Renault introduces new Global Digital Strategy first in India

The effort of the French car major, Renault in introducing the new Global Digital Strategy first in India, goes to show how serious the global auto makers are looking at India Inc.

Renault India

As the French car manufacturer’s subsidiary, Renault India has realised that Internet is fast emerging as one of the most important channels of information for the customers looking to buy a new car, the car maker did not waste much time and launched the new digital identity. Every customer researches extensively on vivid social media platforms before actually taking the final call of making up their mind to buy a car. Apparently, in its endeavour to offer its customers a best in class digital experience, Renault India has brought in a seamless experience for them in accessing the website through the mobile phone, tablet and desktop. The new platform is the first Renault-Nissan alliance digital initiative.

The new digital identity makes it extremely easy for a first time user to navigate through the various sections and get a comprehensive understanding of Renault’s offerings in India. Renault aims to empower its customers with the best web experience in the Industry, and has ingeniously innovated to create an exciting new platform which is easy to use.

Renault’s new global strategy is launched first in India and will be replicated in Renault operations across the globe, clearly indicating the important role that the India operations plays in the overall growth plans of Renault.

Salient features of Renault’s new digital identity include:

• A service-oriented platform on top of which websites are built which enables a seamless journey where the same data and services are available across different channels
• Single Sign On where the same authentication and profile is usable across websites, mobile apps, third-party websites. Login is also possible using social networks

• Multiple personalisation schemes that adapt the content displayed to the behavior of the user on the site
• Completely hosted on the “cloud” with the main infrastructure hosted in multiple regions. Augments agility and scalability and going forward multi-CDN architecture will be setup to optimize content distribution.


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