Amruta Fadnavis unveils ‘ArmHer’ security device for women

Ever wondered about a unique and stylish fashion accessory that also can safeguard and protect women? ‘ArmHer’, India’s first smart security device for women was launched by Amruta Fadnavis, spouse of Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis this morning.


From (L-R): Amruta Fadnavis and Raza Anees at the launch of ArmHer in Mumbai. 

Geared at making Maharashtra, and subsequently other states in India, safer for women. ‘ArmHer’, has been designed on ensuring a safer, more inclusive, city for women. ‘ArmHer’ has a one-press alert button for notifying others when stuck in distressing situations.

According to a statement issued by Innovative Ideals & Services India (Private) Ltd, the promoters of the accessory, ‘ArmHer’ can be connected to any mobile phone via Bluetooth with a small panic switch, very convenient to carry like a key chain. In case of a panic situation, the girl presses the switch without touching her smart phone. This action sends five each SMS and mails to her preselected family members giving a message, ‘Help me I am in trouble’ along with the Google map location of the girl including the date and time. What is more, it also puts a Facebook update.

While speaking about the novel accessory, Amruta Fadnavis said: “Safety of women is paramount and is an issue that has been a cause for concern. The alarmingly increasing number of cases of gender violence in the recent past makes products like ‘ArmHer’ a must for every women. I am happy to be associated with such an initiative and hope with ‘ArmHer ’we can keep the women of our country

Maqsood D. Shaikh, Director Innovative Ideals & Services (India) Private Limited said: “ArmHer is a small and convenient device that can ensure timely help for women who are on cusp of being violated and scarred for life. The innovative use of technology as a tool in this fight for women’s right to freely access and use public spaces was the principle behind the development of this accessory. It will also enable women to safeguard themselves and seek assistance at the press of a button.”

Alliance with police

The next phase of the venture would involve tying up with the Police control room so that they can take immediate action.
There are mobile Apps available offering a similar service. However during an emergency the predator would never allow his victim to access her mobile phone, let alone accessing the application and sending out a distress message. Any attempt by the victim to do so will only agitate the criminal which could lead to more violence. ‘ArmHer’ is a small device which can be attached to a key chain or the handle of the women’s hand bag making it extremely easy to access and use.

“ArmHer is eager to partner with organisations that work to facilitate a safer society, from all over the world. ArmHer welcomes inquiries and ideas from them. The product will be sold through our web portal,, retail stores and we are in negotiations with various e-commerce shopping portals to take this safety device to all parts of the country” Raza Anees, General Manager, Marketing & Sales, Innovative Ideals & Services (India) Private Limited added.

Innovative Ideals & Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1993 as Innovative Systems when India’s electronic industry was beginning to open up. From the start, it set its sights high and targeted leading industries to become the first Indian company to bring the concept of Video Door phones into India. Innovative quickly became the leader in India with products in security systems and home automation and home networking systems. Very soon it had several hundreds of clients, including some of the top names in the housing industry. Being the first in India to introduce video doorphones to various markets, as well as highly customized solutions, Innovative’s expertise is now recognized all over India. At present, Innovative is looking to expand into various industrial segments, as well as the length and breadth of India.


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