Insectides India sets up new R&D facility in Rajasthan by forging alliance with OAT Agro of Japan

India’s leading agro-chemical firm, Insecticides (India) Ltd., announced the commencement of its new Research and Development (R&D) facility at Chopanki, Rajasthan, which has been established in a joint venture with Japanese company OAT Agrio Co., Ltd. Spread across 25,000 square feet working area, sophisticated R&D centre of the joint venture between OAT, Japan and IIL India is planning to bring scientists of India and Japan under one roof to research and invent 2-3 agro-chemical molecules to control pests, weeds and diseases affecting important crops like soybean, cotton, wheat and rice across globe in next three years, according to a company statement.
IIL-QATFrom L-R:  Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Ltd., Akihei Mori, President and CEO, OAT Agrio Co., Ltd., and Dr. Tetsuya Imai, MD and CEO, OAT and IIL Laboratories.
IIL had entered into a joint venture with Otsuka Agritechno Co., Ltd, now OAT Agrio Co., Ltd, for research and development of new agrochemical molecules in 2013. Situated adjacent to the company’s Bhiwadi plant and set up at an investment of Rs 40 crore, the new plant will employ 42 persons including chemists and biologists to synthesise and evaluate about 7, 000 compounds every year.
“It is momentous to see the operationalization of the facility. This is the first time that we have set up this kind of facility outside Japan which makes it all the more glorious for us. The coming together of the two companies has set the ball rolling for discovery of new molecules that will be beneficial for important crops like soybean, cotton, and wheat and rice world over. We are aiming to apply for 10 basic patents in the next three years and discover 2-3 new molecules,” said, Akihei Mori, President and CEO, OAT Agrio Co., Ltd.
Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Ltd., said: “Indian companies shy away from research,as it is costly, risky and has long gestation period. This centre is one of its kinds where the research and invention of altogether new agro chemical molecules will be done for first time in India. I am sure that joining hands with OAT Agrio for this noble cause will really be able to make difference to farming community in India. We already have an In house R&D Centre, which is recognised by DSIR and QC labs and it is also approved by NABL accreditation. The process of off-patented, in particular, and generic products by reverse engineering are being developed, not to say the least.
In comparison with 1055 agro-chemical molecules being patented globally, India has a mere 250 agro-chemical molecules. This shows, that India has huge scope of developing indigenous technology. I am sure that this will help the Indian farmers to get the benefit of the latest technology at the most reasonable prices. In order to mark this golden day, we also propose a Crop Care Day, that will be observed by Insecticides (India) and will also ensure that our Indian partner will work towards the awareness among the farmers,”.
Stating that India is distinct country in terms of the variety of soil conditions and the different climate across states, Dr. Tetsuya Imai, Managing Director and CEO, OAT and IIL Indai Lboratories, added: “The examination and gauging of results of new molecules on different soil and climates become easy here, the statement said quoting the official as saying. “Being evenly spread across the country, IIL has an edge. With the operationalisation of the JV facility, we look forward to achieving results that will prove fruitful for farmers across globe.”
The ultra modern JV facility consists of three synthetic laboratories, 2 air-conditioned green houses, three breeding rooms, two bio-assay rooms, growth chambers, dedicated sewage treatment plant (STP) among others. It is exclusively divided in Chemical and Biological departments and chemical laboratories confirm all the world-class norms with latest instruments like NMR and the Lab is designed and set by Kewaunee, USA.


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