ATS One Hamlet: Your search for a swimming pool ends at NCR

How about having a swimming pool at your neighbourhood of NCR? Sounds interesting? Then read on. ATS Infrastructure has made up its mind to offer a pride residence to people seeking a bit of novelty. This was for their latest project in the offing – ATS One Hamlet. ATS  One Hamlet has always offered homes with a difference, those apart from the run-of-the-mill variety and we are proud to have delivered this project.

What makes it special is the state-of-the-art features it accommodates. With a pool lounge area created with spa beds and a hydrotherapy massage system, this pool is a true rejuvenating experience. You are not expected to know or learn swimming to enjoy the calming effect of a hydrotherapy pool attached to the big pool at ATS One Hamlet.

The four bed hydrotherapy lounge has eight high pressure air nozzles fixed into each bed to provide a massage effect. They have been anthropometrically placed to give proper massage to calf, thigh, upper and lower back of the human body. Meticulous selection of lighting has transformed this section of the pool into a thereaupatic environment.

Aesthetically, the levels are such that at the first look, the pool seems to be a vast spread of crystal clear water in which a little kids’ pool is tucked away as a surprise element.A look at the corner surprises you with more features. The exquisite cascade of water flowing into the pool gives the impression of a natural waterfall. The wooden deck around the pool lends a rustic look, making the pool appear more like a decorative water body as a whole.

The pool conforms to international standards for water quality as well as safety. From lighting to fixtures, every component has been thoughtfully chosen. On the energy front, the pool is very efficient. The filtration system has been considered in a manner that the electricity cost is considerably reduced; along with LED lights being used throughout.

Safety has been of utmost importance here. Only 12 volts lights have been used, ruling out any untoward electrocution incident that might occur. The lighting, greenscape and hardscape blends seamlessly with the total pool area making it an outdoor recreational experience and not just separate elements of a pool.

Water sheets and jets have been strategically placed to add to the overall beauty. Plantation and horticulture has been considered keeping in mind a seamless blend with nature making the total presentation a totally unique and captivating experience. Working in the capacity of a total swimming pool solutions provider, Premium Pools has always been able to help builders increase the saleability of their projects by adding a tag of exclusivity in the luxury segment.


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