Rahul Khandelwal organises Mummy & Me kids fashion carnival at Chattarpur

Mummy & Me, a kids fashion carnival was organised by Rahul Khandelwal’s Glambuds Entertainment at Oodles Hotel in Chattarpur on August 22, 2014. There is a general saying that when the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. Rightly so, when the moms who are home makers play a quintessential role in the growth of their wards, from the time they start walking, when they were studying and the upbringing of their children. Most of the time spent at home, these mothers tend to lose touch with the outside world, hence refuse to take part in various activities, what a working mother does.

Ange-BholaGlambuds Entertainment, promoted by Rahul Khandelwal had organises a beauty pagent, precisely for the same reason. It is the first time that a show of such kind has been conceptualised for mothers and their kids, it’s a opportunity that was given to all the Moms who play a key role in a kids’ life but they usually remain backstage, Khandelwal’s initiative has got the Mummies & Kids come on the stage and walk the ramp to show their talent.


Chief Guest of the Show was Arpita Bansal well known social worker  and Director of Muskaan KK Memorial Trust. The show also had eminent guests on panel of Jury as the Judges like Vivek Mishra (Big Boss Fame) Maya Singh (Mrs Asia Pacific 2014), Saandhya Madaan (Celebritiy Make Up Artist) and Ankit Nagpal, Director, Bang on Target PR.


The Show had eight contestants, mothers who participated with their Kids for the fashion carnival. The show had three Interesting rounds: ‘Walk the Ramp’ to see the confidence of the participants, “Introduction” for the Judges to get to know the participants better & “Talent Show” where the kids acted various situations they face in school and performed various forms of dance.

On this occasion Rahul Khandelwal Said “I am very happy to organise this show, as usually there are shows where just kids walk the ramp and participate, where as I wanted Mom’s to also participate with their kids so that they get more encouraged and inculcate more confidence within themselves”.

The show was attended by a huge audience in which many Delhi’s Socialites were also present including Leena Bidani, Jaspreet Singh, Rochikaa Aggarwal, Twinkle Malhotra, Sam Williams, Harsh Singh, Kanika Tangri and Sam Ahuja, among others.


In between the Show, International Magician Tulsi also did a breath taking performance. He showed many tricks and kept the audience engaged. The magician also tried a few magical tricks on the Judges by inviting them on the stage.

The entire evening was full of excitement. The winner of the show was Bhola and her daughter Angel, who performed various dances during the round of Talent Show. The mother and daughter had camouflaged in such a way they looked identical.  Shilpa and her daughter Trista Hicks were the second runner up and the third Runner up were Narula and daughter Tanishkha Narula.


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