Real Estate: Coldwell Bankar Milestone Properties launched in Andheri West in Mumbai

Coldwell Banker India, as part of its strategy to metamorphose the Real Estate Sector has taken a step closer to its goal bylaunching a new franchisee in the name of Coldwell Bankder Milestone Properties in Mumbai, according to a company statement.

Ramnik Chopra

From (L-R): Ramnik Chopra inaugurating Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties in Andheri, Mumbai.

Located in Andheri West of the central Mumbai, the firm is jointly owned by three entrepreneurs, Vivek Gautam, Pankaj Goenka and Mittul Nagpal who want to make a difference in the way Real Estate is transacted in India. Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties is the third franchisee of Coldwell Banker India in Andheri after Coldwell Banker Prop consults Realty andColdwell Banker Blackwell Realty, the  Coldwell Banker network strength to eight franchisees in the city.


From (L-R): Promoters Pankaj Goenka, Vivek Gautham and Mittul Nagpal.

By offering extraordinary and innovative real estate services, Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties endeavors to serve the
real estate stake holders through trained professionals having knowledge about the sector. Understanding the market
sentiments, needs and demands, the firm settled at opening its office in the largest suburb of Mumbai, considering its
population of 1,500,000 and the rising demand for residential and commercial space in Andheri. Situated in the west of the
city, this area is a huge market in terms of rentals and re-sales.


From (L-R): Vivek Gautam, Pankaj Goenka & Mittul Nagpal.

With the growth in the economy fuelling strong real estate growth, consumers are seeking a more transparent and professional transaction process in India thus calling for more proficient real estate experts.

Ramnik Chopra2

Coldwell Banker Milestone Properties, therefore, is yet another important juncture in the journey of Coldwell Banker India in making significant efforts to bring best practices, processes, and tools to the Indian real estate brokerage market which remains extremely fragmented. With more franchisees underway, Coldwell Banker India will be able to service all the clients & developers in the Western suburbs and the nearby purlieu.


Ramnik Chopra, Managing Director, Coldwell Banker India, while speaking about the launch, said: “The century-old success of
the Coldwell Banker brand, showcased by the brand’s professionalism, strong consumer-service and belief in ethical behaviour are qualities that will resonate with the Indian consumer. Vivek, Pankaj and Mittul are well informed and share a common
passion in developing ethical practices in real estate which is highly beneficial for Coldwell Banker India. We are looking forward to more such partnerships and franchisees to increase our network thereby serving the consumers with qualified experts.”


With 84,000 sales associates and brokers affiliated with the Coldwell Banker organization, presence in 49 countries and
territories. With more than 3000 Coldwell Banker offices all over the world, Coldwell Banker is set to revolutionise the Real Estate sector changing the entire scenario even for the smallest of property transaction.


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