The Pink Post It, the curated trunk show held at The Grand New Delhi

The shopping landscape in Delhi transforming every passing year with new and exciting eclectic brands mushrooming in the marketplace.

(L to R) Mandira Lamba Mitali Wadhwa Sharnamli Mehra Adhar & Kaabia GrewalFrom (L-R): Mandira Lamba Mitali Wadhwa Sharnamli Mehra Adhar and Kaabia Grewal.

The Pink Post It has become the leading platform in the capital for such brands, offering them a curated pedestal to reach out to a niche clientele, one that is uber trendy and a well-heeled customer who is willing to spend.
(L to R) Mitali Wadhwa, Sharnamli Mehra Adhar, Rasna Bhasin, Keshav Suri & Shemaila KhanFrom (L-R) Mitali Wadhwa, Sharnamli Mehra Adhar, Rasna Bhasin, Keshav Suri and Shemaila Khan.
This year the series of curated trunk shows had moved to The Grand Hotel and was brought to you in association with a luxury brand – MB Jewellers (MBj), showcasing more than 35 handpicked brands from across the country displaying clothes, accessories, home, children to precious jewelry along with the most coveted International brands as well.
(L to R) Neelima Dalmia Adhar, Sal Tahiliani & a friendFrom (L-R) Mitali Wadhwa, Sharnamli Mehra Adhar, Rasna Bhasin, Keshav Suri and Shemaila Khan.
Paying impeccable attention to quality, diversity and excellence, the curators & founders, Sharnamli Mehra Adhar & Mitali Wadhwa made sure that everyone was spoilt for choice.

Aditya Nanda (L) & Edward Lalrempuia (R)                          Aditya Nanda (L) & Edward Lalrempuia (R)

Bold colours, superior quality fabrics and workmanship, statement accessories and garments – these designers are all great finds, creating artisanal pieces of beauty, and the trunk show had collected them all in one designer space!
Bharti Bhalla                          Bharti Bhalla
 Seen indulging in some retail therapy were Delhi’s style mavens Sal Tahiliani, Manya Patil Seth, Kavita Singh of DLF, Shobhna Arora, Pooja Gogia, Sylvia Moin Qureshi, Mandira Lamba, Model Diva Dhawan, Hotelier Keshav Suri, Stylist Edward Lalrempuia, Aditya Nanda,  Bharti Bhalla, Sushmita Aggarwal amongst others.
Co founders of The Pink Post It - Mitali Wadhwa (L) & Sharnamli Mehra Wadhwa (R)Co founders of The Pink Post It – Mitali Wadhwa (L) & Sharnamli Mehra Wadhwa (R)
 Some of the brands that participated were Bollywood’s current favorite – Arpita Mehta from Mumbai, Jewelry experts Outhouse, Tisha Saksena, International online boutique service Darveys feat.

Designer Arpita Mehta                          Designer Arpita Mehta

Prada, Valentino, Tory Burch, Miu Miu etc, Carousel by Simran Arya, Shivangi Sahni, Devina Juneja, Kronokare, J by Jannat, Sonal Kalra Ahuja, Snesha, Twenty Seven by Mitali, Divya Chugh, Peahen Jewelery, Tokree (Jaipur), Moon River featuring DVF, Marni etc amongst others…
Designer Nitya Bajaj Birla (L) & a friend                  Designer Nitya Bajaj Birla (L) & a friend
Co – founder and creative force behind the show Sharnamli Mehra Adhar, believes that each brand showcased should get a platform to exhibit amongst the new and established in the industry thus learning the ropes in the best way possible along with reaching the ideal target audience for their brand. We also tailor make marketing campaigns for each brand and present them to the market acting as the perfect launch pad for them.
Designer Sonal Kalra Ahuja                          Designer Sonal Kalra Ahuja
Mitali Wadhwa, being a designer adds her experiences to the business model of the trunk show, wherein the brands are carefully chosen after an extensive screening process to maintain the exclusivity and quality of our shows. We have been fortunate enough to be associated with the best brands in the business and the audience has come to trust our choices in the kind of brands being showcased each time pertaining to the seasons, festivals and other factors affecting their shopping choices.
Designer Tisha Saksena                           Designer Tisha Saksena
This time the trunk show brought exclusively designed pieces by MB Jewellers (MBj). Impeccably crafted and designed to international standards, MB Jewelers specializes in highest quality of diamonds, Heritage kundan polki, victorian antiques and gold jewellery.

Geeta Mehra (L) & Manya Patil (R)                            Geeta Mehra (L) & Manya Patil (R)

Adhering to the highest royal standards of Ratangarh (Churu), the exquisite pieces have been created using purest quality of gold and jewellery crafting material, creating a range of bespoke & made to order flawless masterpieces.
Kavita Singh of DLF                              Kavita Singh of DLF
The Pink Post It’s Festive edition in association with MB Jewellers (MBj) was held at The Grand Hotel, on the 6th of September from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm. Customers were spoilt for choice to shop their hearts out, The Pink Post It will also gave 100 privileged shoppers the added bonus of having “The Pink Post It’s – Insider Pass” which is a loyalty card that gave its holders customized perks and valuable discounts that were a part of the trunk show.

Model Diva Dhawan                  Model Diva Dhawan

Outhouse designers - Shasha (L) & Kaabia Grewal                         Outhouse designers – Shasha (L) & Kaabia Grewal

Sharnamli Mehra Adhar (L) & Sylvia Moin Qureshi (R)                               Sharnamli Mehra Adhar (L) & Sylvia Moin Qureshi (R)

Shobhna Arora & Yameer Adhar                            Shobhna Arora & Yameer Adhar

Sushmita Aggarwal                           Sushmita Aggarwal


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