Indonesia International Motor Show 2014: Daimler and Mitsubishi launch Fuso trucks

The Oragadam, Chennai-based commercial vehicle major, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Private Limited (DICV), a wholly wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany along with its subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation of  Japan (MFTBC), under Daimler Trucks Asia, commercially launched the new FUSO FJ 25T and FI 12T trucks at the 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show, one of the Southeast Asia’s largest automobile exhibitions, according to a company statement. The new FUSO trucks being produced at the manufacturing facility of DICV in India.
FUSO FJ 2523Dr. Albert Kirchmann, MFTBC President and CEO, while speaking on the occasion, said: “The new FUSO truck range is one successful instance of various product projects underway. As a result of our intense market research and rigorous testing, we have developed a robust premium truck which even goes beyond the expectations from our customers in Indonesia.”

Referring to the company’s overall success in the market, Dr. Kirchmann concurred: “The all-new FUSO truck range will play a key role in our product portfolio and extend our leadership in Indonesia and represents the brand’s long-term commitment to the market.”

Asia and African markets

Newly developed the for growth markets, the robust Mitsubishi FUSO truck range has now reached land in Indonesia, the auto maker’s largest export market and Southeast Asia’s largest economy. With the new range of trucks, Fuso is aiming at fuelling at more momentum in Indonesia where the Japanese arm of the German auto maker has established itself as the leading commercial vehicle brand. The new Mitsubishi FUSO trucks have already been launched in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Brunei, besides beig introduced now in Indonesia.

Choises galore

All-new robust FUSO models is bringing out products in excess of ten markets in Asia and Africa in the initial phase. The all-new FUSO truck range comprises five new models such as the medium-heavy-duty (GVW 25-49 tons referred to as ‘FJ’, ‘FO’, and ‘FZ’) and the light-medium-duty (GVW 9-16 tons referred to as ‘FA’ and ‘FI’) thus providing more choice to customers. These trucks, models varying by markets, are exported and sold through MFTBC’s global network in Asia and Africa in the first phase, with plans for further spread its wings in markets such as the Middle East and Latin America.

Indonesian market

FUSO is the number one commercial vehicle brand in Indonesia in the overall truck and bus segments. In the light-duty truck segment (5-8 tonnes GVW) served by the Colt Diesel, Fuso continues to lead the market with a share of 53.1% (January-December 2013). Over the past five years, the German subsidiary has sold in excess of 280,000 units in south east Asian nation, including light-duty trucks, medium-heavy-duty trucks and light-duty bus chassis. Fuso has reached its one millionth sales milestone in 2013, ever since it set foot in the market back in 1970.

Mitsubishi Fuso products for Indonesia are distributed by P.T. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB). MFTBC holds 18% of KTB shares. With a clear view on the growth potential in Asia and Africa and beyond, FUSO is in preparation to continuously add further markets to its strong market presence. Daimler Trucks Asia expects to gain additional growth momentum in the future markets on top of the current existing markets from its new Asia Business Model introduced in 2013. The new business model creates synergies by bundling the strengths of the Japan-based Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. (MFTBC) and Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) under the Umbrella of Daimler Trucks Asia.

Going forward

The Asia Business Model is an integral component of Daimler Trucks Global Excellence Programme, ‘DT#1 (Daimler Trucks Number One)’ designed to secure Daimler Trucks leadership position in the key growth markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. By leveraging its operational strengths in Kawasaki, Japan (MFTBC), and DICV, the new business model is targeted to double its sales (MFTBC and DICV) to 290,000 units by 2020. And as “Daimler Trucks in Asia producing a vital contribution to Daimler Trucks overall sales target of over 500,000 units sold in the year 2015 and more than 700,000 trucks in the year 2020.


The new business model enables Daimler Trucks in Asia to fully leverage its product portfolio, R&D network, joint sourcing, and global manufacture footprint. Short-term joint projects are already underway in areas such as sourcing, logistics and shared IT systems and platforms.


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