Cozi Cars take the service to the doorsteps of car owners in Delhi

Taking your car to the service station will become a thing of the past. In what could be termed as a novel attempt, Cozi Cars, a mobile car detailing initiative by Liv India Group has now embarked on a new concept of taking the service to the doorsteps of every car owners in Delhi, who wishes to get their cars professionally clenaed and detailed anytime, anywhere.

Cozi Cars

Now there is no more waiting at the service stations for your car to be given to you. Your car will always be serviced at your convenient time and place, be it your home or office. Cozi Cars provides cleaning of cars inside out, using specialised tools and eco-friendly cleaning agents for removal of dust, dirt and grime. Depending on the internal and external cleaning, they use a number of specially designed spray injection/ extraction techniques, high pressure washer, paint correction and protection with superior quality paint sealants, paint restoration and more, making them a unique professional detailer.

Speaking about the efficacy of service, Jasmeet Singh, Vice President, Liv India Group said: “We make use of as little as only four bottles of water to clean the cars by using steam cleaning options thereby trying to help in water conservation. Cozi Cars is an exclusive chain of mobile car detailing services and distributors of Cozi Car products in India, and we are targeting Asia-Pacific in a couple of years.”

Besides transforming the car into a refreshing appearance, the best part of getting the car serviced by Cozi Cars is that unlike other service centres, this mobile car detailing unit serves the bill to the customer in advance, before the car undergoes the service, without any hidden charges. Therefore, the customers of Cozi Cars are free of anxiety.

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