Nitin Gadkari inaugurates My Eco Energy biofuel station ‘Indizel’ in Pune

The Union Government has granted approval to private bio-diesel producers to market bio-fuel on their own, which is set to unleash a new energy revolution in India. My Eco Energy (MEE) is one bio-fuel firm, which has become part of this revolution by developing renewable diesel Indizel. A new bio-fuel station was opened at Khalapur in Pune, where Indizel would be available, according to a statement issued by MEE.


From (L-R): Santosh Verma Director MEE; Ratesh Mantri; ​​Hrishikesh Kulkarni,​ Director MEE; Nitin Gadkari​, ​Balasaheb Patil and Prashant Thakur (MLA).​

Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping, while formally inaugurating the bio-fuel station said: “The Union government will encourage greater domestic production of bio-fuel, as it would not only help reducing crude oil import but also provide newer alternate income sources to the farmers and the youth. We import a huge amount of diesel, which impacts our foreign exchange. We should be make diesel within the country, which will help us reduce import burden by 10-15%. We will try to ensure that trucks and buses would use bio diesel.”

Stating that the bio-diesel station started by My Eco Energy was a good initiative, the Minister said that it would cost Rs 2-3 less then normal fuel. “Apart from reducing fuel import cost, bio-diesel is also eco-friendly and helps reduce pollution. We can make use of the domestic and industry sewage for growing plantations that can be used for producing bio-fuel”, Gadkari pointed out. He further hoped that bio-diesel production could help the country from being an oil importing country to exporting nation. Shrirang Barne (MP), Suresh Lad (MLA), and Ram Seth Thakur (Ex. MP) and Prashant Thakur (MLA), besides the directors of MEE Santosh Verma, Sachin Labde, Hrishikesh Kulkarni and Rakesh Rachwani were present.

Bio-fuel corridor

On the occasion, MEE also announced a bio-fuel corridor in Maharashtra. A bio-fuel corridor is a chain of bio-diesel equipped fuel stations located on every 50 kilometres on both sides of the highway. The targeted highways are NH-4 Pune- Satara- Kolhapur, NH-9 Pune- Sholapur and on the other end-Mumbai- Palghar-Gujarat, NH-17 Mumbai-Ratnagiri and NH-3- Mumbai- Nashik- Dhule.

Santosh Verma, Director, My Eco Energy speaks to Jayashankar Menon about the firm’s plans and other details. Excerpts:


JM: What are MEE’s plans, going forward?

SV: Our plans are to expand the network of bio-diesel retailers and distributors across Maharashtra in the near future. We also have plan to open 500 fuel station across Maharashtra and about 2000-3000 smaller outlets so that fuel is available to all.

JM: How is MEE producing bio-diesel?

SV: We produce bio-diesel mostly from locally produced used edible oil and it is biodegradable and non-toxic. MEE’s existing capacity of sourcing of up to 25 lakh litres a day enables immediate implementation. Additional capacity can be built locally.

JM: What is the rationale behind this endeavour?

SV: The idea is to promote zero emission vehicles. This will play a significant role in reducing Maharashtra’s greenhouse gas emissions. It takes a long time to change the vehicle fleet to clean technology. Indizel can replace conventional fuel overnight if it is compatible with existing and future engines and infrastructure.

JM: In a nutshell, can you explain what is Indizel?

SV: Indizel is bio-diesel that is suitable for all diesel engines which can use existing tanks and pumps. It is seamlessly inter-changeable with petroleum diesel without any engine modifications and there are no limitations on blending unlike the other bio-fuels. It can be used to power various commercial diesel vehicular mediums like cars, buses, trucks, trains, bulldozers, ships and agricultural tractors along with other machinery like electricity generators, industrial boilers and furnaces.

JM: Why ‘Indizel’?

SV: Unique Retail Model: With a small space to spare and a minimum capital investment he can reap profits from retailing Indizel. Depending on the capital investment and the space, the retailer can choose the size of the tank he wishes to install along with a mounted pump.

JM: What are the economic Benefits?

SV: Firstly, there is no subsidy involved. Indizel does not take any subsidies from the Government, thus saving the taxpayer’s money. It can reduce dependency on fossil fuels, thus saving import bill. Secondly, we generate employment. Since bio-fuels are produced locally, bio-fuel manufacturing plants can employ hundreds or thousands of workers, creating new jobs in rural areas. Bio-fuel production will also increase the demand for suitable bio-fuel crops, providing economic stimulation to the agriculture industry.

JM: What are the environmental benefits?

SV: Indizel usage will help in a substantial reduction of carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

JM: What are the advantages of using Indizel in vehicles?

SV: Indizel yields a high level of combustion quality during compression ignition. Better combustion ensures better mileage, more power and more engine life. Seamlessly interchangeable with petroleum diesel and doesn’t require any engine modifications. Indizel is intended to be used as a replacement for petroleum diesel and can be blended with petroleum diesel fuel in any proportion.

JM: Can you shed more light on My Eco Energy?

SV: My Eco Energy specialises in the production, delivery and marketing of Bio-Fuel. My Eco Energy is using the expertise of Go Fuels LTD., the UK based company of the promoters, in strengthening the entire production process and consolidating the distribution network in the Indian Market. What is more, we are also targeting the EU market.


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