Niyati Shah: No shortcuts to take Shotformats into larger size

She is mightly inspired by the quote of Hollywood star, Dolly Parton: “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader”. True to the dictum, she has proved to the world by allowing her action to speak louder. Hailing from a Gujarati Jain family, she always believed in doing something on her own and succeed in life. She was wanting to spend time with her kids, yet utilising her entrepreunerial skills without anyone else dictating terms. Thus was born the Shotformats Digital Productions back in 2007. The Managing Director and CEO of Shotfomats, with her zeal of always staying ahead of time and her rich experience of over 15 years in the entertainment business across mediums ranging from record labels and satellite to Internet and mobile phones, she turned the firm into what it is today, one of the top two digital enterntainment and vAS entities in India. That is Niyati Shah for you.
It her passion. Niyati breathes and lives Shotformats, one of the most sought after companies in the industry. She influences the overall management of the organisation and is responsible for ensuring an admirable profit and business leap on a YOY basis. She primarily influences the finance, content acquisition and innovation of the products in the company. She dedicates her time in innovating, taking decisions for the progress and the future of the company, and as the main pillar, brings in aggression, perfection, determination and smart performance to Shotformats’ culture.
A Kenya Institute of Management graduate, Niyati’s urge to determinedly conceptualise challenging ideas that are way ahead of time, has time and again ascertained her instrumentality in launching major brands such as Zee Music and India’s first rich media site, Sify Max. Before Shotformats, she has been instrumental in scaling up revolutionalising business brands such as Zee, Universal India, Sify, Yahoo and Tips Industries, and has proved her metal by designing successful marketing campaigns for over 60 Bollywood films.
Niyati shows immense confidence in her team and believes in transformational and task oriented leadership. She perceives leadership to be an ingrained skill which has the power to influence people and turn vision into reality. When not at work, the self expressed wild life lover and gadget enthusiast loves spending time with her kids and exploring new places to travel.
In a free-wheeling chat, Niyati Shah shares her passion, experience and more with Jayashankar Menon. Excerpts:

JM: Can you talk about the legacy you have created through Shotformats?
NS: Shotformats Digital Works Private Limited is a promising digital distribution and a new media company that develops innovative digital platforms, products and content to service and reach audiences through varied digital distribution streams. In focus is the Value Added Service and Direct To Consumer initiative under the brand ‘Biscoot’. Being a path-breaking contender in the mobile Value Added Services (VAS) space, Shotformats’ priority is to create and deploy VAS solutions and applications for media houses, telecommunication firms, film companies, labels, application developers and content providers, among others.

JM: What is the genesis of Biscoot?
NS: Taking forward the commitment and the belief of the company towards digital distribution, we launched Biscoot – an online and offline initiative for digital product distribution, which focuses both on an evolved online consumer and a new mobile user. To ensure customised content for the small screen, Shotformats’ in-house studios and product team has been exclusively dedicated to maintaining the highest standard in the constant generation of innovative and easy-to-consume content for mobile phones. Shotformats specialises in providing end-to-end solutions, right from platform ownership to billing and provisioning to device testing; with services that bring together content, technology and device expertise, this facilitates an enhanced digital experience for our clients.

JM: What are the new standards your company has set for the growth of Digital Entertainment segment?
NS: Our company’s unique position in the market as an eager innovator and unremitting trendsetter has established new standards for the interminable scope of Digital Entertainment – a segment that currently rules the market. Having established this distinct stronghold, Shotformats has proved itself as an indisputable contributor in shaping the content ecosystem not only for the VAS industry in India but has created new avenues for digital distribution. Thus, creating newer revenue streams for media houses, app developers and content partners.
Spearheading Shotformats is its top management, equipped with a strong background in the visual media and an insatiable passion to expand and understand the importance of packaging and content. An aspect that goes hand-in-hand with the company’s USP — to understand the intricacy and dynamics of new media and blend it with the right content, which is perfectly packaged to expose the consumer to a flawless experience.

JM: Can you share the details of the Innovation Centre you have set up in Delhi?
NS: An expert team of unrelenting professionals leads our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre in Delhi. To deliver cutting-edge technologies in the ever-evolving VAS landscape, this Centre showcases market driven innovative applications. Our belief in ‘Content is King but Distribution is God’, coupled with our proficiency in System Integration, Product Engineering, Application Hosting and outsourcing services makes our firm an invaluable choice for telecom service providers, broadcasters, media companies, publishing houses, application developers and independent owners of rich content.

JM: What are the specialties of Shotformats?
NS: For content producers and app developers, we are the ideal partner to get their content or application out in the digital space, as we cover each and every medium of digital distribution not only online but also via our own offline distribution chain. For the mobile Indian consumer, we are the ultimate destination for Music, Movies, Infotainment, Devotional and Audio Books. All just a click away on Biscoot with easy-to-use and safe Biscoot Wallet, enabled transactions.

JM: Last, but not the least, what are the recent unique offerings from your stable?
NS: Biscoot B-Now: Daily dose of Bollywood News and Gossip.
Biscoot Talkies: One stop destination for all movie buffs, with a catalogue of more than 15000 movies in nine languages.
Biscoot Bajao: India’s first music networking portal, with a catalogue of more than 2,00,000 songs in 14 languages.
Biscoot APP Bazaar: India’s first offline app store, selling apps the Indian way.


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