Ramanujan movie conveys that the mathematician’s life is relevant even today

The English-Tamil biopic ‘Ramanujan’ intends to convey to the Indian society/system that the life of the genius mathematician is relevant even today. The very recent example of Satya Nadella becoming the CEO of Microsoft definitely proves it. The film directed by national award winning director Gnana Rajasekaran and produced by Camphor Cinema, talks about how the Indian education system failed to recognize Ramanujan. The system encouraged mediocrity and was designed to keep people out, rather than extending the means to impart knowledge to all people. This scenario unfortunately continues to prevail today as well.
Ramanujan was denied a scholarship in college, and was later thrown out of college as he didn’t do well in other subjects! The college did not acknowledge his genius in math as they wanted someone average – who could pass in all subjects. His mathematical expertise and knowledge superseded the norm of what mathematical departments of India had ever seen before. Yet not many in the Indian academia were interested in helping Ramanujan further his research. Nobody gave him grants nor supported him barring a few Indians like Ramachandra Rao ICS.  Ramanujan had to finally work as clerk to make money! It was Sir. Francis Spring, an Englishmen who actually supported & promoted Ramanujan in the higher circles that led him to writing letters to Prof. Hardy.
Sushant Desai producer – Camphor Cinema says: “There are so many barriers to entry in the Indian system. It is not only the institutional education system that makes it hard for a genius to survive, but it’s also the society at large that fails to provide opportunities for such individuals. Ramanujan’s life is a point in case.”
Sharanyan Nadathur, producer – Camphor Cinema pointed out: “Our movie interestingly shows how an youngster like Ramanujan relentlessly followed his passion irrespective of whatsoever the challenge was. We have shown how a young self motivated Ramanujan worked towards success which can be a kind of motivation for the youth of today. Our director has also interestingly dealt with the issue of how people fail to identify a real talent which is relevant even today.”
‘Ramanujan’  features grandson of legendary couple Gemini Ganesan and Savitri & step- nephew of Rekha, ‘Abhinay Vaddi’ who plays the role of ‘Ramanujan’, Malayali actress Bhama, Suhasini Maniratnam wife of the renowned director Mani Ratnam and the established British stage and screen actor, Kevin McGowan. It features Indian actors Abbas, Nizhalgal Ravi, Delhi Ganesh, Y. GEE Mahendra and Sarath Babu and British actors Michael Lieber, Richard Walsh, Cloudia Swann and Elizabeth Bourne playing vital roles as well.


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