Aaditi Pohankar unveils Doy Care Aloe Vera Revitalising Face Wash

The skin you were born with isn’t the skin you live with! It is time to give Indian women the power to be pure and natural. Doy Care Aloe Vera Revitalizing face wash which lends your skin a new lease of life, is the latest innovative tribute to all women on this occasion by VVF (India) Ltd., a global leader in personal care products and Oleochemicals business since the last 75 years. Aloe Vera is a miracle ingredient with 75 potentially active phytonutrients and 200 active compounds like (Minerals, Amino acids, Vitamins, Enzymes, etc.), a company statement said.


From (L-R): Sunil Pandey DGM Marketing – Personal Care VVF, Aaditi Pohankar and Ashish Potdar- Senior Vice President- Consumer Products Division, VVF.

Ashish Potdar, Senior Vice President & Business Head-Consumer Products, VVF (India) Ltd said: “Consumers regularly use Aloe Vera for multiple purposes in various forms. For the last one and half decades Doy Care has been offering the benefits of pure aloe vera gel through its soaps and consumers swear by its quality. With the changing lifestyle and consumer habits, we found that the consumers are looking out for many such pure and natural products to address their daily personal care needs. “We plan to strengthen Aloe Vera equity further by creating an ingredient platform; i.e. extending into various categories across personal care with Pure Aloe Vera gel. Expect many more products with Aloe Vera in the near future.”

Aaditi Pohankar-Doy Care Aloe Vera

‘Let your skin be born again!’- is the clarion call by modern young women from different walks of life, who have tested the new miracle ingredient inspired product and are gushing about its benefits.

doycare face wash 1

Blockbuster film Lai Bhari’s scintillating actress Aaditi Pohankar said: “Young women can easily get lost in today’s fast-paced, challenging world. Maintaining naturally healthy skin in this active life is a challenge. Ideal skin requires minimal makeup and looks naturally beautiful. The upper layers of the skin get renewed every 28 to 40 days, which means that you don’t have the same skin today as you had yesterday! Aloe Vera as an ingredient helps in expediting the process of skin renewal and thus leading to healthier and revitalized skin every day. I’m happy that Doy Care Aloe Vera contains pure Aloe Vera Gel that revitalizes my skin and gives it new life. Now, I can finally be a pure natural ‘Me’!”

doycare face wash 2

“We believe that there is nothing quite as radiant as natural beauty. Our mission is to help you discover and connect with your natural selves, thereby unlocking your real beauty. We are extremely passionate about the range of products we bring to our consumers. We are proud to be recognized for our excellence in product development, and our firm commitment to bringing superior quality products to our consumers and the rewards and recognition’s that we have received over the years, from our customers as well as national institutions, are a testament to that commitment. Doy Care is committed to offering the goodness of pure and natural ingredients to nurture and nourish your natural beauty,” she added.

The World of Doy Care consists of a range of products offering the experience and benefits of pure and natural ingredients. At Doy Care we believe that what goes on your body is as important as what goes in your body, and that’s why we have created a range of products that offer the experience and benefits of pure, natural ingredients which help nurture and nourish your natural beauty. Doy Care is available in three variants: Doy Care Aloe Vera, Doy Care Honey & Glycerin, and Doy Care Crème, all enriched with ingredients sourced directly from nature.

Take the first step to rejuvenated skin with Doy Care Aloe Vera Face wash. This gentle 100% soap free formulation is enriched with pure Aloe Vera gel that revitalizes your skin for a pure & natural you. Doy Care Aloe Vera Revitalising Face Wash is available in the following SKU’s — 15 ml priced at Rs. 15, 50 ml priced at Rs. 55; and 100 ml at Rs. 100. A special Consumer Offer is available wherein with 50 ml pack priced at Rs. 55, consumers can get Doy Care Soap worth Rs. 10 free and with 100 ml pack priced at Rs. 100/-, consumers can get Doy Care Soap worth Rs. 35/- free.
VVF is a global player in the Chemicals and Personal Care product industries. Head quartered in Mumbai, India, VVF has over 15 operating centres spread across four continents, Asia, North America, Africa and Europe. The company currently stands as one of the largest manufacturer of Oleochemicals in India and one of the largest contract manufacturers of bar soaps in the world. Founded in 1939, VVF celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2014.

The company has three main business verticals – Contract Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Oleochemicals. VVF manufactures some of the finest brands of soaps and cosmetics for global players like Johnson & Johnson, Henkel, Reckitt Benckiser to name a few, besides having its own range of branded soaps like, DOY, DOY Care, JO, Bactershield and JO Perfect hair dye.


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