Pause Wines organises first ever Wine Festival with ‘A Tryst with Pause Wines’

Before the onset of the sun baked days, Pause Wines, the finest wine producer and provider in the country, celebrated its first ever Wine fest with ‘A Tryst with Pause Wines’ at Pause Vineyards in Dindori in Maharashtra recently.

Activity_at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_9

Renowned wine enthusiasts, wine correspondents and wine experts came together to experience the making of authentic wines while sipping the drink with a serene view overlooking the vineyards, according to a company statement.

Grape stomping at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_1

The premium wine maker conducted a fun filled evening which entailed a session of wine trail, wine tasting and grape stomping accompanied with music. As a part of the festival, the wine maker also announced its future plans of spreading out to the domestic as well as global markets.

Nilesh PatilSushant Shelar and Rajesh Patil_at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_11

The evening kick-started with an informed session by the wine connoisseur at Pause Winery who briefed the visitors on the wine making process which is setup with imported equipment from the land of vino delights ‘Italy’ and taking them through the step by step procedure of wine testing in the in-house testing lab.

Pause Wine tree_at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_4

The expert threw light on the production figures saying that the total volume of Classic Varietals, the premium wines is around 100,000 litres, semi-premium around 50,000 litres, medium range is close to 200,000 litres and premium port is 2.50,000 litres. The wine manufacturer uses optimum hygiene and clean processes while making wine under controlled conditions.

Photo booth_at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_5

This winery walkthrough was followed by the media briefing session. Rajesh Patil, Founder and Managing Director, Pause Wines, who himself is a well-traveled food whiz took through the journey of Pause Wines, the wine making process at the winery and highlighted information on Pause Vineyards in Dindori while also announcing the expansion plans.

Rajesh Patil

Talking about the future plans of Pause Wines, Patil said: “Pause Wines has successfully set footprints in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. We now plan to spread across Rajasthan and Agra by 2015 fiscal and Northern India by 2016 fiscal. The company has recently been approached by a Chinese firm who wishes to market the Pause Wines products taking the brand to the foreign land.”

Rajesh Patil2

Stressing on the importance of quality, Patil said: ‘We use 100% wine varietals without mixing and only the best quality grapes are used for the production, without compromising on quality to adjust costs.’ On the health aspect, Patil elaborated: “Pause Wines is the only Indian wine brand that provides nutritional information on its wines. This gives our patrons a fair idea on the amount of sugar and fat involved which is especially useful for those on diet or suffering from diabetes. If wine is consumed in appropriate quantity, it is certainly healthy, especially for the heart,” he says.

Sushant Shelar_at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_10

Giving more details of the Pause Vineyards at Dindori, Patil said: “Our Pause Vineyard at Dindori is spread across 100 acres of rich, fertile farmland with perfect sunshine and red lateritic soil to grow best quality wine grapes.

Vineyard trail_at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_7

The vineyard is ideally located in close proximity to the backwaters of the Karanjwan dam which wrap it from three sides that is the North, East and South. This creates the most suitable weather condition of warm days and cool nights for growing juicy grapes thus leading to quality wine production.”

Winery trail_at First Wine Fest held at Pause Wines_A Tryst with Pause Wines_8

After a brief interaction with Patil, the guests proceeded to experience the wine trail understanding different grape grown at Dindori Pause Vineyards where the expert stressed on the importance of handpicking grapes with optimum maturity. According to Patil, picking up grapes early in the morning is beneficial as the grapes are fresh and the aroma is delicate while also speaking about the idyllic transportation to the winery in the climate-controlled vans. Enjoying the wine trail at sunset and in the cool breeze, the gathering then went ahead for a session of grapes stomping and wine tasting under a beautiful shamiana accompanied with light music arranged especially for the guests, making the evening a memorable one.

The audience beamed with excitement during the wine tasting session where nine varieties of authentic wine were served, some of which are custom made keeping in mind the taste of the Indian consumers. The rich portfolio of classic premium wines built painstakingly by Pause Wines include nine varietals spread across Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin, Chardonnay to Rose wines.

About organising such an event, Patil said: “This Wine Festival initiated by us aims to bring together the wine aficionados for a leisure time while getting to know the making of wine. The successful evening saw a lighter side of the formal interaction thus encouraging more such gatherings of wine over dine.”

Annual affair

Considering the growing culture of wines in India and the encouraging response from visitors this year, the company aims to make the fest, ‘A Tryst with Pause Wines’, an annual property. Growing demand for premium wines due to urbanization, change in lifestyle, rising demand by women, escalating concept of wine and dine and the rich health benefits is calling for more such events for wine lovers to come together to understand, enjoy and relax over wines.


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