estate tertiary services. is an online venture by Tech Acres Pvt Ltd. The offline concern by the organization is well-known in the market and founded in 2014. The organization provides different real estate service to the customers under one roof. It helps the customers in making smart and profitable real estate choices. The technology used in the site, along with the advanced tools, aims at infusing a new experience for the audience of real estate world.

Infinite Ideas Interiors enters Pune market, targets Rs.50 crore

Infinite Ideas Interiors, one of the leading players of the interior decoration segment in the country has opened its office at Magarpatta City, eyeing Rs.50 crore business.

The company is foraying into the burgeoning Pune market aiming at design interiors measuring up to one million square foot area, targeting a profit of around Rs. 50-60 crore in the next three years. As part of the company’s strategy of making every home beautiful, the company will focus on bringing world class designs, fuelled by their technology solutions to Pune citizens, according to a company report.

Infinite Ideas Interiors is an integral part of JBR Interio Technologies Private Ltd., which is supported by Brick Eagle, a leading financial services company based out of Singapore that focuses on affordable housing industry. With a vision to create the most functional, beautiful and affordable spaces by constantly raising the lock, stock, barrel and bar in design, technology and professionalism; Infinite Ideas thrive to deliver absolute customer delight.

A renowned brand with services in new home designs, renovations, commercial spaces, model apartments and villas; the company offers reasonable and custom made (end-to-end) solutions from interior designing, space planning, execution, landscaping and light designing to furnishings. Infinite Ideas Interiors team comprises of Architects and Designers from top Institutes in India, the US, Singapore and Italy, and leaders from the country’s most premier institutes.

Brinda Goswami-Vishal Sharma Head of Sales and Business Development

Commenting on entering the Pune market, Brinda Goswami, Founding Director, Infinite Ideas Interiors said: “Interior design as a segment in India is roughly growing at a rate of 60% per annum, and is no more a luxury available to the elite few; but is an emerging trend with the double income, nouveau riche, young Indians. Considering this industry trend, we have customised our solutions to range from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1 crore. We are also proud to announce that we have completed many projects in Pune and our target is to beautify more than a 100 homes by the end of this year.”


Vishal Sharma, Head of Sales and Business Development said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised housing for all by the year 2022, when India completes 75 years of its Independence. Furthermore, Real estate body CREDAI says there is a strong correlation between housing and economic growth and a revival in the housing sector will also boost the country’s GDP. We are a company tied strongly to this vision and have set our business goal in line with the Prime Minister’s ambition.”


“Real estate growth in Pune will be a key driver to our business and we expect significant growth in revenues in next three years. We aim to expand and grow into six new cities every year in India. As a group, we are aiming to complete a million home interiors by 2022,” Brinda Goswami added.
Infinite Ideas Interiors provide high quality products that are sure to greatly improve the look and feel of any home within affordable price. They have successfully redefined over a million square foot of residential and commercial projects in Hyderabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

Real Estate: Coldwell Bankar Milestone Properties launched in Andheri West in Mumbai

Coldwell Banker India, as part of its strategy to metamorphose the Real Estate Sector has taken a step closer to its goal bylaunching a new franchisee in the name of Coldwell Bankder Milestone Properties in Mumbai, according to a company statement.

Ramnik Chopra

From (L-R): Ramnik Chopra inaugurating Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties in Andheri, Mumbai.

Located in Andheri West of the central Mumbai, the firm is jointly owned by three entrepreneurs, Vivek Gautam, Pankaj Goenka and Mittul Nagpal who want to make a difference in the way Real Estate is transacted in India. Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties is the third franchisee of Coldwell Banker India in Andheri after Coldwell Banker Prop consults Realty andColdwell Banker Blackwell Realty, the  Coldwell Banker network strength to eight franchisees in the city.


From (L-R): Promoters Pankaj Goenka, Vivek Gautham and Mittul Nagpal.

By offering extraordinary and innovative real estate services, Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties endeavors to serve the
real estate stake holders through trained professionals having knowledge about the sector. Understanding the market
sentiments, needs and demands, the firm settled at opening its office in the largest suburb of Mumbai, considering its
population of 1,500,000 and the rising demand for residential and commercial space in Andheri. Situated in the west of the
city, this area is a huge market in terms of rentals and re-sales.


From (L-R): Vivek Gautam, Pankaj Goenka & Mittul Nagpal.

