Serena Williams flaunts Velvetcase earrings at Australian Open women’s tennis title

Ace tennis player Serena Williams is a thorough professional, be it on the tennis or when it comes to carrying herself. Serena won the Australian Open women’s title for the sixth time and it is no surprise that she wanted to look her best, when she was photographed with her trophy on February 2, 2015.

Serena Williams

This American beauty was seen flaunting her understated style by wearing earrings. She was seen oozing with confidence, showcasing her extraordinary talent, paired elegance of earrings complimenting her to-die-for sports look. Serena paired a simple chain with’s special edition ruby and diamonnd earrings, gifted to her by Kapil Hetamsaria, Founder and CEO of earrings. What is more, the tennis star wore a thin chain and a large white watch to match her skirt. At last she actually stunned people with her passion towards game and her style on field as well as off-field.

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