Bosch K4000 rally to educate Indian customers about its unique aftermarket products

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, the replacement components division of Bosch Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of the German auto component major, Bosch AG has organised a rally, Bosch K4000 to bring together its key stakeholders to communicate a unified message of its unique product basket.


Bosch  flagged off a customer engagement drive across India from Bangalore on February 2, 2015. This country-wide outreach programme is aimed at covering the breadth and width of India right from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Kohima to Kutch, according to a company statement.

Spearheaded by Bosch’s Automotive Aftermarket business, this initiative will target the division’s key stakeholders, which include distribution partners, retailers, sales associates, workshop technicians and mechanics, apart from other customers. The unique three-week programm will see the division reaching out to over 40,000 customers across 680 locations in India. This is the most extensive engagement drive to be attempted in recent years.

Guenter Weber, Regional President, Automotive Aftermarket, Bosch Limited said: “In India, the Bosch K4000 rally is a unique initiative that aims to generate awareness among customers about Bosch’s extensive offerings. Through this campaign we aim to increase our brand awareness among consumers in the commercial vehicle, tractors, off-highway, passenger car and two-wheeler, industrial and institutional segments. Taking advantage of Bosch’s extensive offerings, the activities planned as part of the rally would enable workshop technicians and mechanics to offer technology-driven and more effective services to consumers. Thus, equipping them to meet the demands of the Indian automotive service industry better”.

Assertion of leadership

S Srinivasa, Senior General Manager, Automotive Aftermarket, Bosch Limited said: “With over 500 Bosch associates from 28 sales offices taking the rally across the nation, the initiative will also see more than 2,000 customer activities. These will include mechanic, retailer and fleet owner meets, merchandising drives as well as product demonstrations. Information on the Bosch technical hotline number as well as the scope of the team’s expertise and services will also be shared during the rally. The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket distribution network is arguably the largest in the country, with over 1,000 authorized distribution partners on the one hand, and over 3,000 authorised workshops that are engaged in unit repairs as well as vehicle service on the other. Our direct distribution reach extends beyond 60,000 semi wholesale and retail points with a dominant presence in all the key markets of the country. Finally, our unique and largest retail binding program called ‘3P’ complements our vast product offering. The Bosch K4000 Rally aims to bring all these fine ingredients together to build an effective narrative to assert Bosch’s leadership status in the Indian automotive aftermarket.”

Brand positioning

As a leading mobility solutions provider, Bosch brings state-of-the-art automotive technology to customers, across the country. The company also focuses on offering more efficient, safe and environment-friendly products to the market. The Bosch K4000 Rally also works towards enabling greener mobility through its ‘Genuine Parts’ drive, which aims to educate Automotive Aftermarket division’s stakeholders on the environmental effects of using spurious parts in vehicles. It also spreads awareness on the statutory implications of selling these components. With the wide variety of activities planned during the campaign, Bosch aims to introduce its core strategy of ‘Parts, Bytes and Services’ and present its complete range of innovative technologies and solutions in the segment.

PV Yeshwant Kumar, Senior General Manager, Product Marketing, Bosch Limited pointed out: “The Bosch K4000 rally comprises a comprehensive set of activities and is a medium to take new products into the market out to the retailers workshops. This campaign is aimed at ensuring that Bosch is definitely the first choice to the customers.”


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