Youth4work makes use of Digital India Campaign helping students and Institutes

India holds a unique positioning on the global map for Education Sector. The country is estimated to have more than 1.4 million schools, with over 227 million students. More than 36,000 graduation and post-graduation institutes offering professional and non professional courses await students passing out from these schools every year. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Youth4work is a unique skill and talent assessment platform that helps the students to choose the college or institute that could offer a boost to their careers, a company statement said.

Rachit Jain

“Admission seekers, while making decisions consider many aspects about the institutes. In fact parents, family and friends of the aspirants also play an important role in influencing the decision,” Rachit Jain, CEO & Founder, Youth4work said. While short-listing the institute things like fees, learning environment, faculty, campus placements, are of major considerations.

Higher education, with 59.7 % of the total market size, is becoming the focus of the US$ 100 billion worth Indian education economy. With their digital footprints, institutes can attract and guide the aspirants. However, there exists a communication gap between the aspirants and the institutes – probably an Education Networking platform that empowers both entities to interact with each other. The youth are eager to connect with their probable future alma mater!

Jain further added that students look for moving to different and bigger cities to pursue their dream course. Youth4work is a platform where students can log in to study and analyze the various colleges. Queries regarding important aspects of Admission process, Curriculum, Placements etc. are being answered by the alumni as well as institute officials on Youth4work.

Digital India campaign envisions to enable everyone online. Youth4work is one such startup catering to the aforementioned needs. “With profiles of 7300+ institutes generated by over 8 lakh users, Youth4work’s intelligent platform technology is solving the networking problem. It is letting the users connect and communicate with the existing students and administrative officials from the institutes,” he added.

Moreover, Youth4work is empowering the students and faculty members of the institute to share their study materials online, one of its kinds in India. Institutes are finding it easier to interact with their prospective students using such technology. By communicating the details about the curriculum with the aspirants, admission cells are attracting the interested students.

With the increasing internet penetration and smart phone usage in India, there’s a need for more platforms like Youth4work that benefit both Students and Institutes, by addressing their current needs and aiding them in making smart decisions for their education.

Youth4work is an exciting and innovative talent ecosystem with a vision – To be the one & only preferred Personal Space for each and every youngster to introspect and self actualize his/her own skills. The primary focus being – to prepare and aid Youth in their career journey, i.e. from the start of their graduation till 5-6 years of work experience. Our core offering is varied and active Talent Communities of users. These user communities span across the domains – IT & Non-IT engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Retail, HR, Design & Creativity and many more. Intelligent assessment and global ranking algorithms help users to ‘Identify and Showcase’ their talents, whereas a variety of skill courses and competitive practice materials help Youth to learn and improve their talents.

Youth4work aims to be the leader of a billion dollar burgeoning talent marketplace. With over .8 Million user base (growing exponentially) tested and ranked on their perceived talents, 7300+ educational institute profiles, 10,000+ employers advertising more than 30000 jobs, practice tests for 210+ competitive exams, 500+ skill certification courses, veritably speaking, Youth4work promises to positively impact the talent ecosystem in the contemporary world – including talent development, talent assessment and talent sourcing. For details, visit


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