Make in India, makes a resonance in Indian Automotive Industry, ‘A welcome move for Indian Manufacturing Indusry’, says Sumit Sawhney, Ceo & MD, Renault India

The Indian automotive industry is mighty well impressed with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s campaign, ‘Make in India campaign’, or so it seems to be when you hear about one of the industry stalwarts, endorsing his view.

Renault India Managing Director and CEO, Sumit Sawhney had lauded and welcomed the slogan of the Indian Prime Minister, Narender Modi, when pushed forward his agenda of ‘Make in India’. “The ‘Make in India’ campaign is a great initiative and a welcome move for the Indian manufacturing industry. What stands out clearly is the intent of easing business processes in India, with further reforms and favourable policy intervention which will attract FDI.”

Automotive Horizon

Stating that the automotive industry is key driver India’s GDP, Sawhney said that it was encouraging that it would be part of the 25 thrust sectors outlined for growth. “Therefore, I am confident that such pro-business measures will enable the manufacturing sector, led by the automobile industry, to bounce back stronger, and deliver on its potential of becoming one of the largest and most efficient in the world.”

Optimism Galore


According to Sawhney, the formation of a stable government had already led to immense optimism of progress and added: “We are already witnessing an improvement in macro-economic factors including the improving GDP, surge of the stock market and measures to control inflation. What is more, the ‘Make in India’ campaign will only help build this momentum towards making India a manufacturing powerhouse.


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