Kaaryah.com CEO Nidhi Agarwal: ‘Our Desk to Dinner apparel solutions customised for Indian women

KAARYAH.com is an unrivaled apparel brand that caters to Indian women’s non-casual wear by offering the best possible fit with as many as 18 sizes.

Jacket- Rs 4150 Trouser Rs 2899

The firm offers wardrobe solutions that help discover not just the perfect fit but also what flatters different body types.

Josey-Red Floral- Rs 1200

The brand that has metamorphosed the industry of non-casual/formal wear was launched in 2012 with an aim to provide feminine, functional and fashion-forward wardrobe solutions customised for Indian women who want to not only look good but feel comfortable too.

Mila Rs 2499

At KAARYAH, we have set out to partner with determined woman with busy lifestyles, to offer wardrobe solutions that help discover the perfect fit. Our feminine, functional and fashion-forward apparel/solutions are customised for Indian women”, says Nidhi Agarwal, Founder and CEO of kaaryah.com in a free-wheeling chat with Jayashankar Menon. Exerpts:

Nidhi Agarwal CEO www

JM: How has KAARYAH.com as a brand evolved?

NA: The brand is a result of market research conducted by us in excess of 1,500 women, where 80% of them identifying with the unmet need for well fitting western non-casual wear. KAARYAH.com believes that merely small, medium, large and extra large cannot suffice for the Indian woman. Therefore, KAARYAH.com is the first to offer 18 sizes. We also believve in ‘Fits that Flatter’ and therefore we are happy to consult individuals on what works for their body type, environment and personality.

Ramona Rs 2499

Due to lack of standardised interpretation of what works for women at work, we help understand that office wear can also be feminine, functional and fashion-forward. Their Stylists actively help individuals choose from 700 designs that the brand offers.

JM: What is the range of products KAARYAH.com offer?

NA: KAARYAH.com offers western non casual wear which includes Shirts, Tops, Trousers, Skirts, Jackets, and Dresses which are carefully crafted to cater to the Indian silhouette. KAARYAH.com offers a range that encapsulates latest trends to suit all occasions whether it is from Desk to Dinner, Relaxed Fridays, Lunch Events, Office Parties. They cater not just to executives in offices but also to homemakers with busy lifestyles, lecturers, educators and more.

Sabrina-Magenta- Rs 2699

JM: From varied background like serving Honeywell India to develop space and missiles business and enabling component sales for the Mangalyaan mission to other assignments, can you talk about your evolution?

Shirley Rs 2199

NA: I started as an Auditor with KPMG and then moved to being a Marketing Analyst with Bharti Airtel Limited where I learned how much I liked analysing numbers and that these numbers in the Marketing context can lead to very interesting business insights. Based on this finding I pursued my MBA at Kellogg and focused on Marketing Strategy and Organization Strategy. A generalized consulting career with Bain & Co was a great way to build on this skill and acquire a higher business strategy perspective. Having done most of my cases in market entry strategy I was hired by Honeywell to build their business development in general. With that came a much matured senior management perspective & team orientation.

Susy-Red Checks Rs 2499

Entrepreneurship has built on not just the Analyst, Team Manager in me but has also taught me in a practical manner all the finance basics I read about during my B.Com & Chartered Accountancy. In fact, it has taught me how to extract the most in a resource constrained, high performance pressure environment. I get shaken/ stressed easily no more.

Top Rs 1280  Jacket 3280

JM: Can you talk about KAARYAH.com and what necessitated you to understand how every woman in India is unique, just five sizes do not suffice and thereby developing 18 alongside an algorithm that helped them to determine the best fitting size?

NA: While the unmet need was very clear to me, since I had to wait for an international trip to curate my cupboard even for simpler things like T-Shirts I wondered if other women felt similarly. To that end I conducted a survey of 250 women and arrived at the fact that Fit, Functionality, Femininity and Fashion-forwardness were very large unmet needs across age groups, no matter what their occupation was to derive the sizes we measured more than 1500 women as part of our product testing phase and carefully constructed the body measurement sets that were later tested and converted to standardized garment silhouettes. This logic was then converted in an algorithm which I wrote myself to ensure the logic remained sacrosanct and embedded it in our website KAARYAH.com

JM: Are your feminine, functional and fashion-forward apparel solutions customised for Indian women?

NA: We do not customise for every individual order although that is included in our road map. The 18 sizes we have constructed are the best possible fit available in the market. The algorithm delivers the correct size 85% with the first trial and the products are also the first time right 76% of the times in high fit categories like Trousers. With this variety of sizing we are able to service at least 80-90% of all the ladies who experienced our product during the test market. In our flagship store we were able to convert 45-50% customer walk ins, which in itself is an industry benchmark.


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