Chitrangada Singh inaugurates Senco Gold & Diamonds at Lajpat Nagar New Delhi

Hindi film actor Chitrangada Singh inaugurated Senco Gold & Diamonds outlet at Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi.

Chitrangada Singh1

With more than 75 years experience in jewellery making and retailing, the new store offers complete range of gold and diamond jewellery.

Chitrangada Singh 2

Located in one of the most ideal and centrally located destination in Delhi, the store is spread in an area of 9,000 square feet distributed over four floors.

Chitrangada Singh3

The retail chain of Senco Gold & Diamonds is the largest in Eastern India and one of the biggest in Indian jewelry sector. They are one of the finest manufacturers of handcrafted jewelry and around 2,000 of the country’s finest artisans create more than 5,00,000 pieces of jewellery every year.
Chitrangada Singh4
Speaking on the occasion, Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds said: “Our traditional handmade jewellery is marking its place all over India. We were receiving a huge demand from Delhi market and decided to launch it here to suffice the demand of our customers. Our light weight handmade jewellery is designed for all kind of customers and could be used at any occasion. Lajpat Nagar is a central place with good connectivity through public commutation too. One could see customers ranging from every class of the society here. I think this is one of the perfect places in Delhi to receive highest footfall as far as customers are concerned.”

Suvankar Sen

Senco Gold & Diamonds is known for its light weight jewellery and this collection will be targeted for both middle to upper class people and range will start from Rs. 8,000 and go up to Rs.10 lakh.
Suvankar Sen-Chitrangada Singh-Shankar Sen
Chitrangada Singh said: “The collection is truly mesmerizing and surely will forge stars in the eyes of women once they will have a look at it. I keep wearing jewellery as per the demand of my roles or for different fashion shows due to which I am fond of buying them. I am happy to see that Senco Gold & Diamonds is providing option of buying jewellery not only for upper class people but also for those who find it difficult to buy jewellery due to high price range.”

The new showroom from Senco Gold & Diamonds will stock 22K hallmarked gold, certified diamond, platinum, costume jewellery, astral gems and most importantly light weight handmade jewelry.

Senco started its operation way back in 1938. Being from the city of creativity and craftsmanship, Senco Gold is known for its light weight jewellery which looks heavy but weighs less thus making it more affordable. Right from Middle class to Upper class of customers can get their choice from the wide variety and collection. They have the best of the Bengali craftsmen in their ranks to bring out the most exquisite designs available in the country.


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