Organic Oxygen Mist hair treatment by Puja Taluja at Verve Salon Delhi

Bollywood beauty and makeup expert Puja Taluja is offering organic oxygen mist hair care technology that gives lasting hair treatment at Verve Salon, Delhi. This is the diving invention in the field of Hair care technology. The organic mist helps a lot in terms of treating all hair related problems like hair fall, Chronic dandruff, male bald pattern (only crown area hair falling), dehydrated and dull hair, poor regrowth, split ends or slow lengthening speed.

Organic Oxygen Mist

Taluja believes in sure shot and long lasting results in hair treatment. Organic protein therapy is a kind of food for hair which replenishes all the deficiencies that occur in due to poor diet, pollution, post pregnancy, tension or heredity factors. With few sitting of oxygen mist, you will get a total new confident ‘YOU’ flaunting the best of your mop.

Organic Oxygen Mist2


As the saying goes, quality never comes for free, you need to shell out a minimum of Rs.1500 per sitting. Afterall, does it really matter to spend this much money for your improved looks? Veve Salon is located at No: E-5, Second Floor, J Block Market, Saket, New Delhi.


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