With the growth in the economy fuelling strong real estate growth, consumers are seeking a more transparent and professional transaction process in India thus calling for more proficient real estate experts.

Ramnik Chopra2

Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties, therefore, is yet another important juncture in the journey of Coldwell Banker India in making significant efforts to bring best practices, processes, and tools to the Indian real estate brokerage market which remains extremely fragmented. With more franchisees underway, Coldwell Banker India will be able to service all the clients & developers in the Western suburbs and the nearby purlieu.


Ramnik Chopra, Managing Director, Coldwell Banker India, while speaking about the launch, said: “The century-old success of
the Coldwell Banker brand, showcased by the brand’s professionalism, strong consumer-service and belief in ethical behaviour are qualities that will resonate with the Indian consumer. Vivek, Pankaj and Mittul are well informed and share a common
passion in developing ethical practices in real estate which is highly beneficial for Coldwell Banker India. We are looking forward to more such partnerships and franchisees to increase our network thereby serving the consumers with qualified experts.”


With 84,000 sales associates and brokers affiliated with the Coldwell Banker organization, presence in 49 countries and
territories. With more than 3000 Coldwell Banker offices all over the world, Coldwell Banker is set to revolutionise the Real Estate sector changing the entire scenario even for the smallest of property transaction.

Shriram Automall forge alliance with Tata Capital Housing Finance

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm with AA rating from CRISIL, has forged a strategic alliance with TATA Capital Housing Finance Limited (TCHFL), a housing finance subsidiary of TATA Capital Limited. As per the agreement, SAMIL will provide ‘End-to-End Bidding Services’ for disposal of TCHFL’s housing properties with its extensive experience and wider reach, a statement issued by SAMIL said.


From (L-R): Samir Chakraborty (National Functional Head – Housing & Mortgage of SAMIL); Sudeep Kumar Banerjee (National Head – Business Development of SAMIL); Ranjit Dash (Legal Manager of TCHFL) and Sachin Saxena (National Collection Manager of TCHFL).

Reacting on the partnership, Sameer Malhotra (CEO of SAMIL) said: “Housing is an extremely promising segment for Shriram Automall to take its bidding expertise on to the next level. Through this tie-up with TATA Capital Housing Finance Limited, we are eyeing at an expansion of this newly-launched housing segment within our operations. Under this association, we shall strengthen the disposal of TATA’s immovable assets through our both physical and online bidding platforms.”

In accordance to the MoU signed on February 11, 2015, SAMIL will conduct regular physical and online bidding events, specifically catering to the Residential Property Segment of TATA Capital Housing Finance Limited. The Company already holds a strong position within the pre-owned vehicles and equipment sector of India through its complete services and multiple bidding platforms. Known for maintaining complete transparency within transactions, it has promised value-for-money deals which will be strongly based on ethical grounds.

SAMIL has an online bidding web portal –, which conducts regular bidding events, every month. Moreover, the Company has also developed a new web portal –, which will purely conduct online bidding events, specifically catering to properties. This portal will play an effective role in disposing different properties of TCHFL with its huge customer base, across India.

Sachin Saxena (National Collection Manager of TCHFL) said: “At TCHFL, we had been looking for an ethical and transparent platform for the disposal of our housing properties. Since, Shriram Automall and its organised bidding platforms maintain complete transparency at every step of a transaction, with this association, we intend to work closely with SAMIL and create the widest bidding platform through which people can acquire a dream home of their choice.”

Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited (TCHFL), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital Limited (TCL), and is registered with National Housing Bank (NHB) to carry on housing finance activities. The Company offers a range of Housing Loans and Loans against Property to various segments of society including salaried individuals, self employed individuals, self employed professionals, non-individual entities, etc. and has been focusing on business opportunities available within the Tata ecosystem. Apart from Housing Loans and Loans against Property to the retail segment, TCHFL also provides project finance loans to developers. The Company intends to keep growing its business at a healthy rate, with Rural and Affordable Housing Finance, as one of its focus areas.

Shriram Automall India (SAMIL), one-of-its kind facility, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC). It is India’s first ever service provider that offers various well organised and transparent bidding platforms, including physical, online, one stop classified and negotiated deals, for acquisition and disposal of pre-owned commercial vehicles, construction and industrial equipment, tractors and agricultural equipment, buses, passenger vehicles, three wheelers and two wheelers. The company also provides various allied services, including New Look Refurbishment services, valuation, parking and finance (through STFC). It has successfully launched more than 100 bidding locations, including over 45 well-structured Automalls and nearly 70 strategic parking locations, across India. The company has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management System and rated AA from CRISIL.

