Search for Tamil Nadu’s Kitchen Legacy successfully concludes with MTR and Chef Damu

MTR Foods successfully concluded the ‘Search for Tamil Nadu’s kitchen legacy with MTR and Chef Damu’ – A cooking workshop organised by MTR to help people rediscover the authentic taste of Tamil Nadu food by cooking along with Chef Damu, according to a statement issued by MTR.
Starting February 15, 2014 a big blitz campaign was done inviting food enthusiast for the event. On the day of the event the participants got an opportunity to cook along with Damu and learn forgotten and authentic dishes. Damu also prepared authentic dishes like Navadhaniya Kolumbu and Sambar for the participants and highlighted the value of using pounded Masalas like MTR instead of the grinded ones, bringing out the sought-after authentic aroma and flavour of the sambar.
This event provided the participants with ‘once in a life time’ opportunity to cook alongside an accomplished chef who has won several accolades and is also instrumental in popularising Tamilian cuisine all over India.
On the occasion, Sanjay Sharma, CEO of MTR Foods said: “MTR Foods is the guardian of authentic Indian food. Over a year ago we launched a range of authentic pounded masalas especially created for our Tamil Nadu consumers as we saw the need to bring back the authentic Tamil Nadu cuisine which the consumers are losing. We along with Damu, who is an authority in Tamil Nadu cuisine have taken the endeavor of rediscovering the authentic Tamil Nadu cuisines, tastes and cooking practices prevalent in consumer households and today’s event is another step towards the same”.
Talking on the sidelines of the event, Damu said: “MTR has taken up the noble initiative to re-introduce some forgotten recipes to the everyday life of its consumers to make sure that our food traditions and heritage are kept alive”.
Vaishnavi Madhu, a participant in the event said: “Cooking has always been my passion and I watch a lot of cookery shows to learn new recipes and hone my culinary skills. I always use MTR Masalas because I know that their pounded masalas really bring out the original flavor in my dishes. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe my luck when MTR gave me an opportunity to cook alongside Damu”.
MTR Foods stands tall as an Indian heritage brand. Today, a popular household name, MTR Foods has consolidated its market leadership in the south and is all set for a strong pan India presence, beginning with forays into the northern, western and eastern regions.


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