offers new-age real estate user experience

For those discerning real estate buyers, who wants to have a hassle-free property purchase without ending up broker fees, is the one-stop-shop destination. An interactive platform, offers real estate buyers not only a hassle-free purchase opportunity, but also can save on the broker fees. Already having established off-line market, the service provider is bringing its online platform to scale their reach and enhance the buying experience of property users and investors.

Dealing with distinctive service in the real estate domain, this platform offers the buyers with a one window solution. It bridges the gap between the buyers and the sellers and helps in finding the desirable property with ease. It is also developing an advanced renting solution for managing rentals, a company statement said. The present purchase system often requires indulgence of a broker. It involves high cost and unsatisfactory service that proves an extra burden for the buyers. Also, it often presents the customers with unrecognized properties or the ones associated with problems. On the other hand, the other online portals often present inadequate information to the users.

Krishna Gupta, Founder and CEO of said: “This portal pre-sets end-to-end, pragmatic service that enhances the user’s experience. With use of modern and simplified technologies, stands as a smart way to buy, sell or rent properties. We are aiming at scaling this portal in the Tier-I and Tier-II markets by the end of this year.” offers a bouquet of unique services that meets each real estate need of a customer. All the properties listed are 100% verified. This platform offers users the special facility of getting expert advice without involvement of any fees. Furthermore, the renter gets the benefit of its Rental Management System and for the existing property owners; it offers Prop Care that manages and care-take one’s property while one is away. is looking developing systems for second sales to increase their scalability in niche markets and organize second sales locally. Also, it is working on 100% real estate transaction automation to reduce the transaction time by 50%. With their cutting-edge services, this portal is looking forward to enhance and magnify every user’s experience into real estate tertiary services. is an online venture by Tech Acres Pvt Ltd. The offline concern by the organization is well-known in the market and founded in 2014. The organization provides different real estate service to the customers under one roof. It helps the customers in making smart and profitable real estate choices. The technology used in the site, along with the advanced tools, aims at infusing a new experience for the audience of real estate world.

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