Goodyear India launches outdoor creative campaign ‘Have a Goodyear’

Goodyear India has heralded the New Year by unleashing its creative campaign, ‘Have a Goodyear’. The New year is an occasion when the phrase ‘Happy New Year’ is traditionally used to wish one another, rather, Goodyear India has chosen to take the route unique to the brand.


Goodyear India wished everyone ‘Have a GOODYEAR’ in a grand style in a celebratory mood through its latest campaign thus connecting the brand idea to the topicality of The New Year a unique way. Using pun on the brand name Goodyear, the core idea behind the campaign is to wish everyone a ‘Good year’ by saying ‘Have a GOODYEAR’. Goodyear India kick-started the campaign on Outdoor and Social media. Goodyear India took this idea forward to wish all its partners and associates as well.

Outdoor campaign


‘Have a GOODYEAR’ Outdoor campaign had a celebratory feel to it. As part of the campaign, the creative was mounted at the top of Cyber Hub in Gurgaon from December 31, 2014 till January 2, 2015. An extremely popular signage point of Gurgaon, the real estate had an LED display. From a creative perspective, both the tyres appeared to rotate vertically and the glitter behind the text in the background glowed & moved adding a celebratory feel to the occasion of The New year. The campaign idea has been designed and executed with Rapport, Goodyear India’s Outdoor partner.

Social media campaign

On Social media, Goodyear India takes this idea up a few notches up by giving everyone a reason to ‘Have A Goodyear’ and not just an emotional heartfelt good wish. Goodyear India rationalises as to why everyone will have a good year in 2015. The core idea: One of the first things people tend to do in the new year is to check out the list of holidays and especially the list of long weekends in the calendar at the beginning of the year. The year 2015 is unique where there are going to one of the highest number of long weekends – a strong reason for us all to # HaveAGoodyear. Goodyear India presents the Long Weekend calendar detailing the seven long weekends in 2015 (based on the national holidays) and a few states are even going to have up to almost 12 long weekends. Interface Business Solutions (IBS) is the digital partner of Goodyear India.

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