Goa Carnaval 2015 to be held from February 14-17

If you are planning to visit to Goa, then the best time to visit this happening city would be from February 14-17, 2015, when the great Goa Carnaval is gonna rock.

Goa Carnival 2014

The one of its kind fiesta in India, Goa Carnaval is all set to dazzle with colour, constumes, foot-tapping music and a soul-stirring annual extravaganza. This time, the fun-filled, four-day event coincides with the Valentine’s Day (February 14) weekend and this will reflect in the Carnaval too, as the themes will revolve around ‘Cupid and Love’.

Goa Tourism is also working around themes like ‘Love Goa’ and ‘Celebrate with Goa’. King Momo will pronounce his reign over Goa for three days at the first parade in the capital city on Saturday, February 14, 2015 and his entourage will be a sight to behold. The spectacular and impressive traditional Carnaval float parades in other major cities of Margao, Vasco, Mapusa and Ponda will be held during the four-day festivities. Cultural programs and dances will also be organized all across the State and revelers, tourists and Goans will feel the Carnaval spirit flowing through their veins.

The genesis of the Carnaval can be traced back to the Portuguese who ruled Goa for over four centuries and the festival is a legacy of several hundred years of Portuguese rule. From quiet celebrations about seven to eight decades ago, the Carnaval has grown over the years to be India’s biggest cultural event drawing lakhs of tourists to Goa. And the best time to enjoy Goa in all its glamour and gusto is Carnaval.

This year too, Goa Tourism is aiming to ensure that Carnaval gives tourists the essence of traditional Goa. Brass bands, colourful décor, and Carnaval caricatures will be prominently displayed at all parade venues and across the state, according to a statement issued by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation.

Food & Cultural Festival

The annual Food and Cultural Festival is also scheduled from February 13-17, 2015 and this will showcase some culinary heirlooms of Goa alongside modern cuisine in the state, to give tourists a glimpse into the gastronomic variety available here. Cultural programmes, music, dance performances, Goan folklore and culture will be prominently showcased during the Food and Culture Fest, which promises to add more spice to the celebrations. Goa Tourism and Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) have set the stage for Carnaval and the Food and Cultural Festival and Goa is already abuzz over the two mega events to be held in February. The King Momo contest will also be announced shortly and this year Goa Tourism is expecting it to be a keenly contested affair.


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