ATS One Hamlet: Your search for a swimming pool ends at NCR

How about having a swimming pool at your neighbourhood of NCR? Sounds interesting? Then read on. ATS Infrastructure has made up its mind to offer a pride residence to people seeking a bit of novelty. This was for their latest project in the offing – ATS One Hamlet. ATS  One Hamlet has always offered homes with a difference, those apart from the run-of-the-mill variety and we are proud to have delivered this project.

What makes it special is the state-of-the-art features it accommodates. With a pool lounge area created with spa beds and a hydrotherapy massage system, this pool is a true rejuvenating experience. You are not expected to know or learn swimming to enjoy the calming effect of a hydrotherapy pool attached to the big pool at ATS One Hamlet.

The four bed hydrotherapy lounge has eight high pressure air nozzles fixed into each bed to provide a massage effect. They have been anthropometrically placed to give proper massage to calf, thigh, upper and lower back of the human body. Meticulous selection of lighting has transformed this section of the pool into a thereaupatic environment.

Aesthetically, the levels are such that at the first look, the pool seems to be a vast spread of crystal clear water in which a little kids’ pool is tucked away as a surprise element.A look at the corner surprises you with more features. The exquisite cascade of water flowing into the pool gives the impression of a natural waterfall. The wooden deck around the pool lends a rustic look, making the pool appear more like a decorative water body as a whole.

The pool conforms to international standards for water quality as well as safety. From lighting to fixtures, every component has been thoughtfully chosen. On the energy front, the pool is very efficient. The filtration system has been considered in a manner that the electricity cost is considerably reduced; along with LED lights being used throughout.

Safety has been of utmost importance here. Only 12 volts lights have been used, ruling out any untoward electrocution incident that might occur. The lighting, greenscape and hardscape blends seamlessly with the total pool area making it an outdoor recreational experience and not just separate elements of a pool.

Water sheets and jets have been strategically placed to add to the overall beauty. Plantation and horticulture has been considered keeping in mind a seamless blend with nature making the total presentation a totally unique and captivating experience. Working in the capacity of a total swimming pool solutions provider, Premium Pools has always been able to help builders increase the saleability of their projects by adding a tag of exclusivity in the luxury segment.

Vadodara turns out to be favourable investment destination in the real estate segment

Investing in real estate constitutes largely to identify the right opportunity. The key factors to look for investment are requirements,  appreciation, value and various reasons – One of the crucial ones being – the city and the area. There are various cities in India that are favourable from investment point of view. One of the cities that is into the radar is the cultural centre of Gujarat – Vadodara, says Pankaj Srivastava Chief Operating Officer, Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd.


Pankarj Srivastava, Naresh Kanodia and Janardhan Parulaker at the inauguration of Maitreya Paradiso at Vadodara.

Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd (MRCPL), the construction arm of the Maitreya Group of Companies, started in 1998 is a real estate company engaged in the business of commercial, residential and retail projects. Under the leadership of its CMD, Varsha Satpalkar, the company currently focuses on construction and development of real estate properties across the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The acumen of Pankaj contributes largely to the success of the company.

With the proud track record of building trust and delivering values to all its stakeholders, MRPCL is poised to become a leading brand in the real estate sector. The company is recognized for its quality, sustainable projects, transparent deals, timely delivery and services for all income groups. Its strategic alliances and partnerships, as well as highly competent in-house team, enables the company to undertake and smoothly execute construction of high-end bungalows, villas, residential apartments as well as shopping malls across the country. To its credit, the company has several sophisticated myriad housing projects in various cities of Maharashtra such as Pune, Aurangabad, Vasai, Dhule, Jalgaon and Sangli, to name a few; while it has also constructed several commercial projects in Mumbai, Sangli and Kolhapur.

Currently, MRPCL is engaged in designing, building and marketing of its several residential and commercial projects in Nashik and Sangali. Some of these key projects are:

Maitreya Greens – It is the first ever IGBC Gold pre-certified green project in Nashik. Spread across ten acres of lush green land, of which only 40 percent would be developed into six residential towers. Comprises of Ground plus 14 floors, these towers are constructed in a complete eco-friendly manner.

