Grand Slam Baseball welcomes David Mulford to New Delhi Little League

Grand Slam Baseball is welcoming David Mulford, former US Ambassador to India to the New Delhi Little League in order to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and witness India’s emerging baseball community.

David Mulford while pitching

According to a media statement, with the talented new Modern School Barakhamba Warriors taking on teams from the US Embassy and skilled players from Delhi’s Government schools, the Ambassador and guests will enjoy the spirit of competition in a truly inter-cultural environment. Grand Slam Baseball is also proud to stand with Ambassador Mulford to support CanSupport’s Walk for Life on Sunday February 8, 2015 at Nehru Park.

Jackson Golden while match briefing

Players, coaches and organizers will be out in full force to spread awareness for cancer relief and treatment for families and patients.
Sidney Tolo with Raunaq Sahni with Modern School Barakhamba team WARRIORS
Baseball provides the perfect setting for Indians and other nationalities to connect and build relationships outside of the daily grind.

Team in action at Grand Slam Baseball New Delhi Little League.. (2)

With a number of schools planning to establish baseball programmes after exams, now is the perfect time to learn about baseball and the opportunities it brings India’s talented athletes.

Match Summary

Team in action at Grand Slam Baseball New Delhi Little League..

It was a thrilling day of baseball and international competition at Grand Slam Baseball’s New Delhi Little League this Saturday. In addition to close games between the Modern School Barakhamba Warriors and the Thundercats, the players were visited by Former US Ambassador to India David Mulford and his wife Jeannie. As lifelong baseball fans and major supporters of growing the game in India, the Mulfords added to the excitement of big hits and razor sharp pitching from the talented young ballplayers.

Team in action at Grand Slam Baseball New Delhi Little League.

After throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, the former Ambassador and his wife took their seats to enjoy the game from where they used to watch many the teams and Indian players they sponsored during their tenure.
Team in action at Grand Slam Baseball New Delhi Little League
Despite first putting on a baseball glove just 3 months ago, the Modern School Warriors proved to be a powerful force against the likes of seasoned American, Japanese and international players. The Warriors turn heads walking into Modern School with baseball bats and leather gloves and each game at the Embassy provides an excellent intercultural experience for the players and supporters. With schools lining up to establish competitive baseball programs to compete in major tournaments within India and abroad, the Modern School Barakhamba Warriors are a big part of India’s bright athletic future. Free baseball demos and games return to schools near you this Spring and more Indian baseball news can be found at


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