BNI in India is all set to impact more entrepreneurs with networking platform

Sunil Sethia, Executive Director, CBD B Region of BNI India announced the celebration of International Networking Week in Chennai from February 4-28, 2016. Through this initiative BNI CBD B region is aimed at creating positive impact among the business owners and entrepreneurs through the world famous BNI networking platform. This way CBD B region in BNI India will be contributing in helping and encouraging healthy business environment towards the India’s Entrepreneur year 2016, according to a statement issued by BNI.


Sethia said: “Through International Networking Week, the CBD B region will recognize the need of the hour and importance of networking in the development and growth of the business and development of our country.”

The BNI CBD B region members meet weekly in India. Members are encouraged to introduce local members to their chapter during this International Networking Week. This initiative is expected to bring positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for solutions to get business support in today’s dynamic business environment.

The CBD B region will also be sharing International Networking Week video presented by BNI Founder and Chairman, Dr. Ivan Misner among the members. This video captures the value and power of networking among business community.

Business group meet_enterpreneur

BNI CBD B Region, headquartered in Chennai emerged as one of the top 3 regions in the world by BNI in 2014 – 2015. This proves that BNI CBD B region has collectively emerged as the winner as the largest business networking organization in the world, competing with 60 countries across the globe. BNI is being a global networking platform consists of 60 member countries having 7,300 chapters comprising of 1, 80,000+ members with overall business done amounted to $ 9.3 billion. In India BNI is present in 22 cities, comprising of 222 chapters with 10,000+ members.

BNI Contact: H.Ajeeth @ +91 8754445068,
9 Halls Road, 2nd flr, Egmore, Chennai 600008
Media Contact: Ranjne @, 98410 13359


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