Cidade de Goa: A complete holiday destination

Cidade de Goa, a five-star Beach Resort, located in the serene beach of Vainguinim, near Panjim, is the ideal holiday getaway to escape the everyday grind and rediscover romance as a couple or simply have a great time as a family. In fact, the resort has something to offer for every season and celebration.

Cidade de Goa

No beach resort holiday is complete without the chills and thrills of water sports. When it comes to fun in the sun you will never run out of things to do at Cidade de Goa.


The resort’s remarkable location on the beach makes it an excellent destination for water sports and to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. At Cidade de Goa, the sea echoes to the sound of Jetskis.


Take a Jet Ski, dip into the blue waters and watch the rest of the world rush past or simply drift away and feel the exhilaration while you soar to new heights with parasails or enjoy the thrill of a banana boat ride as a speed boat steers you in the beautiful waters of Vainguinim beach.


Experience a number of fun adventure activities like Island Cruise/Castaway Cruise, Crocodile Dundee, Dolphin Chase and Deep Sea Fishing and a lot more.


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