Mercedes-Benz opens new R&D facility ‘Embassy Crest’ at Whitefield in Bangalore

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India (MBRDI), the research division of the Daimler Group of Germany has thrown open its second new facility called Embassy Crest at Whitefield in Bangalore near its head office yesterday.


The new facility is built on 266,000 square feet area employing 2,400 persons, according to a company statement. While speaking on the occasion, Thomas Merker, Vice President Body, Safety, Telematics Mercedes-Benz Cars Development and acting Chairman MBRDI said: “MBRDI plays an important role within our global research and development organization and this new facility is another milestone in the growth story of Mercedes-Benz R&D in India. With currently over 2,000 talented engineers and close to 200 patents filed for innovation in automotive development – MBRDI is a success story.” He added: “India is a high potential market for our company and MBRDI will continue to ensure that development initiatives are in accordance to customer needs.”

Dr. Michael Gorriz, CIO Daimler was all praise for the garden city. “Bangalore is known as the ‘Silicon-Valley’ of India and to have a strong IT footprint and to take advantage of the strong talent pool here is an important agenda for us. MBRDI provides us with highly qualified IT engineers and an already existing infrastructure. This is in line with our global IT-strategy to further expand our IT-department into a worldwide organization with strong international teams, which represent a striking variety of skills, know-how and foreign cultures. We are excited about the new facility which translates into growth for our existing IT-domains, such as a ‘Shared Service Centre’ for SAP applications, as well as developments for mobility services, computer simulations and augmented reality”, Gorriz added.

Manu Saale, MD & CEO MBRDI, pointed out: “MBRDI has an 18 year old history in India and our mission is to be a Center of Excellence within Daimler for Engineering & IT. Our growth strategy focuses on harnessing local capabilities and Bangalore with its large talent pool is the right location for MBRDI. With the new facility we will be able to be accommodate the robust growth phase that we are now in. We are already over 2,000 people strong. The new facility offers best in class infrastructure and its proximity to Whitefield Palms, the head office of MBRDI, ensures that there is excellent functional collaboration and therefore shorter development cycles. We are excited about our growth and what we offer here at MBRDI.”


Mercedes-Benz R&D India (MBRDI), headquartered in Bangalore was founded in 1996 as a captive unit to support Daimler’s research, IT and product development activities. It focuses on topics ranging from computer-aided design and simulations (CAD, CAE) for power train, chassis and exteriors to embedded systems, telematics and developing various IT applications and tools. The satellite office in Pune specializes in interior component designs and IT engineering.
The establishment of MBRDI is in line with the Daimler group’s ambition to attract the world’s best engineering talent and form a global footprint for its R&D and IT competencies. MBRDI also aims to partner closely with suppliers in India for its activities in product development and IT services. It is now one of the largest R&D centres of Daimler outside Germany.


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