JD Institute of Fashion Technology to celebrate Republic Day sporting Indian wear

As India is witnessing increasing development, the lifestyle of its citizens are also changing. With new trends and styles setting in, the Indian attire is losing its sheen in the corporate wear.


The youth of India are shying away from wearing Indian wear in office, at the same time there is a steady decline in women voluntarily choosing to wear sarees and men to wear kurta’s as a way to power dress. Majority of the Indian population today opt for business suits to feel at par with the the overall concept of power dressing.

As part of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, the JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the first institute to take responsibility and encourage its people to sport Indian wear with full élan. Keeping this in mind, the Institute, spread across 21 states with 30 different centres is taking a pledge this Republic Day to be dressed in the Indian attire once a week for the whole year, according to a company statement.

In order to keep alive the feeling of patriotism and keep intact the culture of our nation, this pledge has been taken, says RC Dalal, Executive Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology. “While we already train more than 5,000 students all across the nation to think creatively and start a fashion trend every year, it will be nice to look back into our own culture and tradition and look at rich textile heritage for not only selling but also to wear the same in various areas of power”, Dalal added.

It will be worthwhile to see designers to wear Indian clothing on ramp when they enter the International Fashion Weeks. It will inspire the whole nation to respect our own dressing and make it as powerful. While politicians always wear Indian clothing to be more acceptable amongst the people all across the nation, it was worthwhile to see Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister to give a new version to working kurtas during various rally’s and public meeting during the election.

‘This may have started at an institute but we intend to make this into a movement’ Dalal concurred. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, an eminent name in the field of fashion, interiors and jewellery since two and half decades now. The institute was established with the vision to create designers of tomorrow and to produce fashion professionals who could make the most of opportunities in the world of design.

The design industry in the country has always since looked up to JD for quality man-power in various streams of fashion and the institute is today the alma-mater of over 20,000 fashion professionals either employed by select organisation world-wide or entrepreneurs and name in their own right.


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