Removal of fibroid doubles the chances of pregnancy: Dr. Samundi Sankari

Continuous research has revealed that removal of fibroid from the women seeking child through IVF treatment, is a key and most missed step in the success of IVF procedures across the world. Most female populace who visit other countries including India aren’t well informed on a basic fact, which could help them save time and more importantly, the duration of hospital stay and the money they spend the IVF treatment overseas, in countries including India.
 SrusthiA host of fertility treatment centres do not insist or educate the importance of a thorough investigation of the pelvic region prior to any assisted reproductive technique to be safe, cost-effective and reliable. Such investigation also would lead to the fibroid removal prior to IVF, for better efficacy and success rate.
“There is ample research that points to the fact that the removal of fibroid doubles the chances of pregnancy and increases IVF success rate manifold”, says Dr. Samundi Sankari, Founder and Medical Director of Shrusthi Fertility Centre. In a free-wheeling chat with Jayashankar Menon, Sankari shares more information on the removal of fibroid.
Samundi-SankariJM: How important is removal of fibroid as an early and vital step in the process of IVF?
SS: There is ample research that points to the fact that the removal of fibroid doubles the chances of pregnancy and increases IVF success rate manifold. Depending on the size of the fibroid, the removal procedures could be minimally invasive and cost-effective as well. At our centre, we commence the fibroid removal process during the first cycle and the IVF procedure during the second cycle, thereby reduces the period of hospitalisation of the patient.
JM: What will happen if a patient who commences IVF treatment with existing fabroid in her womb?
SS: Many many treatment centres just commence IVF treatments with existing fibroids in the womb – which is a recipe for failure of any assisted reproductive measure, due to the underlying effects of fibroids. Unaware of this, a whole lot of people progress to the later phases of IVF, which can be completely avoided.
JM: Can you talk about Shrusthi Fertility Centre?
SS: The Centre is located at Kotturpuram, in Chennai. I am in the lead, having two decades’ experience in this field of IVF. I am heading IVF units for over 15 years now and our centre’s results have a success rate of more than 62% in ART procedures thereby making the pregnancy rates staggeringly high for 30-35 year old women and this has been possible because of the presence of our team of experienced Doctors and Clinical Embryologists.


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