Maitreya Pandav Van – Located beside famous Pandav Caves, Pandav Van is a 40 Exclusive 2 BHK Twin-bungalows Scheme. Each bungalow comes with a private garden, car parking, balconies and terraces, planned in a way that it ensures full privacy and at the same time offers lot of open space.

Maitreya Sankul – Located amidst lush green landscape of Pathardi, Maitreya Sankul is a residential project that comprise of six storey buildings offerings 2 BHK spacious flats that easily fits into the budget of middle-income families.

Maitreya Sunrise – A perfect combination of commercial and residential units, Maitreya Sunrise consists of 62 residential apartments, 39 shops and 10 godowns. This finest complex is constructed at a prime location in Sangli which is well connected to railway station and bus stand.

A veteran for over 20 years in real estate sector, Pankaj is responsible for strategic planning and managing overall business operations of the company. He started his career as an Assistant Civil Engineer at Continental Constructions Limited following which he joined Larsen & Toubro Ltd as a Civil Engineer for a span of five years. His stint as a project manager in Gherzi Eastern Limited and Macquarie Real Estate helped him climb the ladder. In July 2010, Pankaj joined Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd as General Manager – Engineering after which he earned the designation of Vice President with Octamec Engineering Limited.

Today, Pankaj has successfully established Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd by managing the company’s day-to-day operations smoothly. With a sound knowledge of statutory, municipal rules and regulations and labour laws, strong technical and commercial acumen, experience in macro and micro level planning and ensuring contracts are administered effectively and efficiently, Pankaj has capitalised the stature of Maiterya Realtors & Constructions Pvt Ltd in the real estate space. His scheduling and implementing construction projects by ensuring development of integrated Program Plan that addresses contingency and minimises interruptions and provides safeguards against project over-runs and implementation of project control has resulted into rapid expansion.

A Post Graduate in Civil Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani Rajasthan, has also attended a Short Term Course on Sesmic Designs from IIT Kanpur and course on an Internal Auditor for ISO Systems – BIS.

In a tete-a-tete, Srivastava shares insights on the real estate overview in Vadodara and how the city favours to be a favourable investment option. Exerpts:


Naresh Kanodia at the opening of Maitreya Paradiso at Vadodara.

JM: What are the reasons which define Vadodara as a favourable investment destination?

PS: Various reasons secure defining Vadodara as a favourable investment destination. To mention a few, the city is emerging as an IT hub. There are major infrastructural developments planned in the city coupled with the industrial areas, which shall lead to improved connectivity to the city and increased employment opportunities within and around the city. The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor passes through Vadodara, making it a key destination for attracting industrial investments.

Gujarat’s leading educational institutions are located in Vadodara, offering skilled and intellectual manpower in abundance for various industries and R&D activities. Interestingly it is an ideal destination for the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to settle down as well. It is also an emerging hub for various glass manufacturing companies and automobile ancillary plants. Various towns are home to Pharmaceutical and other Chemical manufacturing ventures.

Vadodara is home to a large number of reputed large scale industries and public sector units like Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd (IPCL), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Gujarat Alkalies and Chemical Ltd (GACL), and Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL). A large number of builders have also become a major part of Vadodara real estate.

JM: Can you talk about Maitreya’s projects in Vadodara?

PS: Maitreya Realtors & Constructions Private Ltd (MRCPL), the construction division of the Maitreya Group of Companies had launched its premium plotting project near Ajwa Funworld in the name of Maitreya Paradiso.

Maitreya Paradiso is located at the Rasulabaad Jharod crossing, before Ajwa Funworld. Surrounded by lush greenery, the project entails 120 plots ranging from 1800-8000 square feet targeting a range of buyers depending upon their choice and preference. Customers can buy these plots and construct their desired villas as per the standard elevation and specifications.  The Infrastructure that includes a attractive designed compound wall, grand entrance plaza, internal roads, electricity and water connections to individual plots, storm water drains, Sewage treatment plant, soft water supply and an elegant club house.

JM: What makes this project unique…

PS: It is a unique venture for those who wish to invest in land parcels or for those looking for their second home or thinking about their retirement homes. One can buy the plot and construct home as per his requirements.

With the urban development authority of Vadodara continuously encouraging many construction companies to establish residential areas, IT parks and shopping malls within the city, the city promises a bright future not only for itself but also for those who intend to draw on the prospects of an emerging cosmopolitan.