World Cup Cricket 2015: Nike rallies Indians to tell their # BLEEDBLUE stories

Blue means cricket in India, as the colour expresses the allegiance of the country’s one billion fans as the national team is taking centre stage in Australia in the Cricket World Cup 2015.

Once solely a symbol of elite atheletes, Team India Blue has come to represent the passion and dedication of everyone who is willing to work hard, make sacrifices and do whatever it takes to make the most of their potential.

Visionary Indians including Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone and Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev are telling the world their #bleedblue stories. Indian photographer Bharat Sikka captures in a series of candid pictorials the progression and passion of a nation behind sport, cricket and Team India, according to a media statement.
Anirudh Ravichander, Music Director, said: “When India won the 2011 finals, I was so inspired that I went straight home after the game to write a song about it. That song is now the main track of a popular Tamil movie. Turning inspiration from cricket into music is how I #bleedblue.”
Deepika Padukone pointed out: “For me, sport isn’t just an activity – it’s a way of life. Growing up, my father taught me the value of competition and that has led me to the national badminton championships. That sense of competition is still there. Getting to the next level, rising to the challenge, achieving. That is how I #bleedblue.”

Kapil Dev_BB

Kapil Dev, Indian Cricket Legend stated: “Passion. You must have passion to play for your country, yourself and your families. This passion is what carried me through. When we won in 1983, the win was not just mine. It was ours. It was all of India’s. To the next generation of athletes, dream big and when passion takes you onto the national stage, that is when you #bleeedblue.”


Pranav Mishra, Fashion Designer and Model said: ‘I believe that sport can change and empower lives. It can do something more than it is meant to do. That is how I #bleedblue.’


Subbalaxmi, Member of Indian Women’s Cricket team said: “It wasn’t easy for me to start playing sports but my family supported me. Today, I’ll support any girl who wants to become a sportswoman. Sharing that strength and support with any and every girl is how I #bleedblue.”


Vikas Khanna, Celebrity Chef concurred: “I couldn’t walk when I was a teenager because of a medical condition. My friends would make fun of me and I would sit in the kitchen and watch them play cricket. That was when my grandmother said”: “Everyone can play, but not everyone can cook.”That is how I began my culinary journey. That is how I #bleedblue.”


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