Mercedes-Benz India launch 12 pre-owned car outlets ‘Mercedes-Benz-Certified’

Mercedes-Benz India launched its new Pre-Owned car brand, ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ this morning. According to a company statement, the launch of the new brand was celebrated by the simultaneous inauguration of 12 new ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ outlets across country.

Mercedes-Benz Certified_inauguration

Mercedes-Benz Certified’ will provide customers a new destination for taking home a Mercedes-Benz car. The new brand will provide the pre-owned car customers an experience equivalent to a new car purchase, offering class leading facilities, infrastructure, tailor-made financing options, exciting warranty and service packages.

Mercedes-Benz Certified_Shaman Wheels

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, said: “We are delighted at launching this new brand which is designed specifically for the Indian market. There has been an increased demand for the pre-owned Mercedes-Benz products due to their superior build quality, tested reliability, and impeccable craftsmanship, leading to their high re-sale value. Mercedes-Benz enjoys a strong equity in the market and with ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ we will cater to this growing demand and delight the customers with excellence, which is synonymous with the Three Pointed Star. This has been a successful year for us and we are happy to end it on a high with this launch.”

‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ will directly connect with the customers ensuring their easy access to the pre-owned cars. The new warranty offerings, a new website, iPad sales software, specially trained staff of over 100 consultants, will ensure a differentiated product buying experience for the customer. All the sales consultants in these outlets would be using ipad equipped with our own isales app; which is an interactive, innovative and intelligent tool to ensure a pleasant and unique sales experience to the customers in all the showrooms across India. Also the new certification procedures along with the technical equipment for more accurate evaluation of vehicles and data management software will ensure complete peace of mind for the customers.

“We have launched 12 new ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ outlets today. This makes us the luxury manufacturer with the densest network, in the pre-owned segment as well. With ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ we aim to further organize the used car market and offer our customers an experience, similar to the new car customers. There is immense potential in this segment and it will be a key to future growth of the auto industry. Mercedes-Benz witnessed 39% growth in 2014 YTD in the pre-owned cars segment. With attractive trade-in and financing options and complete peace of mind on offer from ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’, we anticipate this segment to grow further driving the sales of new cars as well.” Mr. Kern further added.

Simultaneously launched today, the 12 new ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ outlets are: Shaman Wheels, Auto Hangar (Mumbai), Sundaram Motors, Akshaya Motors (Bangalore), B.U. Bhandari (Pune), Panjab Motors (Mohali), T&T Motors (West Delhi), T&T Motors (Mathura Road), Joshi Autozone (Chandigarh), Rajasree Motors (Cochin), Transcar (Chennai), Adishwar Motors (Hyderabad). Of these Shaman Wheels, Auto Hangar and Sundaram Motors are stand-alone outlets while the other outlets are shop-in-shops, where an exclusive showroom and display within the existing facility provides the best customer experience with ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’. These shop-in-shop outlets will also be upgraded into standalone facilities for ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ when required, based on the business volumes.


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