targets Indian students

Pioneers in the student marketing space and first lifestyle solution provider, is aiming at the student community as its target segment.


What with the portal’s core value proposition, coupled with its unique enabler mechanism and simple web interface, SPM is aimed at providing a safe and value-for-money proposition for all student needs, be it curated city based experiences or shopping deals.


Therefore, SMP is a one stop dream destination with the best student deals, awesome offers and great jobs, at the same time, it is an exclusive student discount domain, says a company statement.


SPM is aimed at making making a student’s life as hassle free as possible by bridging the gap between the inflation and a young adult’s disposable income, the e-commerce curator and deals portal introduces the perfect solution to all of a student’s monetary woes. Pocket money is a many a student’s lifeline and we have all been there – struggling at the end of the month, borrowing from siblings and friends and even emotionally blackmailing parents for that matter. SPM makes all of this much simpler and the process is extremely easy. Students register for free on the website, browse the curated offers and experiences, click on the deal they want to use then download/SMS/print the deal coupon. This coupon has to be shown along with their college ID card to the retailer to validate the deal.


Speaking about this unique endeavour, Rahul Mahajan, Director – Operations, SMP said: “So many brands are targeting the youth but there is no ‘one’ coherent platform that is creating enough noise in this segment, there is no one stop solution. SPM is a platform for brands and retailers, advertisers and visionaries to reach the student community and connect with them better.”


Endorsing his contention, Jinaal Shah, Director – Commercials, added: “Having lived the student life, our team is keen to create powerful experiences that will increase the happiness quotient of the student community. After all, student life is all about creating happy memories and the worries can wait till after college.”

Creating waves

In a short span of five months, SMP has over a 100 brands and 15,000 registered users. There are offers on ‘Stuff to do’ as well as ‘Stuff to buy’. The website has brands from various categories like clothing, gadgets, entertainment, travel, education and more including Gold’s Gym, Pizza Express, Enrich, Canvas Laugh Club, Café Mangii, Inox, MOD, Tattoo Star, Florista and Aquamagica to name a few. also engages students on campus and helps them gain experience and exposure in the field of sales and marketing. The website hires college representatives from various colleges, who are responsible for student registrations, student relations and promotions. What is more, internship opportunities are also listed on the website. All a student need to do is to log on to and mend all the burnt holes of his pockets. A mobile app will be launched on January 26, 2015.

The genesis behind the launch of can be traced from the Aston University, the UK days, when the class mates, Rahul and Jinaal, after facing many odds when it came to spending, and more importantly, saving money. The duo wanted to do something different to the student community, back in India. After relentless pursuit, both in the farm of doing intense ground work and in terms of deep research, came into being. And the rest, as they say, was a history.


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