Book Review: ‘We’ll Be Around Honey’, novel by debutant Ramya Mishra

The Indian literary horizon is witnessing a sudden spurt in the burgeoning crop of new writers in English. The verdict is out, the bubble gum literature is in, across the country and the readers are welcoming it with open arms.

We'll be around honey

The latest writer to foray into the literary world is Ramya Mishra with her debut novel, ‘We’ll Be Around Honey’. Published by Divyansh Publications, this novel belongs to an alltogher new genre. The theme is revolving around the youth and the lingo in this book is in sync with the contemporary way the youth speak in India. A light fiction, We’ill be Around Honey’s situations are pepped up with humour. The situations are pretty much in common, which on an average, every other human being faces, while growing up. Although, many books have been written exploring male frienship and their attitude towards problems, this will be perhaps the first time, when female friendship, their relationships and the emerging problems are explored in great details.

The novel revolves around four characters: Riya, Niharika, Fiza an Shivani. It takes one through their journey of life from childhood to youth. It talks about the bond which they share and how even the testing times was not able to break that bond. It dwells further- that at the time of need all four leave behind everything just to be there for each other. The book is divided into three stages. In the first stage the teenage of the characters is discussed, the story revolves around their school life. The second stage speaks about their youth and the problems which growing up years bring. The final stage talks about the different trials and tests that life takes them through and they mature in the process. It is their support for each other that help them in dealing with those situations bravely and they all learn the new meaning of relationships.

This novel touches different issues which a child face while growing up, it delicately speaks about sibling rivalry, unhappy family life and its impact on the kids, how the child personality gets distorted by constant parent’s pressure and their expectations. It throws light on how parents tries to relive there unfulfilled expectations through their kids. In the novel few of the problems faced by youth are beautifully dealt with, not only this it also takes us across the dreams, problems and expectations, which this stage brings. The book is good for light reading, the whole novel is filled with interesting incidents which somewhere reflect the truth about life. The book is available online as well as on leading book stores of India. In Bareilly, UP, the book is available at Syndicate Book Depot.

Ramya Mishra

Ramya Mishra was born and brought up in Bareilly. She pursued her education at Hartmann College Bareilly, Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra and Apeejay Management Institute. Ramya has worked with many reputed firms in the corporate communication departments. She is a regular columnist for a leading Hindi magazine. Apart from this Ramya is also a good orator and has won many state and national level awards. A passionate reader, she is also equally passionate about music and theatre. Her mission is to highlight various problmes faced by today’s youth and bring them the much needed solution and solace. Ramya can be contacted by E-Mail: or


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