Advait Deodhar to represent India at Le Mans 2015 Race to 24

After competing at the Bahrain F1 Circuit in the MRF F2000 International Challenge , now Motor Racer Advait Deodhar will represent India in the shootout called Race to 24. The winner of Race to 24 will drive in the 2015 Le Mans 24 hour race and the World Endurance Championship with Swiss based team SARD – MORAND in the LMP2 prototype category. The LMP2 category the 2nd fastest category in Endurance racing. The World Endurance Championship is on par with the Formula One Championship.

Le Mans is the oldest and biggest motor race in the world. Le Mans is the iconic race on which the legendary movie Le Mans with Steve Mcqeen was made. Advait Deodhar is competing among the world’s best drivers in this competition in order to secure that big prize.

Advait Deodhar

Speaking about the race, Advait said: “Opportunities like this do not come around twice. I am thrilled to be part of this race event. There are some serious competitors with who I am up against and I am working incredibly hard towards achieving peak strength, mental and physical. Racing is a very expensive sport and requires a lot of financial backing. Being given a chance like this on a global platform will hopefully open a lot of doors for me which will help me further my career as a racing driver.”


The competition is going to be run in the form of an online interactive show. However, this is not a cheesy reality show but will be a serious quest to find the best of the 24 competitors that are already established international racing drivers.
Week-by-week, the drivers will tackle challenges set by the team principal Benoît Morand. These challenges will test the drivers physically and mentally. Those who fail will be eliminated, until just one remains to take the seat and drive with Team SARD-Morand at Le Mans.

RaceTo24 provides viewers unprecedented access to the drama as it unfolds each week. The personalities, skills and weaknesses of all 24 drivers will emerge onscreen. Broadcast while the selection process is still ongoing RaceTo24 will completely open up for public viewing in real-time the challenge of selecting a driver for the greatest race in motorsport.
The RaceTo24 project is led by 12 weekly programmes with a cinematic documentary tone, which reflects the gravitas of the prize. Alongside this, viewers are invited to vote & comment as they react to the week’s events.

During the spring of 2015 RaceTo24 will be filmed at spectacular locations including The Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi and Fuji International Speedway in Japan, taking in the Swiss Alps and Mediterranean beaches en route to the finale at the Circuit de La Sarthe; the venue for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


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