Cidade de Goa to organise Middle Eastern food festival ‘Saha wa hana’ from January 24 to February 1, 2015

Getting an opportunity to experience the beauty of Goa is always a dream come true. That too, if you get an opportunity to be at the Cafe Azul of the five star deluxe beachfront resort, taking art in the Middle Eastern Food Festival and enjoying the culinary delights of Saha wa hana, then the day it made.

Cidade de Goa

The food festival commenced on January 24, 2015 and concludes on February 1, 2015. The festival starts from 7.30 PM to 11.00 PM.

Saha wa hana Delicacies (1)
Cidade de Goa, a five star property provides you with an opportunity to experience the beauty of Goa with an atmosphere that’s just perfect to unwind and relax.

Cafe Azul - Cidade de Goa

There is always something to look forward to at Cidade de Goa, as its team of excellent chefs that bring you the most exciting culinary delights through food festivals that are organised regularly.

Saha wa hana Delicacies (2)

Cidade de Goa embarks on yet another culinary journey by bringing in a rich and robustly flavoured cuisine with ‘Saha wa hana’, the Middle Eastern food festival at Café Azul. The Middle East is known to be the land of magical stories, beautiful architecture, desert landscape, inimitable hospitality and rich flavours! Arabic for health and happiness, ‘Saha wa hana’ brings you the best delicacies of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt and the Gulf.

Saha wa hana Delicacies
Enjoy a vast Mezze selection and mouth-watering dishes such as the Yemeni Laham Haneed in which succulent lamb meat marinated with traditional herbs and spices is served with rice as well as the Lebanese Samakeh Harra, a spicy fish preparation. This is a speciality dish where a lightly lemon-marinated fish is baked and covered with a delicious sauce made of Tahini paste and spices. Kousa Mahshi is another masterpiece from Lebanon in which zucchini is delicately stuffed with tender meat mince and rice, simmered in tomato sauce.
You can satiate your sweet tooth with Turkish desserts like Baklava, a sweet filo pastry filled with assorted nuts and topped with honey, and Basbousa. Belonging to the Levantine cuisine, Maamoul is a sweet shortbread pastry filled with fine dates, walnuts and pistachios. The Mediterranean ambience of Café Azul, infused with murmurs of the waves and palm trees, gives the evenings a surreal touch. Enjoy an authentic blend of meats and vegetables and with every bite you will surely go- ‘Lazeezah’. For further information, call: +91-832-2454545 or log on to


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