Research trump card for effective PR, says young entrepreneur Roopali Pasricha

The Public Research Agencies are now engaged in a lot of research like never before, before carrying out a particular campaign and further focus on providing timely and relevant content for effective results. “Therefore, it is important to study in-depth abut the client’s needs, target market, and available resources before creating a PR Plan”, says Roopali Pasricha, Founder of SpotLYK. In a free-wheeling chat with Jayashankar Menon, she talks in length about effective PR relations.


JM: What, according to you is PR?

RP: PR is more than just drafting creative content. Research involves in everything that we do, rith from knowing the client, to studying about the target audience and choosing the relevant media, we need to study in-depth and there involves a lot of creativity in pitching the story ideas. Apart from the target audience, we are also influencing the external stakeholders.

JM: How important is for the PR Agencies to have thorough knowledge about the consumer’s business?

RP: We need to delve into deeper insights as from focusing on the consumer insights to focusing on the target audience and then deciding proper channels to deliver the results, there involves a lot of research. While pitching the journalists, you will be asked a lot of in-depth questions about your client’s business. Thus, studying in-depth about the consumer’s business is equally important.

JM: Can you speak about your foray into PR world?

RP: While doing my graduation, I was clear about pursuing a profession, giving life to brands. Though, I joined a PR agency, immediately after graduation, but soon lost interest. I was always wanting to initiate a start-up and was passionate about giving life to brands and hence SpotLYK was born.

JM: What is the meaning behind the name SpotLYK?

RP: SpotLYK stands for spotting it and LYK is an acronym for letting you know. So the concept behind this is: ‘We Spot it and Let You Know’.

JM: How do you understand customer needs?

RP: There is the availability of plethora of similar products, thus the need to differentiate your media pitch from others have become an ever-increasing need. What is more, you must first determine what information you want to collect, then conduct a market survey. It will explore how to incorporate survey results into PR and marketing activities.

JM: Is there any measurable impact?

RP: To understand the impact a business communication strategy has on influencing behaviour, there can be a lot of tools that can be used like calculating the number of successful pitches to working according to the analytics to creating the strategy and knowing the target audiences as well as the client’s insights, market research can play an important role in understanding this aspect as well.

JM: What are your future plans?

RP: Currently, I am committed to taking SpotLYK to higher levels and establishing it as India’s top communication agency.


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