Modi, Sonia interesting, Manmohan’s silence regretful: Shekar Gupta

Renowned journalist Shekhar Gupta found Congress President, Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi among the most interesting personalities interviewed in his TV Talk Show in NDTV, Walk the Talk, while regretting the silence of former PM Manmohan Singh.

Ficci Flo

From (L-R): Manali Lunkad, Varsha Chordia, Ritu Chabbria, Sabina Sanghavi, Sekhar Gupta, Varsha Talera, Alpana Kirloskar, Neelm Seolekar and Sangeeta Lalwani.

While interacting at a special programme organised by the Pune Chapter of FICCI Flo, Gupta did express his love for the cricket, food and shared his extensive experience in covering various events as a reporter.

According to a statement issued by the FICCI Flo Pune, other personalities who gathered at the event included Varsha Talera, Chairperson of FICCI Flo Pune, Sabina Sanghavi, Senior Vice Chairperson and Varsha Chordia, Vice Chairperson.

The most interesting and memorable persons who Gupta had interviewed during his 13-year old programme, Walk the Talk included Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi. “Sonia Gandhi, because, she never gave open interview anywhere else before or after that interview. I found her very engaging and I was surprised to see her passion for India. I realised that she was in politics not for the power but because she loved Rajiv Gandhi Deeply.”

While speaking about Modi, Gupta said that it was unfair to portray him in black and white. “He is a very quick learner and a hard working man. He always learns a new thing which is why Modi is a new person every three months. Many global leaders are fascinated by Modi. When I interviewed him, Modi came as close as possible to say sorry for the Gujarat riots which was also a unique thing to my show”, Gupta said.

Gupta pointed out that the things which he did not like about these personalities: “Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul got their economics from Indira Gandhi, which was a bad thing. They relied on doling out money to the poor to appease them, but this will no longer do. Modi is hyper communication and he should bring down the chest beating, Gupta added.

Sachin Tendulkar and Mayawati were among the other personalities Gupta counted experiences of talking to. However, the veteran journalist expressed his regret that former PM Manmohan Singh did not open up even after so many years. ‘Personally he is a very articulate and hones person. But I can’t understand his silence’, Gupta concurred on Manmohan Singh.

Changing Journalism 

He also rued the sorry state of television news today saying that prime time news on television has become theater and they have lost all the seriousness. “In the beginning, people liked this but now the audience is getting bored. Journalism has changed. The technology has lowered the entry barriers”, Gupta lamented.

On the same note, Gupta said that he was trying to build a new institution which would deliver opinionated news in new way.

Talera outlined the agenda for the year for FICCI Pune FLO. She elaborated on projects that FLO planned to do, including empowering women at senior, middle and junior level in various fields. The event, organised by FICCI FLO, which is the largest women’s organisation in south east Asia, was well attended including women in good numbers. FICCI FLo has 14 chapters across the country with more than 3800 members.



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